One Circle

a gathering space for creative, sensitive, intuitive souls... like you!





The world is changing – and you are changing and rising with it. Everyone is – w
e are evolving together- one world, one field of expansion, all rocking and roiling with the waves of big change.

Which is why we are gathering. You may have noticed this – people are spontaneously circling together, gathering into groups around centers of shared cause, shared fellowship, shared curiosity. Gathering to explore new ways of being alive – and of being together.


ONECircle is an online space where women from all over the world gather to connect, ground and engage. 

ONECircle meets live every week
Thursdays at 4:00 pm/ET
If you can’t be there, the calls are recorded and an MP3 posted immediately after.

ONECircle is open 24/7 
In our private, secret Facebook Group people from all over the world are ready to engage and support you – and you can offer the same to them.

ONECircle meets in safe, sacred space 
– in the spirit of welcome friendliness which allows us to be real with one another – and with ourselves.

We learn (and play) and practice together
With weekly Invitations to Engagement, guided meditations, and exercises for your own journaling practice.

We grow together
You’ll learn to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and center in, to access and deepen your own intuitive wisdom and tap into the guidance of your guides.

In ONECircle, you’ll learn to ground, center in and be more present so you can radiate your gifts outward into the world – and this will touch everyone around you.

Journey with me

to the center

of your own heart, your own work, your own soul call


Journey with a circle of creative and curious, soulful and sensitive women learning to

Stand in our own power

and speak, live and work

from grounded, engaged presence.


I invite you to deep dive into the rhythms of your own heart and soul.

Thank you for this, Amy. Just what I needed. xoxo

Program Schedule

Every Thursday at 4:00 pm/ET
we gather for a live call, including guided meditation and one of our ONECircle activities
Don’t worry if you can’t attend. A recording will be posted immediately in our Facebook group – and sent, via email in your weekend packet.

Every Week
You’ll receive a Weekend Email with prompts and provocations to get you into connection with the guidance of your own heart.

All week
You’ll engage in our Facebook group where I’ll keep the discussion moving with prompts and reminders and invitations to share your experience of the work that we’re doing – and how it’s working in your life.

Discount on One-on-One Illumination Sessions and Illumination Packages are included in your ONECircle membership. Circle members can schedule 1:1 time with me for $150 per 90-minute session.

Our live calls will rotate each month:

  • Week one: Meditation, Lecture, and Discussion 
    I’ll start us off, outlining the themes of the month and the season. We’ll explore energy and intuition, angels and archetypes, meaning and metaphor – we’ll explore the rooms of the House of Self and examine the tracings of your Way of Radiance.
  • Week two: Writing Together
    After a guided meditation, you’ll write together in silence for ten-minute blocks. Between blocks, you can share your experience and, if you want, your writing. (You never have to read your work aloud. You may find, as I do, that some work seems to want to be shared and some wants to rest in silence.) (Some of our writing work will be free-writing. Some will be focused on the month’s themes.)
  • Week three: Community Call
    Open phone lines. Meditation and prayer. Bring your questions. Share your stories. Engage with me and one another.
  • Week four: Journey Together
    Gentle, easy to follow guided journeys through the rooms of your ‘house of self’ and the caves of your own heart. We’ll expand your intuition and your ability to receive guidance – as you encounter and attune to your spirit guides and make connections with your angels. You’ll journey with spirit animals and receive powerful guidance that you can use to shape and change your life.

ONECircle is $48 per month
You can join at any time.
You can leave at any time.

It’s all for you.

ONECircle is a No stress zone.
Though there’s plenty to do, there’s no pressure to keep up. You don’t have to do everything. There is only opening – and holding, framing the work that you want to do.

The Circle can hold you – the circle will hold you
No matter how often or deeply you participate. No matter how late you show up for a call. No matter how you show up in the forum. (We have Boundaries for Safe Sharing and we hold them strongly. But making a mistake or showing up with big emotion – that won’t get you booted from the circle.)

Questions you May Have

I feel drawn to join the circle but it’s the middle of the year, Will I be completely behind?

This is not a one-year program. It’s a circle, with no beginning and no end. With open, rolling admissions so you can join at any time.

I’ve never taken the Soul Caller Training. Can I join ONECircle?

Yes! The only pre-requisite is a willing heart.

I live on the opposite side of the world. When you’re awake I’m asleep. Can I still participate?

I hope you will! My clients and students are from all over the world. Every time zone is represented. As the circle grows, you’ll find more and more people from your side of the globe.

In the meantime, because the conversation is virtual – it has a timeless quality. You can leave a story or question in the discussion forum and go to sleep. When you wake up, your other-side-of-the-world friends in the CIRCLE will have seen it!

I’m not sure. Can I join and see if I like it and leave if I don’t?

Yup. Admissions are rolling and so are withdrawals.

How do I withdraw from CIRCLE?

Easy. Just send me an email at and I will remove you from the group and cancel your monthly auto-payments.