“I feel like I’ve come home to myself”

“It was so healing to be seen, heard and not judged for my perceived failures.”

“I am feeling so shifted after our call — really settled and peaceful… “

“You gave me the single most healing insight I have ever been given.”

“You helped me far more in one phone call than weeks spent with two different therapists.”

Wow. 90 mins with AmyOscar #mindblown #madeofmagic.”

“You have this amazingly, wonderful ability to tune-in and speak to people in their own language. We accomplished in two hours what I had worked on for over a year in treatment. Thank you from the sweetest spot in my heart. After speaking with you, I’ve been on a huge upswing. I’ve been doing the work and it’s paying off. You gave me the clarity and gentle guidance I needed. I am not alone. I am not off. I see my gifts for what they truly are and will no longer deny or disempower them; I will love and nurture them and ask for help if and when I need. I feel empowered to go ahead with my life now. I believe I know how now.
~ Nina Bell, Designer

I wasn’t sure what to expect during my Soul Caller Session with Amy. Being a bit of a skeptic in the first place, I was really hoping that it wasn’t some thinly-veiled “sooth-sayer” reading where she felt around for clues to answering my question. It was nothing of the sort. Amy’s approach was completely open, gentle, and frank – a refreshing look into a new direction I’m contemplating in my business. Our discussion didn’t begin until AFTER the reading – which was spot-on, by the way. Amy is also a wise counselor. Her intuitive guidance was helpful, but her frank, and open demeanor went beyond “what the cards say” and gave me specific insights from her own life experience. Wise counsel is hard to come by these days, and Amy has it in spades.”
Lisa Robbin Young, Noble Empire Builder (and one heckuva singer), Michigan

Thank you; thank you.I received a healing from you that is at once astral, palpable and cannot be unlearned. The deep and clear well of truth, prowess and aplomb you govern is a treasure. Thank you for dipping into it for me. I am deeply turned–in toward my own truth.”

Dyana Valentine, WHY Finder and Creator of Super Conditions for Greatness, Oracle and Muse, California

“I was staggered — eyes-wide, mouth-agape, knock-kneed — at Amy Oscar’s extraordinarily swift, sensible, and spirit-lifting insights during our Soul Caller session. Her rich grasp of symbology, her nurturing voice, and her ability to pull deeply personal questions into a wider celestial plan left me softly sobbing into the phone line. I sketched out the cards that Amy pulled for me, and that drawing has permanent residence in my day planner. It was a moment in time that can really only be labeled three things: precious, moving + sacred.”
Alexandra Franzen, writer, teacher, creative minx & (soon-to-be) published author on a quest to inspire ecstaticself-expression — in life, love & business

“Amy Oscar listens , pulls cards, and helps you see meaning, pattern, and direction. You emerge with clarity. It’s a deeply illuminating experience.”
Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Coach, Speaker and Guide (Gemma’s ‘About’ page rocks)

“I am feeling so shifted after our call — really settled and peaceful about what we talked about – a question which really doesn’t feel like a question anymore. It was giving me so much fear, and hearing from you that I don’t have to carry that was just so transformative. I really can’t thank you enough for the call and your warm insight and connection.”
Anna Guest-Jelley, Writer, Educator & Lifelong Champion for Women’s Empowerment & Body Acceptance – and Founder of Curvy Yoga


“During a time of self questioning and transition, I called upon my friend and mentor Amy Oscar to help me through a private session.  It was a remarkable moment, and I felt afterwards that the gifts of the Universe were truly mine.  She helped me see that I am where I am for very good reason, and that my talents and abilities are all my own.  She also helped release some mental blocks I had been having in my own self-confidence, and gave me the warmth of a nice nudge in my own chosen direction — not a push, but simply a suggestion of looking at things in an alternate way to open my energy and eyes to new possibility.  Thank you, Amy, you are a treasure.”
~  Diana Strinati Baur, Author (True Vines), Potter, Innkeeper, Coach, Italy 

