I didn’t always believe in angels. Before I read 10,000 stories of real-life miracles, I thought angels were the stuff of myth . . .

Little did I know that this work – as the editor of a weekly magazine column about angels – was the answer to my own prayer, Please fill my life. Give me something meaningful to do. And please, oh, please make it about more than just me.

Little did I know as I opened the first letter and began to read, that these stories would deliver — drop by precious drop — an infusion of Grace straight to my heart.

That’s the thing about miracles, they rarely come as we expect them to. There’s no flutter of wings, no dramatic flash of lightning. Most miracles come gently, subtly, in a slow-moving wave of Grace only discernible when it’s over.

This is the story of how I was transformed from Editor to Witness, from Student to Teacher, and from being a person who wrote about other people’s lives to a person living fully at the center of my own.

This book is an invitation — and a guidebook. For after six years of swimming in this miracle sea, I can honestly say: angels are everywhere, every minute of every day — and all you have to do to bring them into your life is open the door, and welcome them in.

~from Sea of Miracles by Amy Oscar

“I just started reading “Sea of Miracles” and I had to tell you that I didn’t know about angels, I heard of them of course, but I had no connection to them until just about 4 years ago. Since I’ve been in and out of believing and not believing. I do believe now especially after a couple of incidents. But what I wanted to tell you is that from the moment I started reading the book, my entire body started tingling and I feel an energy that makes me know that this is true and important for me to pay attention. Thank you and bless you.” ~ Masha Ellman

“I’m obsessed with angels so I highly recommend this book written by Amy Oscar. It’s a great read. Would you like to connect with angels? Amy recommends to Ask for help, Ask for signs, Relax your ideas about how guidance should work, Recognize the response that does come and Work your prayers. But there’s a lot more. Buy the book. Angels, I will be looking for signs all day! #prayers #MessagesfromYourAngels #Reiki #Crystals #CrystalHealing #Meditation #SpreadLove  ~Julie Hurtado, Reiki and Wellness