What’s next, now that the end of the world is behind us?

That’s entirely up to you!

By choosing the world in which you want to live and then, stepping into it as if it were already here – you help to create it.

That’s how all creative endeavor works. You reach toward an idea, an inspiration, a vision – something you can see in your mind’s eye but not yet in form – and, simply by reaching for it, you shift (a little or a lot) closer to it.

See, the world that you want is here – you might say, it’s in your imagination as potential that is waiting for you to bring it to life.

No situation is ever really stuck. No circumstance beyond hope. In our call and response universe, all things are constantly moving into and out of form. Even inside your own body where every breath creates millions – billions – of micro changes in the tissues of your lungs, your heart – your blood. Outside your body, it’s the same thing – every second of sunlight (and drop of rain) affects – and changes – every living thing on earth.

And just as your body is constantly being reborn – rebuilt cell-by-cell – so your idea of yourself – the ‘you’ who you believe you are – is also changing.

And if you stop and listen (with your inner ear) to thoughts that you think, you may be surprised how many choices you make. When you catch yourself sighing, Oh, well, I guess this is just the way it is, you’re choosing to surrender to the status quo. When you keep getting annoyed by the same thing, you have a choice about how to respond. You can complain and criticize and blame – or you can do something about it.

Could that annoying something be calling you to make a change in your own life – or in the world?

Every time you respond to a thought you think – or a circumstance that comes at you – you’re choosing how to respond. It may not seem that way – I know it can seem as if things are outside of your control. But they’re not.

Every moment is an opportunity to meet the world – and yourself – in a new way. And every new choice you make will lead to a new result. Make enough new choices and your whole life will start to change.

So, now, here in the time between the ‘end of the world’ (which never comes) and the beginning of a new year (which always arrives) what new choices might you make to turn your life in a new direction? What knee-jerk or habitual reactions might you make conscious? What response do you want to have to the world?

My advice: Choose toward the dream (by aligning your choices with love) – and when the dream arrives (as it inevitably will) strap on your party shoes and step into it.

Here are some links to help you do just that:

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Resolutions, Shmesolutions. You need a vision your can sink your heart and soul into

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This is the “best advice” I have heard in a while…”when the dream arrives…strap on your party shoes and step into it.”…Yes, please! And, thank you for this wonderful message!


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