Come into the dance

Every single day, the universe is offering us the opportunity to change our lives. When the offer comes, we may feel unprepared, not special enough, not ready.

As I have learned, from my own story, and from watching the stories of my students unfold, we are always ready. In fact, when the work arrives, it’s an invitation across a threshold into readiness – a readiness that can only be found IN THE WORK.

Here’s the thing:

The project that is offering itself to you  needs you; and, in a way that only the angels understand, you need it, too.

You need it to get to the other side of the edge that (you believe) is keeping you from the gift. The git that is only available on the other side of that edge.

  • You are the match that lights the candle (or the fuse).
  • You are the missing ingredient that makes the cake rise.
  • You are the musician that completes the song…
  • …. the wings that lift the angel of your own life.

You. The way that you dream you could be: healthy, whole, joyful and free. All you have to do is take that one simple risk: the risk of waking up – instead of going back to sleep – the risk of saying yes.

The risk of saying yes.

It’s like there is this big cosmic dance going on; and all of us are sitting by the telephone waiting to be invited. If we only understood the truth: that we are always invited. The doors to the dance hall are wide open; they have always been open.

It does us no good to go all shy and demure, and, “Oh, I’m not dressed for that.” or, “Gee, I’m wearing these uncomfortable shoes…”

This is it. Come into the dance.

What the Soul Caller Training did for me – and I think is doing for my students – is to say, “Come to the dance as you are. Kick off your fear, your hesitation at the threshold of your own life – leave those uncomfortable shoes at the door. Let’s dance.”

And now I am going to mix metaphors, but just this once:

Imagine that, just outside the door of the great cosmic barn where the dance takes place, there are two baskets: one filled with fairy dust, the other filled with gold.

Stop. Reach in and pick up as much as you can carry in the pockets of your apron.

Oh, I didn’t mention the apron? Imagine that you’re wearing an apron, with deep pockets.  Imagine yourself filling those pockets with gold – and fairy dust. And walk into the dance, pockets bulging with treasure, tossing your handful of magic into the air and let it rain upon your head.

See yourself walking through that dance hall and everyone is doing this crazy jitterbug of joy.

Because you’re there – you’re finally there.

Imagine the friends you’ll meet, the good you will do, the fun you will have.

Come into the dance!


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  • katarina

    ” the apologizing for being powerful” really struck me! I am often “forgiving” others for being lazy, for being thoughtless etc etc, (this of course includes forgiving myself too for being all of the above) and Im happy with being a forgiving soul. it keeps my shoulders down and my stress levels low, but quite often I also find myself apologizing for being apologetic. as if it is wrong, weak.

    Iknow why this is, I can see that I am the opposite of my mother (she never forgives anything!!) and sometimes I can get a bit annoied with myself for not being more straight about who I am. I like to forgive and to learn from situations, both good and bad! so thank yu for putting words on it: the apologizing for being powerful!

    its a gift and a blessing and I shall no more apologize for being a forgiving soul!

    • Amy

      I’m glad to hear that – because you are powerful; and forgiving. 🙂

  • Lynn / Power Chicks

    Like Cherry above, this post brought me to tears, Amy. I’ve been SO blessed by your presence and wisdom, openheartedness and gentle ways – not to mention the beautiful people I’ve found through your class.

    Soul Caller Training intrigued me when a friend recommended it. I wasn’t even sure what I would be learning when I signed up! But, Amy, you cracked open a door to something inside of me that I’m now peering through … opening it a wee bit more, and more …

    Thank you SO very much for following your calling and inviting all of us to do the same.


    • Amy

      Ah, Lynn. Thank you so much for this beautiful feedback. It means so much to me to know that what I do has an impact. I’ve been so blessed to get to know you. 🙂

  • Callahan McDonough

    So rich and lovely. Like you Amy, so glad to have had the time together in Atlanta & know our paths will cross again.
    Peace n’hugs.

    • Amy

      Callahan – how delightful to see you here! I do hope our paths cross again. 🙂

  • Cherry Woodburn

    I’m crying.
    This is true for me too?

    Here’s the thing:

    You are the match that lights the candle (or the fuse).

    You are the missing ingredient that makes the cake rise.

    You are the musician that completes the song.

    The wings that lift the angel of your own life.


    The project that is offering itself to you needs you; and, in a way that only the angels understand, you need it, too.

    I think I know it is but too often I roll over and go back to sleep. Love Cherry

    • Amy

      Yes, Cherry. You too. Much love.

  • Becky Deerr

    Thank you for waking me up to my invitation. So many amazing things have happened to me since having the honor of being in your first Soul Caller Training. Thank you for starting the beautiful community you have built on FB. I don’t have the time right now to particupate as I would like to, but my heart and soul are there. xo

    • Amy

      The circle is timeless – always holding you. You are always in the circle. It has been MY great honor to work with you. 🙂

  • Dawn Waldron

    I needed to read this. Thank you Amy.

    • Amy

      Thank you, Dawn, for stopping by the blog – and for letting me know you were here. 🙂

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