“Amazing, amazing, amazing is all I can say about Amy Oscar. We had our session today and I’m still buzzing. The best part was that she pointed out all these connections for me- connections between my passions and my creativity and my hopes and the things I am already doing- it was like getting a roadmap for my soul. I love that she made *me* do some work in there. It made everything SO FRICKIN’ CLEAR when I had to put it together in my head, and she could totally tell when I was withdrawing, so I was forced to tell her my “but, what if…” responses as they came up, which led us DEEPER into the issues that needed to be resolved. It was like magic, in a way. A truly THOROUGH exchange. I haven’t communicated like that in years. It felt amazing to do (although I was exhausted right after, which I know means I was REALLY digging deep and being honest- I’ve mastered the art of “smooth conversation” to preserve my energy around people, and there was none of that yesterday.)”
Chel Micheline, 30-something mixed-media artist & jewelry designer, writer, gardener, art historian, long-distance swimmer, crochet addict, movie watcher, animal lover, and avid reader, Florida

My soul caller session set my life in motion. Feeling stuck was beginning to become a trademark for me. I am working on so many aspects of my life, trying new things, retrying old things, frequently asking is this what will make a difference for me? Bottom line, this session worked for me. Amy has an incredible knack for getting to the heart of the issue, connecting and drawing together the parts of your life you can barely see, to help you make the whole much clearer as you move through and better understand your life.

Amy really got into the nooks & cranny’s and picked out pieces of myself and why I’m here. She got down into my history, but not to stew in it… only to recognize it for how it got me to where I am. She also hit the nail on the head SO precisely with two specific areas that I literally broke into tears, and then sobs (me, who is not often able to cry.. even when I need to…). I felt like my heart had been broken open.. even now I feel it again as I’m telling you about it. It felt like a healing to be seen, heard and not judged for my perceived failures.”
Angel Fortney Sullivan, Magick-Maker and Meaning-Finder (who also creates really beautiful websites!), Florida

“How many times have I found myself saying, ‘What I wouldn’t give right now for a Crystal Ball?’ At least, that’s what I used to say. Now, I find myself asking, ‘what would Amy say?’ Time spent with Amy and her Intuitive Wisdom is like plugging directly into my Soul. Information is gently shared that both sounds and feels so right, so familiar – even though I’m hearing it expressed for the first time. Time with Amy is a gift and the value is immeasurable!”
Sally Gentle Drew, Spirit Sleuth, Canada

You helped me far more In one phone call than weeks spent with two different therapists. You knew things – without my having to explain much – and helped me emerge from a difficult life transition. A few months later, when my son felt the ripple effect of my decision, you were the first person I thought of. After speaking with you, he was able to speak with me. Thanks for being there – for both of us. Immense Gratitude.”
Connie Burke, Business Executive

I was quite blown away after our call. You gave me so much good guidance. It has helped me understand where I am at and that has made me feel so much calmer. And the visualization we did was so enlightening. The call confirmed a number of things that, deep down, I know but wasn’t really facing up to. And the idea to go back to the past to change the now is one I am going to use. Having the opportunity to talk to you was really transformative. It has helped me immensely and will assist me in moving forward again.
Nicola Warwick, Heart and Soul for Business and Life, United Kingdom

“Wow. 90 mins with AmyOscar #mindblown #madeofmagic.”
Sas Petherick, Coach, Writer and Life transformer, United Kingdom

“It’s like I walked out of the fog bank.  I have a direction, a meaningful focus for my attention. My mission/calling is becoming clearer.  My heart is filled with joy, possibility and relief (at finding the connections).”
~ Maureen Davin, Volunteer Trail Guide and Naturalist, Tennessee

“Just had amazingly transformational session with Amy Oscar Reconnected me w/ my creative power & much more. Thank you Amy!”
Anthony Lawlor, Author (A Home for the Soul), Visionary Architect, California

“Thanks for yesterday’s session. You gave me the single most healing insight I have ever been given. It helped me to understand why I had to do what I did. Thank you.”
~ Randy Nelson, Attorney, Texas

