Me and my hot flashes

There is great wisdom in my hot flashes. Like a nagging spouse:

  • my hot flashes remind me that I have had too much caffeine.
  • my hot flashes remind me when I feel trapped.
  • my hot flashes remind me when I am angry.

I’m sure there are people who when trapped, angry or over-caffeinated do not need hot flashes to remind them. Apparently, I am not one of them.

Here’s a post I wrote a few months back about this: The Grace in hot flashes

Fanning the Flames

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Julie Jordan Scott

:-) I love love love this, Amy. So… funny and so…. human. You and us and her, over there. LOVE this!!


Lori Paquette

“The Grace in Hot Flashes” one of my favorites :) I get hot flashes from too much caffeine, too. :) LOVE you, Amy.



I am constantly balancing the question: Which is more important to me right now – this cup of tea or not having hot flashes later? PS I love you right back!


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