I’m so glad to meet you!

I’m an Intuitive Coach, Author and Teacher and I can help you connect with the bright core of who you really are. 

I’ve been working with individuals, classes and companies since I was 28, when I became a Trainer and Associate Director of the New York branch of DMA, offering Robert Fritz’s groundbreaking courses on creativity and the patterns of human consciousness. There, as I helped to manage and lead large workshops, I took every program I could – receiving advanced training in the rhythms and patterns of human consciousness. 

A study which has fascinated me ever since. I’ve explored the rhythms of the human life cycle through the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. I’ve studied Neuro-Linguistic programming, Narrative Counseling and Biographical Counseling.

In 1997, my life seemed to take a detour when, needing to help my husband pay the bills, I started writing for Woman’s World magazine. There, I developed my interviewing and listening skills – and, working within the limits of magazine storytelling, used the skills I’d learned from Robert Fritz, to structure meaningful stories. One day, my editor dubbed me a ‘Story Alchemist’, saying I had “a way of finding the golden threads in even the simplest story.”

I was surprised by this – and I began to think about it. I realized that it was those golden threads that had always interested me. And, indeed, following those golden threads led me to the work that I do today, helping you see and understand the patterns of your own story, which can help to place the things that happen to you into the flow of a spiritual narrative. 

And in 2004, I was graced with the chance to work with Doreen Virtue on a weekly magazine column about angels. During our 10-year collaboration, I read more than 10,000 personal accounts of real-life angel experience. During this extraordinary experience my life was increasingly attuned to the angels’ message of love and peace.

I began to receive direct transmission from the angels themselves. They appeared to me in dreams, whispered into my ears and delivered cascades of meaningful, personal signs.

I began to understand my life in a wider, richer context and to acknowledge and accept my own intuitive gifts. I wrote a book about my experiences during that time, chronicling the many miracles of my childhood and early adulthood which began to illuminate the patterns of my own destiny.

During that time, I studied at Caroline Myss’s Educational Institute (CMED), graduating in 2006, with a two-year certificate in “Archetypal Counseling and Spiritual Alchemy”.

Robert Fritz

How I work

Through Illuminated Conversations and Group Programs, which reawaken what was never lost, I hold the space (and the pattern) for your re-emergence as you really are. As Love, emerging into a world of love.

By holding this pattern, I re-mind you what you are (love) and what love is (everything that has happened, is happening and will happen) and how love feels (joyful, hopeful and life-sustaining).

Once reminded, you naturally begin holding the pattern yourself. In this way, you too become a pattern holder for love.

Why is this needed?

Life is fast – and sometimes it’s hard. We are sensitive, creative souls, and easily distracted. When challenged by the circumstances life throws in our way, we may believe that we’ve lost our thread to love, to happiness, to the joyful life we see advertised on TV – the life that we imagine ‘everyone else’ is living.

Yet the thread is always there – and so is the light. It calls from within and all around you. When you realize this, you instantly reconnect and the process of renewal begins. 

Once connected, you can face any challenge at all.

How we lose our way

When we’re stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted – we feel vulnerable and alone. We begin to tell ourselves stories – ‘I’m not good enough to connect with the light,’ or ‘I’m not the kind of person who can ever be happy.’

‘Why, look at my childhood – look at my family! No one like me has ever made it out.’

‘I guess I’m just meant to be unhappy.’  

These stories are lies – and deep down, you know it. That’s why you keep reaching, keep searching. You simply do not believe life was meant to be so hard. I assure you it wasn’t. It isn’t.

Life is designed to support you – and you are designed to be happy. 

All you need is a reminder – after that, you will naturally, automatically begin to remember who you are. 

Gradually, as you learn to reconnect to the light, you’ll be able to hold onto it – no matter what happens.

I offer one-on-one Intuitive Guidance by phone – and The Soul Caller Training 

I hold a BA in Psychology and Human Development from the State University of New York and certification as a Yoga Teacher (CYT/200), Sacred Contracts Consultant, Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner.

I’ve studied Energy Anatomy, Biographical Counseling, A Course in Miracles and the patterns of human consciousness.

I received my Dream Shaman training directly, through waking and sleeping dreams and though signs in the natural world and the world of men and women.

I received my knowledge of angels directly, as well, while working with them to deliver the My Guardian Angel column for ten years.

I invite and ask questions.

I invite you to engage with me – on #SoulCall and at Sanctuary for Soul Callers, where each week, I invite your wisdom and your questions.

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