“that was wonderful – so wonderful – thank you oh so much – deeply – thank you!”
Jennifer Louden, best-selling author, teacher, Washington State

“I was deeply moved by the path Amy led me on, and so many things came to light. Ages old hurts and resentments were flushed out and put into a “story” I could understand, follow and gain release from. Her generosity of time and spirit were amazing. I felt like the work we did was the equivalent of many sessions with a traditional therapist. It had so many different dimensions, too — from the physical, to the emotional, to the spiritual– all became an integrally woven part of the story. I would wholeheartedly recommend Amy Oscar to be anyone’s spiritual guide and director. She is truly walking and living the path.”
~ Judy

“When I began working with Amy I was fearful and deeply saddened from the early loss of my mother and abandonment of my father.  My heart was broken and I was angry at the Universe. Where therapy seemed to expand my pain, Amy’s gift for Spiritual Direction leap-frogged right over it to the teachings and gifts inside our experiences. Amy directed me past ego and all its polarity thinking, into soul. Working with archetypes, dream interpretation and symbolic sight completely shook me loose from my extremely limited view of life. With her strong intuition and gentle teaching manner, she helps me to extract themes and pull them up to the surface for deep examination. She shakes me loose when I am stuck and has helped to open my heart. I now have such gratitude for all of life, even for my losses. Thank you, Amy.”

“Amy has the gift of a highly intuitive mind, combined with wit and keen intelligence―a very rare combination. Her excitement about following the spiritual path, and her ability to be a “spiritual sleuth” of sorts, deciphering important clues and notes the universe leaves for each of us, makes every session with her into a fun experience, filled with the wonder of first discoveries. She draws synchronicities to her in the most delightful way, and helps her clients experience the pure pleasure of doing the same.”
~ Jamie, Editor, Los Angeles

“From the very first day I met her, Amy has had this uncanny ability to look straight through my veils and cover-ups, my defenses, dissemblings, and facades, and actually, really, see me. Usually she will tell me exactly what she sees. I am often chagrined by her painfully perceptive view of my soul, but always grateful to her for sharing it with me. Amy is a writer, a story-teller, or as she likes to call herself, a story alchemist.  She sees the world in stories, so it should come as no surprise that when she is with her friends and clients, what she perceives is their story. More often than not the story that Amy perceives is different than the story we tell ourselves, a little bit more spot on, a little more … complete. She sees your story, and in the most loving yet unflinchingly honest way, tells it back to you, including (perhaps especially) the chapters you are not yet aware of having written. And like the gentlest granny, tells you the scariest of tales in the most reassuring way.  “You are the witch, and the poison apple, in your story, but you are also the most powerful of princesses. It is up to you to choose whether to embrace the witch or the princess, or to find a way to be both. Voila! – alchemy. And just like that gentle granny, Amy is patiently content to tell you the same story of you, over and over, as many times as you need to hear it, until you are ready to take up the thread and finish the telling of it on your own.  How blessed am I to know just such a story teller …”
~ Julie, Graphic Designer, Mom, New York

“How true is it that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  This could not be any truer of my experiences working with Amy.  When we first spoke in the late winter of ’07, it was my usual “transition time” and I knew the second I met her that it was going to be a transformative experience. Thoughts came out of me in a hurried jumble but with Amy’s help, were put neatly back together in a way that reflected the key areas I needed to develop.  Her caring, nurturing, and soothing wisdom have continued to help me with major transitions in my life.  She has armed me with supportive tools for when I am at a crossroads…and, when I need that extra guidance, has consistently helped me to gain perspective and, some wisdom of my own.”
~ Anne, Accessories Designer, New York

“My wife and I have sought out Amy’s council with wonderful results. Amy provides very specific and accurate information that sheds light on where we’re coming from and where we’re going. Her approach to resolving issues offers food for thought that ultimately builds a strong and tangible connection to improving day-to-day life.”
~ Christopher Horn and Sabine Vogt, Germany