You are awakening – we all are. Humanity is evolving – we are ready to know who we are and to discover the true nature of the world. My work is designed to help you develop the awareness to observe your own process consciously.

About The Sensitive Nature and The Soul Caller

You’ve been asking…

Why do I feel so out of place here? I have this feeling something – someone – is calling to me. How can I figure out who it is – and why it’s calling me?

Why do I seem to know things I never learned in school?
I’ve always sensed a guiding presence,
but why do I feel so alone?

What is my true nature, my deep nature?
How can I feel more … real?

There are answers…

You feel out of place because you are different, in a really good way. You know things because you’re awakening to your powerful gifts – intuition, pattern recognition, empathy, creativity, love…

You’re here to create a new way of being human. Your nature IS a quiet, deep spirituality.

And you feel alone because you haven’t yet found the people who can and will support you as you emerge as a Soul Caller.

What is a Soul Caller?

A human being who is awakening to the truth of her own nature, which is:



Self-educated, self-motivated.

Social yet sometimes, solitary.

Empathic yet sometimes, challenged by relationships.

Aware: that suffering is no longer necessary. That when there IS suffering, it is guidance – and it’s here to wake her up.

As she becomes ever-more aware, ever-more awake, a Soul Caller can experience

Centered, joyful and grounded peace – even in the midst of a changing world

A new fluency with the ebb and flow of emotion

Feeling at home in the body, less overwhelmed, more focused

Tapping into the kind of magic – real magic – that flows when we plug ourselves into the truth of who we are – and make contact with the true nature of the world

Photo by Tanya Malott

Welcome, Soul Caller.

Let me guide you from feeling overwhelmed to being centered in your body and aware of your own needs; from giving yourself away until you’re an empty shell, to giving from a generous core of ever-renewing light and love; from being numb, bored, addicted, overweight, or afraid, to experiencing centered, grounded, purposeful clarity.

Join my circle, a beautiful community of sensitive human beings learning strategies to deal with their emotions and work with their gifts while responding to the call to help the world awaken to love.

Confident that the world supports them. Embodying, finally, the Truth that their sensitive nature knows the way, their unique way.

About Amy’s Sensitive Nature

I hate wearing socks.

I know that seems random – but it’s actually a hallmark of sensitivity which I see in many of my clients. As a kid, I’d kick off my shoes, cut the feet off my tights and later, I gave up skirts and dresses – because pantyhose: ugh!

I was sensitive to almost everything – loud music, crowds, smoke and strong perfume. And I noticed everything: the rhythms of waves, the light flickering through the trees. The world was so layered with color and beauty and sound that I had trouble paying attention in school. Yet when I was in nature or reading quietly in my room, I’d easily follow the thread back to center – my own center, but also, the center of a world of peace.

From an early age, I experienced the world as a friend. Every bird, plant, and animal had its own energy signature – a pattern I could feel if I sensed toward it. Sometimes, often, I sensed the world reaching back: a chipmunk would scurry up to play, a butterfly would land on my blouse and rest there, gently breathing with me, a book or a teacher would speak some bright truth that answered a question I’d been asking.

Sensing patterns

I noticed patterns in music and the stars and in the rings inside of trees. I noticed correspondences: the whorl of my own fingerprint, the spin of the hair on my little sister’s head, and the spiraling galaxies we studied in science class. Others had witnessed these patterns, too; poets had captured them in verse, architects had built them into cathedrals, star-gazers had mapped the skies. Knowing that others saw what I saw made me feel less alone – less strange. And I did feel strange sometimes – another hallmark of sensitivity.

Fast forward to my early 20s when, while working in the New York City offices of Wang Laboratories, I discovered I was really good at diagnosing and fixing computer problems. So good that they called me ‘The PC Psychic.” With no systems training at all (I’d studied Psychology and Poetry in college) I somehow ‘just knew’ what was wrong when a computer wouldn’t start or when a program started endlessly looping.

Eventually, I began working with Robert Fritz, receiving advanced certification in the patterns and systems of human consciousness, and I trained for two years with Caroline Myss who taught me that I have the gift of Symbolic Sight. I also spent ten years collaborating with Doreen Virtue on a weekly column about real-life angel experience for Woman’s World magazine.

Golden Threads

My editor dubbed me a ‘Story Alchemist,’ saying,  “You have a way of finding the golden threads in even the simplest story.” I liked that – and I realized that those ‘golden threads’ had been guiding me all of my life. When I followed their guidance, which I experienced as the inner ‘ping’ which had helped me just know what to say when a friend was feeling down. It had helped me solve those tricky computer problems.

The golden threads were also weirdly great at helping me find parking spaces and avoid traffic. Also, I seemed to have a knack for finding lost keys.

