How to dream yourself from ‘here’ to ‘there’

1) Find the dream that feels most true and alive for you.

2) Turn your heart toward it. Turn your inner gaze toward it. Turn your life toward it.

At first, this will be easy. It will feel like falling in love – because you ARE falling in love – with the dream.

Feel that love. Let it radiate out from the center of you heart. Feel it penetrate your body and saturate your mind with the knowing: your dream is coming closer to you.

Feel that.

And then, after the drunk on rainbows and joy juice part of this process, when this other thing happens, be prepared to ride it.

This next stage is important, too. More important.

The part when you (inevitably) start feeling squirmy. Who am I to want that? What was I thinking?

The part when you get really uncomfortable about wanting something you are not absolutely certain you can have.

Take a deep and calming breath (take a few).

Notice that this discomfort (this soul ache) is caused by wanting something that is over ‘there’ when you are over ‘here’.

And let that be okay. That ache, that’s your power meeting your doubt.

Let that be okay, too. They have to meet. They’re soul mates. Let them talk it out. Bring them flower petal tea. Pour yourself a cup. Watch. Listen. Take notes.

Notice that, even though you’re having some feelings, the dream has not abandoned you. In fact, it’s moving toward you.

Don’t let that scare you. (It can scare us to see how powerful we are.)

And we really are that powerful. We can dream a thing and call it closer to us. This is not magic. This is not woo woo. It’s creativity. It’s imagination meeting science.

This is how every single thing in the world was made: your handbag, your summer dress, the teacup in your hand.

It started as a dream. Someone loved that dream enough to turn toward it and to hold it, no matter what happened.

And then, a tea cup was born!

Your dream is a tea cup.
If knowing this scares you: ground to Love.

And Stay.

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  • Bill Boteler

    I’ve been on a long journey to where I can best contribute to saving the planet. I mean the like things like plants and animals – hay-colored spiders-that are vanishing before our eyes. It’s been hard but I’m still at it. Hope I feel good about it since I sacrificed so much.

    • Amy

      Bless your beautiful heart – the spiders are lucky to have you on their side. 🙂

  • Barbara

    Thank you Amy. Read today. Coming as I was from a discombobulated place I was able to regroup, re-member, and set off once again. Thank You again.

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