Love is a space that we can occupy or resist occupying

circle of loveAs I woke up this morning, I was shown a circle. I saw that I could stand inside or outside of this circle. Inside of the circle was love. Outside was resistance to love.

In this way, I saw that love is a space that we can occupy or resist occupying. I saw that there is no story to this. No reason that can hold us separate from the circle. Not really. We occupy the space of love by stepping into the circle.

What surprised me, as I continued to watch/listen to what I was being shown, was the location of the circle: the center of my body.

I practiced stepping into and out of the circle. I felt the difference, in my body, of being inside the circle of love and being outside of it.

I invite you, this day of love, to locate this circle in your own body.

And to practice stepping into and out of this space.

I invite you to step inside the circle and stay there.

To stay there as you prepare your coffee.

To stay there as you go about your day.

To stay there as long as you can.

What I saw, as I awoke this morning, is that the circle is always there – always calling to me from the space of love. Inviting me to stand inside love. I saw that Love is always looking for itself in me, in you, in everything. Such is the nature of love.

I saw, also, that the circle is a dream – an illusion – that I use to separate love from not love. I saw, as I woke, and continue to awaken this morning, that everything, even the space outside the circle, is love.

And that the circle is needed so that the mind can find its way to love. And that the circle is the mind, feeling into the language of the heart – a wordless language which can only be felt. A language which the mind will translate into circles so that it can step inside.

Which brings tears to my eyes and makes me love the mind, the beautiful and willing mind, even more.

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