Generosity, Resonance, Gratitude – the energies of the heart

Even in bad lighting, you can see the glow of Danielle's generous heart. (at the NYC launch of The Firestarter Sessions)

It’s been a while since I posted an Inspiration Friday list – but I’ve been thinking of you, and gathering a big pile of goodies to share.

But first, the heart…

During this season of awakening and new growth, I find myself deeply stirred, awakening, most of all, to love. For me, this love is manifesting as acceptance – unconditional, fierce ownership of my own imperfect self. (Almost) gone is the impatience – with life (why don’t things happen faster?) with my husband, with my own development. Lately, instead of pushing life along like a mad cheerleader, I find myself sinking into ‘self’ with a kind of resting clarity; a deep settling in.

I like me. I like my work.

I like my family and the people around me.

I like things as they are – which, regular readers will know, has not always been the case for me. (I have tended to live with one eye on the past, the other on the future – which left zero attention on what was here, right in front of me. The Soul Caller work has changed that – for good.)

The other way this love is manifesting is in friendship – a new kind of friendship in which I am taking the risk of reaching out to people I would normally adore from afar. Suddenly, I’m able to meet them on common ground – which is what happens when you make contact with your own true heart and courage.

Which I why I want to tell you about one of these new, precious friends today and, with a bow of deep respect and gratitude, I offer you the link to her new book: an outpouring of her special magic that is (seriously) astonishing. Here, for writers, artists, empire builders and creative souls of all stripes: Danielle LaPorte’s, The Firestarter Sessions is insanely good.

Danielle lives and works out of a wild, all-encompassing and infectious generosity. Her support helped me open to my own wide and wild heart – cuz I’ve got one, too… which is why the work of this particular woman/teacher/friend resonates right down to my soul toes.

With her help, along with the yeoman support of the amazing Dana Reeves, who coordinates every detail of the Soul Caller Training, and the behind-the-scenes encouragement of Raw Foods Chef Susan Powers (with one more shout out to social media guru, Shelly Kramer who helped me early on) I’ve found a clarity of purpose; and out of that, a sacred circle of beautiful light has formed.

I can tell from their feedback that the Soul Caller Training is changing lives. To date, more than 80 people have passed through the circle. People are  moving  past ‘stuck’ and ‘blocked’ and ‘confused’ into grounded bliss; they are aligning every part of their lives with purpose and clarity.

After the program ends, the ongoing community of support (which I am holding open for free – because it’s important) provides a place where graduate Soul Callers are sharing experiences and finding support as they come to trust the spiritual forces that support and guide them and to call, more and more on their own inner core of certainty – the deep wisdom that KNOWS who and what they really are.

I wasn’t sure, when I launched this thing, if I had it in me to fully give myself to this work; to let it work its miracles through me. Leading this group has widened and deepened me. As I’ve opened my heart to let more and more beauties inside, its put me in touch with an aspect of myself that I didn’t know was there: a deep compassion and gentleness; and love for each and every person I work with.

Today, as I offer my list of Wise Souls, Beauties and Loves, I will begin to introduce my graduates and the beautiful work they’re doing. I’ll continue to reveal them to you, in coming months, as they launch their own beautiful programs.

Wise Souls, Beauties and Loves: offerings from my beautiful friends

– Andrea Mee Maurer’s 90-Day Revolution is part charity, part soul-level ass kicking. It’s fierce and brilliant, like her.

– I loved reading Lisa Robbin Young’s “Communion with yourself” series. Like all of her work, its deep and rich and just beautiful. When you visit her site, I hope you’ll check out her videos andher beautiful music.

– As Curvy Yoga queen, Anna Guest-Jelley writes, Curvy Yoga is about living in your body – plain and simple. (Except that, it’s totally not.) It’s for those looking for a body lovin’ yoga practice, regardless of our shape, size or ability.  (aka me, and maybe you.)

– Allison Nazarian’s Write Your Mess On Your Own writing program is a generous, supportive place to open to the writer that wants to come out with all the messy (and wonderful) things you’ve got to say.

This month, I have loved so many things:


This program, which is just so lovely – and so is its author/teacher, Goddess Guidance from Amy Palko

This scarf (which I purchased) and Pinterest, where I found and ‘pinned’ it!

This amazing manifesto on education from Seth Godin: Stop Stealing Dreams. It’s free.

This cookbook, from Susan Powers at Rawmazing, which has completely transformed my relationship to dessert. But then, EVERYTHING Susan makes is amazing.

This song: This magic moment, which reintroduced itself to me recently, forty years after I danced to it with my cousin, Bobby, in the living room of Aunt Ruth’s house in Schenectady, NY.

This video: You are here to wake up

Hiro Boga’s Become Your Own Business Advisor is a magnificent,  clarifying, shimmeringly beautiful exploration into the energy that supports, nourishes and helps you to co-create your particular brand of work in the world. It’s also really, really grounding.

And now, some gifts for you:

Book Love: My curated book list to intrigue, inspire and delight you.

Awakening: The Spring Wisdom Series ebook, with posts from so many beautiful beings (in case you missed it last year)

Q and A: Got a Q about guidance, prayer, angels, ‘the Universe’? Here are some A’s.

Other places you will find me yakking away: Guest posts, mentions, interviews

PS This September, encouraged by my graduate Soul Callers, I’ll launch part two, an ‘advanced’ Soul Caller Training in which I’ll reveal the imagery that was revealed to me when this program arrived, like a gift, last year. We’ll be doing more intuitive work – students will be doing readings for one another, working with collage and other creative activities. (I also have a teacher training in the works; and by next year, I’ll offer graduates the chance to offer the SC Training to their own tribes.)

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I am so excited for the future of Soul Caller! It’s been life-changing.



I’m honoured to be included in this post. Thank you Amy. xx


Andrea Maurer

Thank you, Amy… for so much more than I can possibly put into words. It’s an honor to walk beside you, to be a Soul Caller, to call you friend. Much love. XO


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