As if knitting a shawl, a sweater, a life . . .

Do the work.

Do it steadily, as if knitting a shawl, a sweater, a life.

Do it simply, as if you were the thread, crossing, one stitch at a time, from needle to needle.

Do it with purpose, holding lightly in your awareness, the image of the finished work.

From time to time, set your work aside and celebrate how far you’ve come – how many rows have been placed, one atop the other.

Rest. Nourish. Quench.


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  • Deb M

    Yes, do the work. And also share the work, as you do, Amy. Doing the work, for me, is a whole lot easier that putting the work – in progress or finished – out hanging in the world of public scrutiny. Thank you for your refreshing openness.

  • Bernard Charles

    Ohhh yes. This is perfect for the new moon vibes going on and with my devotion to raising harmony in the world. Holding peace. Showing gratitude. And sharing magic.

    • Amy Oscar

      And you ARE doing just that – your vibes are echoing into the world, ripples of bright color and light. Sharing gratitude for YOU – and the magic you bring to us all.

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