No need to argue with the world. Simply shift toward love


A page from the Soul Caller Training

Anyone can see that the world is shifting.

A powerful surge of energy is moving things around – stirring things up. Everything from sea levels and storms to politics and personal power.

Things are in motion. Changing.

To harness this powerful energy and shift your life: Choose toward what you want and turn your gaze away from what you don’t want.

It’s that simple. What we focus on increases.

Don’t focus on your problems. Focus on solutions.

Don’t focus on making sadness go away. Don’t push anything away, just shift your gaze.

Simple and profoundly powerful soul work.

Hold your gaze on what you l0ve and appreciate it. Say things (to yourself and to others) like, “Wow. I like this! More, please!”

Write thank you notes to the people and things you love.

  • Dear Beautiful home which has housed and warmed and held my family all these years: Thank you.
  • Dear Job which flows so many blessings into my life: Thank you.

Throw your life a gratitude party.  (I mean, actually do this. With funny hats if you want – and music and maybe some wine.)

As for the things you don’t want, don’t be so interested in those anymore. Let them fade away. Make your shift gently, without coercion or self-bullying. When you come across something about your life you don’t like, just turn toward something you do like.

Don’t beat yourself up with questions like, “Why is this thing I don’t like in my life?” (Total waste of time.) Don’t fret over how to get rid of it. Simply notice: Oh, I guess I don’t like this and turn toward what you do like.

If that thing you don’t like won’t let go of your attention, engage with it. Thank it – it must know something you need to know. Get into a conversation with it. Ask it to sit down. Maybe make some tea – two cups. Say, “Well, hello thing I don’t like.  I see you. Is there something you are trying to tell me?”

Remember: at the core of ALL things, including the things we don’t like, there are radiant suns of wisdom and energy, calling us toward light.

Find the sun in things – find it and turn toward it. If you can’t find it, so what? Seriously. So what. Find another sun and turn toward that. Easily, gently. Open to the generosity that is waiting to stream to you all the things you would adore.

And what DO you want?

What do you want more of? What do you want less of? What do you want the next part of your life to be like? What kind of world do you want to live in?

Think about that. Engage with that. Pay attention to that. As you do, you’ll be amazed at how easily and quickly it arrives.

Let yourself be amazed. (The more awestruck the better.)
This is how we shift toward love – and as we shift, so shifts the world.

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Thank you, Amy…



Thank you Aida, for stopping in to leave your comment. Many blessings.



Thank you for this Amy.






simply beautiful. simply love. Thank you, Amy.



Thank you my friend. xxoo



Such simple and yet profound counsel–words that make so much sense! As I was reading this the words “yes, of course, that’s right!” kept coming to mind. Thanks for reminding me where my gaze needs to be, Amy.



Thank you Adele, for visiting the blog – for leaving your lovely note.



Absolutely perfect. Thank you.



That is very true Amy. There is Love everywhere at the moment. My friends can feel it too. Amazing shift, indeed. xxx


Kathleen Holzermayr

Thank you, Amy. It is just that simple when coming from a place of love…thank you for the gentle nudge and reminder.


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