Give us your gift

Each of us has a gift that unfolds like a rose, petal upon petal.

Remember when you knew how great you were?

  • when you captained the pirate ship of the back yard
  • when you flew on your bicycle
  • when you saved the lives of every stuffed animal in the house


  • belting out arias to the trees and sky
  • twirling from the kitchen to the dining room
  • leaning against a sheltering tree, picking out songs on a new guitar… or an old guitar

The cell tissue memory is still there.

Here’s what happens: You are moving along through your life, chasing your dream (or your tail) and you cross an invisible threshold to become who you really are.

  • Not the ‘you’ you’ve been pretending to be.
  • Not the ‘you’ your parents told you to be.
  • Not the ‘you’ that argues, constantly, against your power, your kindness, your beauty, your greatness.

Just You.

Nervous when you’re nervous. Not when you’re not. But also, shiny when you feel like being shiny.

You. Flowing. Real. Unveiled.

It happens in an instant – and lasts only as long.

I mentioned, earlier, your greatness. That unique something special that only you can bring.

I love your greatness. I see your greatness. In fact, I am in the business of arguing for your greatness. Funny thing is, most of these arguments are with you – because someone, somewhere convinced you that you were less than you are.

But deep down inside, you know: you have a precious an important gift to give to the world.

We all do. And that pirate captain, prima ballerina, diva, rock star, heroic doctor? That’s the real you.  (you just aren’t sure you’re supposed to talk about in public.) So you send this other you out into the world, pretending.

But even as that pretending you goes through the motions of your work life/home life/ community life, the real you keeps calling you home.

The real you knows:

  • you are encoded with a genius only you can deliver, a puzzle piece that we need to complete the picture of the world. This genius is calling you onward, upward – home; to a destiny that will fill you with purpose, fullness and joy.
  • you are meant to engage with life – to drop into the mine of the self and, using your own particular tools, figure out how to carry your gold to the surface… to be shared with others.

For years you have felt this …. pulling. This urgency. This unsettled something, (that’s the real you) whispering, Try. For years you’ve resisted it, writing it off as foolish fantasy.

The thing is: it’s real.

Some people call this ‘real you’ your soul. Others call it the ‘true self’, the ‘higher self.’

And that place it calls you home to? Some people call that ‘mission and purpose’ or ‘destiny.’ I know it as Soul Callinga multi-dimensional, psycho-spiritual DNA, set to operate from the moment we’re born until our last breath on earth.

It’s been there all along. You just have to learn to consciously activate it.

Activation of soul calling, is sometimes experienced as:

  • Questions that lead you, through insatiable curiosity, in a certain direction.
  • Allurements, that subtle (and not so subtle) magnetism that pulls you toward something
  • Resonance, that sense, that ‘vibe’ you get when something feels right (or wrong)

… and then, Blink! you just know.

… and then, blop, it slips away.

I had this experience while writing my first book.

Opening to that work opened ME – to a deeper, richer, broader perspective; and a boatload of new energy. I didn’t want it to stop – which made it hard to let the book go. Until I opened to my next book, and a whole online training program, came pouring through me.

Each time, all it takes is a taste, a few golden drops of this connection – and I can’t stop thinking about it, working on it, dreaming it.

This ‘it’ is what happens when I am me being me. Aligned with the full power of creation.

It’s intoxicating. It makes me want to unfold. It keeps calling me back – with resonance, with allurement, with blink.

We need to unfold. We are programmed to unfold, destined to keep opening and opening to what is already there. (Even when we don’t know it’s happening.)

So let’s have it: your gift. The world needs it – you need to give it to us.

It. You being you. Moving toward your destiny with your eyes open – aware of where you’re going, heart on fire with joy; your life ready to receive what has always been there, streaming toward you as steadily as you have been walking to meet it.

Here’s my gift: The Soul Caller Training.

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