A whole lot of gratitude (and a little self promotion)

I am seriously overwhelmed by your response to my book. I wanted to take a moment to thank you…

  • for being the first brave wave of readers, for letting me in on your experience of the book – including what’s not working for you (because that’s how I will make the second edition better.)
  • for being so supportive and encouraging – as I, like anyone who’s ever delivered a book to market (or a baby into the world), need that. :)
  • for telling your friends and Twitter followers about the book. You are totally rocking this!
  • for buying that extra copy for a friend. Wow. A true vote of confidence.
  • for not minding that, even after the book was read by five ‘first readers’ and two professional editors and my very discerning proofreader, there are still some typos to sort out.

Thank you for loving me through this. I could not have done it without my tribe. You are the true wonders of my world.

And now, because I love them, here are your lovely words about Sea of Miracles!

“Okay I have to say it. I’m reading your book cover to cover and it’s so f-ing beautiful I can hardly stand it.” Alice Langholt, @ReikiAwakening

Amy, I just finished reading the Sea of Miracles for the second time… And I am going to read it a 3rd time with my 15 yr old son, Taylor. EVERYONE needs to receive this message of unconditional love and not being alone. You were truly touched by the hand of God while you wrote this. The list of people who are getting this as a gift from me is growing ever longer. Thank you for the many ways you and your book have touched my heart and spirit. xoxo – Dana Bender Reeves

I am loving this book!  It’s brilliantly laid out.  The sections are great and the prompts are an added bonus (and there are downloads too!).  But the thing that absolutely shines from the page is the writing. Sea of Miracles is just so beautifully written. The stories are moving.  You definitely need a box of tissues. I love esoteric so all the references to the Divine and our I Am Presence instantly call out to me.  So much good stuff about deepening our connection to the Divine. Amy, it’s a beautiful book and a privilege to read it.” – Nicola Warwick

Amy Oscar shows us in her excellent book that we are surrounded by angels who guide and comfort us. As she says, we truly live in a “Sea of Miracles”. It is our choice to make contact. This book helps us to tap into the infinite love of the universe. – L.N.,psychotherapist:

@NicoleBoyce: needed to read about bees…was right where i left off! imagine that! 😉 oh, beautiful friend your book is such a gift! ty!

@SecretReikiLife: Finished @AmyOscar’s Sea of Miracles, a bk I’ll read again many times I’m sure.

@ErinMargolin: Soooo, last night I started reading @AmyOscar ‘s book, Sea of Miracles. LOVE. Go get your copy now! http://bit.ly/eJjlnA

@ (keeping name private til I get permission) Girl-I had to take a moment and tell you that I LOVED your book. Oh my gosh!!! SO GOOD! I learned so much about angels, but even more, about YOU!! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and soul with us all. I feel blessed! :)

– – – –

Your comments on Amazon…

To Enjoy and Share –Again and Again
I love this book. Aptly titled Sea of Miracles, An Invitation From the Angels, this amazing book is both reminder and journey, signpost and warning. From the very first page, with its opening invocation from Rumi, “What you seek is seeking you,” Sea of Miracles reminds us that the Divine is with us, the Divine is in us and we are in the Divine everywhere every moment of every day.

This book is a journey that the author generously invites us to take with her– through her own opening to the reality of the angelic world, Ms. Oscar lets us enter her life with grace and wit and as we accompany her, our own journey begins to realign itself, revealing the deeper sense within and pointing the way in and through.



Wonderfully constructed, this book overflows with practical ways to reengage with the benevolent spiritual forces that surround us. It’s a book to keep on your nighttable, to give to your sister, your daughter, your friend. I already have ordered two extra copies to give as gifts, because I can’t bear to part with mine!

Oh, and the warning? When you ‘open the door and welcome them in’ your life will be transformed in unimaginable ways. Ms Oscar promises the journey of a lifetime! Such a lovely book

I will keep this book on my night table for sure.
Kelly Jordan (New York)

As a woman with a very little attention span and way too much work I find reading to be just something else I have to do to keep my brain functioning. I would just like to say that I am so happy that I took the time to sit and read this book. Miss Oscar has a way of keeping a story simple while getting to the point that I was done within 2 days while most books I pick up now can take up to a year. I loved every minute and every story and found myself underlining this that and the other so I can look back at the ones I loved the most. I hope she writes another one. That’s how much I liked it.

Lovely, Inspiring and a Must No Matter Where You Are In Your Life’s Journey
Allison Nazarian (Boca Raton, FL)

This is a book that inspires, reminds, gently nudges, hugs, loves and uplifts. It is for all of us looking to be better, to love more, to fear less. Amy Oscar speaks the language we all aspire to speak — and she does it in a way that you will think “Wow, she is talking directly to me!” Highly recommended for yourself and as a gift for those you love!

Quite a satisfying and comforting read….
R. P. McCarron (Closter, New Jersey USA)

I LOVE this book! Sometimes when you pick up a book in this genre, within a few pages of reading, you know whether the author is just writing or really has a handle on the subject. Amy Oscar gets it. She writes from her soul.

In Sea of Miracles: An Invitation from the Angels, you are receiving an invitation to be a better person, to find some enlightenment, and to discover a true confirmation of the ideas and beliefs you’d had all along concerning the Realm of Angels.

I’ve read through this beautiful little book twice now, and its the type of book you can keep nearby for an instant, uplifting message. I recommend it to anyone who loves delving into the real lessons of life and learning how lovingly easy it is to communicate with our Angels on so many levels. It’s the perfect book to discuss with your children, your parents, your friends, and ultimately strangers. This is one of the books that will stay with me forever.

Beautifully written.
Susan Walsdorf (Huntington, NY USA)

Sea of Miracles takes a topic that is hard to grasp and simplifies it. The emotion and honesty that Ms. Oscar writes with is refreshing. I have had my own “angel stories” but are always afraid to share them. Ms. Oscar confirms the experiences that I have had and makes me feel that much more at ease with the connection of our greatness. This is a fascinating book.

A Spiritual Tonic
Patricia R. Gaddis (United States)

Sea of Miracles is a spiritual tonic and the stories within it will leave you knowing the truth is much more than the limitations of a world that we can see. The author writes with passion, penning a powerful clarification of the places where our world and paradise merge.There is never a dull moment, as the angels swirl through the pages like an electric current, helping those who face an emergency or are standing at death’s door. After finishing this book, I knew I had read something of immense value. It was truly an exciting excursion into the realm of angels; a song of admiration for those messengers who dip down to earth and help us along our journey.

Amber Tate
This book was a highly recommended read in a class I’m taking for Energy Healer Certification. Amy Oscar gives a lovely account of her personal experiences with angels, along with stories from others and their experiences. The great message overall is that we can all have a continuous relationship with angels as long as we are open to the experiences. No matter where we are or what we do, we are never alone. We always have help available, all we have to do is ask for it. This book is a great read if you are not religious, but believe in spirituality and divine beings. It is not preachy at all. If you’re uncomfortable with the word “angel” because it makes you think of a religious icon, then think of them instead as beings of higher energy that we may connect with.

Amy Oscar is a wonderfully open-minded and sensitive individual. I can’t wait to see what other books she might write in the future on topics such as these.

Can I just say, again, thank you all so much!

Here’s another hug. xxoo

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