Translating light to life

“Some day, after we have mastered the wind, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

All is one.

All of creation is formed of one flowing substance – a living light energy known as Chi, Prana, life force. It is the prima materia of All That Is.

  • It’s light energy: bright, clear and illuminating. At the level of thought, light is experienced as inspiration, illumination, ideas.
  • It’s love energy: resonant, vibratory. Experienced in the body as warm emotions, as a swelling up and expansion in the heart area.
  • It’s life energy: flowing, animated, vibrant. Life energy is experienced in the body as animation. It is also experienced in the ‘belly’ where the will forces reside. Here it is felt as the urge to take action, to make choices, to start things, to germinate.

This light/love/life energy composes all matter, all consciousness.

As such, this light/love/life energy is the substance of prayer – of call and of response. This is the medium of all creation. It is also the form and medium of guidance.

How inspiration moves into form:

All creation begins with inspiration – with a thought that was not there and then, suddenly, is there.

You meet a new person and you want to know more about them. You see a house for sale and you get curious about what it would be like to live there. You hear something on TV or on the radio about a new way of working or living, a new product that sounds intriguing. Something catches your eye, your interest and it begins.

What was not present one moment, suddenly, in the next moment, exists. This is inspiration – the first level of all creative activity.

Right now, it’s just an idea, a glimmer, an image in your mind’s eye. But the more you focus on it, the more real it becomes. As you see it in your mind’s eye and begin to imagine what it would be like to have it, the idea begins to drop down to the second level: Feeling or love.

LIGHT: You think about the vision – imagine yourself with the person or living in the dream house or developing the new product. You get really curious about what that would be like. You imagine it with all of your senses.

LOVE: You let yourself fall in love with the vision – which is still, just an idea… but it’s an idea that’s been animated with emotion.

LIFE: This animation, this feeling, becomes longing. If you don’t give up, this leads to CHOOSING, ASKING or prayer. It leads to the choice to bring your creation to life.

This is the tricky part.

You have to let yourself feel uncomfortable. You have to be able to live in the lack of the thing that you long for and let yourself continue to WANT IT.

The power of your choice

The words (and inner commitment) of saying, “I choose this!” or even, “Please bring this to me!” instantly creates a powerful magnetic field that pulses from your heart; a field that literally draws the energy of creation (the universe’s natural forming impulse) toward you; it forms in the shape of your vision; just the way that steel shavings are drawn to a magnet.

Evidence of Manifestation

The Universe begins delivering coincidences, circumstances, chance meetings, opportunities. You have one job: Saying yes and continuing to hold the vision, in light and in love.

As you say yes to each opening, each opportunity, you draw the vision across the veil from energy into form, and into ‘real’ life.

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