Now, at the magazine, the golden threads were leading me to the heart of the stories my interview subjects shared. Often, during an interview, I’d sense my awareness expanding as a bright room opened in my mind’s eye where I’d watch the story assemble itself. Back then, it felt magical, strange and important. Now, I understand that the sensitivity I’d experienced all of my life was intuition – a gift which was opening spontaneously under the angels’ guidance.

Angel Lessons

And the angels were guiding me. They appeared in my dreams, left feathers on my keyboard. They whispered in my ears as I woke from sleep and delivered meaningful, personal signs that led to a profound shift in consciousness – as if a veil were being lifted. As my whole life attuned to the angels’ gentle energy – and to their message of love and peace – they began what I can only describe as ‘lessons’.

They showed me clear and unmistakable imagery, diagrams and impressions which revealed the ‘architecture of the psyche’. I began to see story as a structure, built of patterns of language and ideas. A structure inside of which I could navigate as I began working with clients.

Wounds to the heart

From inside of a client’s world, I could see scar tissue – wounds to the heart – which appeared to me as bundles of stored pain and blank or ‘missing’ patches in the flow of energy. When I’d see such a patch (and we all have them) I was drawn to ask specific questions to guide a client toward opening – toward healing.

soul caller image

Illustration by Soliana Gonzalez

Yet of all that I’ve learned, the most moving experience was when I began to perceive inner light – the bright ‘soul seed’ that each of us carries in our heart. No matter what we may have done in the past, every one of us is lit from within by this bright and beautiful light.

The Soul Caller Training arrives

It was during this time of intensive opening and learning that, one morning in 2011, I awoke to find a glowing sphere floating in my darkened bedroom.

I stared, spellbound, as the sphere floated just above my face. And I sensed that I was being offered an invitation – a gift – and that before it would be delivered, I had to agree.

“Yes,” I said, speaking out loud.

Instantly, two sentences unfurled from inside the sphere, etching themselves in light right in the air.

Write this down, I was told, and I reached for my pen.

For the next 18 hours, a stream of words and images flowed through me. When it was finished, I was sitting with the manuscript for The Soul Caller Training.

Over the next five years, *The Soul Caller Training* impacted thousands of lives, including my own. And the angels taught it right along with me, leaving feathers and other signs for every student, to ensure that each person had a direct experience of their bright presence.

The angels’ gifts never end

As I delivered these luminous teachings, new gifts streamed in, including channeled messages, which I offer here on the blog. New workshops and more angel lessons arrived, guiding me (and my students) and further opening my heart.

It was my sensitive nature which helped me to sense the angels’ presence – and open to the gifts of my own intuition.

These gifts are available to you, too, as you attune to the golden thread of your sensitive nature and your own way of radiance – threads that will always lead to joy.

Professional Bio

Amy Oscar is a writer, energy healer and intuitive pattern reader who devotes herself to the expansion of love in the world. She helps people shift from overwhelm and emptiness to living fully-felt, open-hearted lives. She’s especially skilled at helping sensitive people sense toward and then anchor to their unique core of inner clarity and grounded presence.

The creator of The Soul Call Cards and the life-changing Soul Caller Training, and the author of Sea of Miracles: An Invitation from the Angels; and co-author of My Guardian Angel: Real-life Angel Encounters from the Readers of Woman’s World Magazine, Amy has always walked the edge where psychological meets spiritual. While still in her 20’s she received advanced training in the rhythms and patterns of human consciousness and realized there was a strong connection between the creative process artists use and the manifestation processes taught in the halls of ancient mystery schools.

Amy holds a BA in Psychology and Human Development from the State University of New York, as well as certification as a Yoga Teacher (CYT/200) and Reiki Master. She has also trained for two years with Caroline Myss, becoming certified in Sacred Contracts and Spiritual Alchemy, and she holds additional certification in Angel Therapy and Earth Medicine. She has studied Neuro-Linguistic programming, Symbolic Modeling, Narrative Therapy and the cycles of human biography.

Yet the richest, most profound training has come from the non-physical teachers she refers to as ‘The Guides’ or ‘The Angels’, who have guided her through a 25-year study of the patterns of the psyche and subtle energies of the body; how we become wounded and how we can heal. In 2004, she began a ten-year collaboration with Doreen Virtue on a weekly magazine column about real-life angel experience. During that time, Amy began to receive direct guidance through dreams, waking visions and downloads of imagery and teachings that led to the work she does today: mapping the psyche – and the body – for trauma and ways of healing out of which she’s helped thousands of women to live inspired lives.

Today, as the leader of an international group of Soul Callers, Amy offers online circles and Illuminated Conversations which help women find their own Way of Radiance, to bring their hidden gifts to the surface to contribute to the world.

Amy teaches meditation at Birchwood Center in Nyack, NY. She and her husband Matthew, an architect, have two grown children: Max, a physical therapist and Katie, a filmmaker.

Photo by Tanya Malott

You are standing in the soul-filled space between stories – ready (and invited) to cross into your own way of radiance. I can help with that.

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