What if there really is no enemy?

What if there really is no enemy? What if, even the people you are at war with, are just like you – scared, worried about the world, in love with their children? What if they trust you about as much as you trust them?

How do we meet this? How do we meet them? Can we shift this ‘enemy’ into ‘not an enemy’?

What about the enemy that lives in your own family: the annoying cousin, the controlling aunt, the sibling who sees the world so differently, the spouse who won’t properly park the car (or do the dishes, or make the bed, or fold the laundry) to your specifications.

What about

  • the teacher who fails your kid
  • the nurse’s aide who is rude to your father
  • the ‘helpful’ aunt who criticizes your husband

Is that the enemy?

How about

  • the farmer whose pesticides are damaging the environment
  • the CEO who ships your job to Asia
  • the politician whose policies make your hair stand on end
  • the woman dragging her crying child through the grocery store by the arm

It’s so easy to judge – to make assumptions.

So easy to make enemies – to wish they’d all go away, to convince ourselves that the world would be a better, brighter place without them. Yet, here they are, sharing the world with us – and here we are, at war with them (at least inside of our own hearts and minds.)

How do we meet their presence – meet them – without going to war against them? How do we meet the people and things we don’t like about the world without using their differences as an excuse to shift our own energy, our own space in the world, from love to fear?

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