The antidote to overwhelm

There’s big energy in the air these days. Things are shifting all around us – in the world, in our communities and families. Maybe things are moving in your life, too.

If it feels chaotic or overwhelming to be standing at the center of the wind, it can help to ground yourself to what’s real.

Take a deep breath.

Ground to the earth beneath your feet. Ground to your real life. Look around the room.

Stay here.

Stay in the room.

Resist the temptation to escape the wind by leaping into future fantasies. Resist the temptation to find blame for the wind.

This wind is nobody’s fault (including yours).
It’s just wind – not a punishment for something you did or didn’t do in the past.

Stay in the room. Meeting this wind.


Presence is the antidote to overwhelm.

PS Your overwhelm is a teacher

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Lynn Davis

Thanks for good reassuring thoughts. Am facing major surgery this week and really need to focus on the present moment.


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