And this is the way of miracles

Amy is starting to notice that she is living inside of the ‘field of our message’. So we will stop and discuss this with her now and it will be instructive for you, as well. For when you encounter our teaching/our message and it feels resonant, you will follow your own alignment to that and come into harmony with that and we will play together the song of that resonance, which is a field of resonance and not a binding – for you are free to follow or not follow; free to align or not align to our message of love and peace.

If it is your nature to follow you will feel a natural ‘call’ to follow and here we want to be clear that this ‘call’ comes from you – from within you – it is the call of your own source code and your own joy, recognizing itself in us.

It is not we who call, we simply stay, holding the pattern of our own joy. And if you are called by that, called toward that, this call is yours, it is from you. We welcome you to vibrate with us; we include you as you include yourself inside this field. Yet we have no requirement of you as you rest here. There is no pressure, no imposition of our ‘way’ upon you, no binding on your freedom.

From within the field of our message, Amy has the experience that our message is surrounding/holding her inside of itself and this is so, for as she holds herself WITH us, she is held BY us – in attuned alignment with us.

And from within this field, this message, this song, the whole world seems lifted, brighter and faster… and so it is and will be as she has crossed into a new vibratory pattern and as its field holds her (and she holds herself there) the world reconstellates around her, to adjust to that pattern. Which is to say that the world will accommodate any pattern you hold.

And this is real and this is how it is and how it works and what we mean when we say, the world is as you are.

The world is as you are. 

The world is designed to meet you as you are. And this is the teaching of our message today and all days: the world is as you are. And that is the nature of the world field.

The world field.

And yes, we have introduced a new concept here and now: the world field, the message which is held by the pattern holder(s) of Gaia and Gaia herself.

And this is a new concept and we will explain here and now – as Amy is moving into her day, we will guide her with examples and more flow so that she can introduce this to you clearly, for it will/we sense that it will feel foreign to you. And we bless this and can hold it as good. We invite your feeling/sensing, your questions and doubts. For to fully see and know this and  to live it, you MUST test it and discover for yourself that it is real. You must then make your choices, freely, deciding: Will I follow this? For you are free.

Yesterday, as Amy played, enjoying the feel and taste and discovery of our field/of this field which we hold with her and with you, she encountered many things. Some were in sweet alignment and we choose the word ‘sweet’ because joy has a kind of flavor to it – a sweet lightness and the sensation of being care-free. Of being without care and without the burdensome weight of carrying these cares. And she also encountered the experience of … as she will describe it … having bumped against the edge of something… and here we heighten her ability to express this and she names it: “a wall or a membrane of exclusion.”

And this is quite accurate, for these ‘exclusions’, we explain, are the bound forms of her own unresolved feelings of guilt (for releasing her care of certain things, like the ‘care’ she often carries about her mother’s well-being and about whether she is being a ‘good daughter’ or is perceived as such by her mother’s care team);  and fear (that she will ‘get in trouble with’/be upset by’ someone else’s judgment of her); and self-doubt (that she will be able to hold herself in alignment with our field of love and peace in such circumstances).

So you see these things she felt herself ‘bumping up against’ were the bound packets of her own unresolved ‘cares’.

These bound packets are made when she did not know whether a thing is good or not good. And so she was unable to include a choice she makes, to go or not go, to help or hot help, in the wholeness of blessing – she was unable to re-solve it.

So she had bound it and set it aside, as one might set aside a bit of text or an image in a word processing document on the computer. A bit of data, aside in virtual space. Only in the human being, in the human psyche (which is a field), these set aside things are stored in imaginal space – and holding them there with her attention (and care) to them, makes them real. And so she bumps into them, as if they ar real  – and so they are real by her attendance to them.

And yet, they are ready for future re-call. (In truth, if she were not attending to them, and binding them with names like ‘what I should do’ and ‘what could happen if I don’t’ they would not exist at all – or would, easily and simply dissolve.

And all of this is good and this is how you are made and she is made/organized as human beings at this time on earth and we are bringing this here to your attention for the purpose of demonstration and the invitation to explore together and toward discovery.

For as you WILL discover, and then you will know, that which you cannot accept, in self or in another, you will condemn (or if you resist condemning but still cannot bless) you will bind off from the wholeness – in other words, what you cannot bless you will hold separate from the good.

As you become curious and allow your curiosity to lead you, you will discover that even these things which you hold separate – the things which you bind and set apart will lead to joy, through their resolution. For these are the things which have challenged your ability to hold your connection to joy, to Source.

Which is why we bring and hold this message of love and peace, and why we invite you today, to step inside of the field of our message and to hold it with us as you explore

For you will see and you will know (by your own experience) that those things, which you have looked upon and been unable to bless were merely bindings that you made when you could not trust that the world (as expressed by this piece of it) was good.

Times when you said: If this suffering, violence, cruelty, stupidity, depravity; this pain, loss, sorrow or even, self-doubt exists, then there is a piece of the world that I cannot bless. And therefore, the promise that the world is ‘good’ is a lie.

And when you bind the entire world inside of this name, you cut yourself off from the world, leaving you feeling threatened, unsafe and alone. You feel separate.

Yet when you look upon what is before you, whatever it is and whatever ‘way’ it has chosen to express itself, and you INCLUDE it, you can transform it. Indeed, by inclusion it IS transformed – and the world of love is WITH you and with it and together, you can work to bring ANYTHING to blessing.

And this the way of miracles.

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