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Recorded Meditations

Right now, I am in the studio (my kitchen) with my high-tech equipment (Garage Band and my Radio Shack headset) and recording you a pile of the powerful image-rich meditations I’ve been developing for the students in my advanced programs. Before the end of this year, I will release all of this magic – all of this gorgeous, healing and joyful work into the world where you can share in it.

As you wait, use the CONTACT tab above to let me know so I can let YOU know as soon as these meditations are ready for you. And if you have a particular kind of meditation you’d like me to record – a favorite from one of our classes or workshops, do let me know.

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Meditations from Sea of Miracles
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Guided Meditations

Energy 911: Feel better now
Gentle Self-Care for helpers and Healers

Listening for the Divine –
Develop your receptivity to guidance, learn to meditate more easily, practice inner listening, discovering threads.  Clearing the container. Supporting the container. You are the bridge. Includes: Guided imagery, writing practice, listening practice.

Cultivating Miracles
Manifestation. Asking. Acknowledging what comes. Receiving. Sending. Expecting miracles. Stepping toward God onto the bridge. Making of your life a container for miracles. Mishkan. Constant listening and continuous practice. Kinds of miracles. What to watch for. Recognition of miracles. Certainty – knowing this is real.

Holding the thread of guidance
Holding the thread. Continuous daily, steady practice. Finding the thread. The thread is a spiral. When you drop the thread, keep listening. You can’t drop the thread. You are the thread. You are the thread of love, penetrating whatever is here with your presence – your gaze.

Bring it to the Bench Series
Find the hidden invitation in a difficult person, a problem, symptom and begin to transform your shadow into light.

Sacred Radiant Relationship
Stop trying to ‘get’ people to love you. Instead, learn to radiate who and what you are and let love find YOU.

Sacred Ground
The four groundings

Rise from your Roots
Experiencing the Feeling and Grounding power of the Sacred Feminine:
Feeling the presence of the goddess. Experiencing how this powerful natural force is already interacting with you on every level.

Self-Study Programs and Guided Meditation Series

Way of Radiance Series
Three guided meditations designed to help you come to the center of yourself, ground and embody the fullness of who and what you are.

  • The I AM exercise
  • Golden Egg of Self
  • Becoming Real, becoming radiant

Vision of Love
Imagine the world you want to live in – right in the middle of the world that is here.

Emerging (Becoming) Real
Making a life that matters by bringing the life you want into MATTER.

Support for the Journey
Forge inner alliances with the three Wisdom Keepers that all of us carry, open and develop a conversation which will help you release attachments and move through the world with confidence, knowing you’re supported from within – and that you do not walk alone.

  • Meeting the three Wisdom Keepers
  • Conversation with your Spirit Animals
  • Conversation with your Spirit Guides

Story Alchemy Series
Story your transformation – then, step into your transformation story.

  • Lady at the Lake
  • Sitting by the lake
  • String of Pearls
  • Amber Beads
  • Crowning your Wisdom Self.

The FLOW Series
Channeling the guidance you need to live free, light, open and whole.

House of Self Series
Move through your inner rooms to encounter the parts of yourself you left behind. Guided by the power archetypes of your own wisdom keepers, you’ll release the past, clear and cleanse the rooms of your inner realm for the courage, emotional buoyancy and clear energy you need to fully embody your life. A truly transformational series.

  • Inner Rooms
  • Walking through the House of Self
  • Mending the Split Self
  • House of Belonging/House of Condemnation

Writing Workshop:
Sacred Journaling

  • Writing to the center of the self
  • Finding your Personal FairyTale/Myth
  • Mapping your Way of Radiance

Sea of Miracles Series

The Audiobook
Connecting with your angels. Listening for guidance. Feeling for your unique way of listening and receiving guidance.

Guided Meditations

“Your meditations have been the beautiful gems that have carried me deeper into the full message of your work. These meditations create in me an expanded place in my heart where I can feel the nearly overwhelming Love coming to me from the Universe. Your meditations are prayers of grace and clarity, as with each one, I find increased compassion and new insight on how to call upon everything I need to live in Love. I will look forward to having these meditations in an easily accessible place and they will continue to be an even more regular part of my daily practice.”

~ Jan Grant

“Your meditations are so powerful: The Pearl Necklace. The Amber Beads. The Lady Across the Lake. We are in that place of pure opening, our vessels cleansed, replenished, and fully engaged to receive the wisdom you bring to all you do. Thank you thank you.. I am so glad to have them recorded in one place. 

~ Barbara Newman

“I especially like the alternate self exercises: meeting my Wiser Self, as I learn to trust her guidance more (and more consciously) than I have done in the past. The “sit down beside me” exercise is helpful because a lot of my struggles have revolved around matters of identity/authenticity/boundaries, and around matters of confidence/self-trust.”

~ Kathy