You are called by (and part of) a gesture of love as wide and as deep as the universe.

I began reading miracle stories in 2004 (as part of my job editing a column in one of the top-selling magazines in the world).

Back then, I didn’t believe in angels. I believed in God – not as a man on a throne in Heaven but as the creative source of all of life. I knew that miracles could happen (they’d happened to me) but angels? Not so much. To me, angels, the haloed, white- winged creatures of scripture and mythology were symbols – imaginative representatives of a ‘something’ which humans were able to sense but could not explain.

Yet each week, when I interviewed people for our column, I could tell they were telling the truth. These weren’t fringy, new-age weirdos. They were everyday people – just like me – with normal lives; and yet, each of them had experienced something truly extraordinary. Here are some examples.

  • A stranded motorist prays for help. A moment later, a white truck pulls up and a stranger happens to have exactly the part needed to repair the car.
  • A little bird visits a dying woman every day – for months – slowly coaxing her back to life.
  • A loud, clear voice alerts a mother that her child is in danger. When she brushes it off, the voice returns, more urgently, more loudly. Finally, she follows the voice and discovers her terrified child, clinging to the bank of a rushing brook!
  • A stranger appears at an accident scene, pulls people from wreckage, places phone calls for assistance and offers life- saving medical advice. Then, just before emergency workers arrive, he disappears without a trace. No one else, even bystanders who witnessed the accident, saw him.

The letters poured in, thousands of compelling, amazing stories, about:

  • Children led home by gentle strangers no one has seen before (or since)
  • Flocks of butterflies returning day after day to comfort the grieving
  • Strangers delivering messages, delivering healing
  • Dreams that guide people to lost heirloom jewelry, important information, missing persons
  • Signs, symbolic messages, songs on the radio, meaningful encounters with a person or presence that completely changed someone’s life.

The more that I read, the more I sensed: this is real. And then it started happening to me.

The angels changed my relationships, helped bring my family together, guided me to health choices that ended my chronic migraines and melted off 40 pounds I’d been struggling to lose.

I felt as if I was swimming in light. My whole life was lifting, improving, clarifying. I felt a renewed sense of purpose – I knew who I was, what I was. I experienced a clarity and a joy that I hadn’t felt since childhood.

People who’ve read Sea of Miracles tell me that the book seems charged with this same light – that they read it over and over.

One reader told me, “I keep it on my bedside table and read a little bit every night.” Another wrote, “There is something about this book: just reading it has already changed the way I look at everything.”

Connecting with the angels opened me to believe, through signs and direct personal guidance: You are a beloved child of the universe. You are meant to be happy and to live a live of peace and expansion –  and we will help you.

This is the gift the angels offer, an infusion of grace that goes straight to the heart. It happened to me – and it will happen to you.

When you ask the angels into your life, you’ll discover first hand, as I did: the angels are everywhere, every day. To connect with them, simply ask.

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