“I can’t recommend ONECircle enough. It’s like a mini-retreat for me each and every week. Such a beautiful and supportive circle of love. Really, this is where I come when I have no where else to go, when I’m too weird or deep to make sense to other people. My OneCircle friends get me. Join us…. we would love to welcome you! 
~ Angela Ressa, Liverpool, U.K.

One Circle

a gathering space for contemplative and creative revolutionaries

What I want you to know about ONECircle is that it’s open. Spacious. Easy.

I want you to feel welcome. To try it out. To stay if you like it. To leave if you don’t.

A recent ONECircle participant put it this way. “ONECircle is open to YOU . Open to Yourself, open to ONEness with your soul.”

I love that she said that.  It told me that it’s working – that this online ‘space’ is holding space for fellowship, for conversation, for the peaceful, open-hearted exchange of ideas.

Just what I’d hoped it might do – because that is just what we need right now.

The world is changing – and we are changing and expanding, too.

We are becoming more aware of one another and what is happening in our world.
Some of this makes us feel a part of things.
Some of this makes us feel uncertain, unsettled, ungrounded.

I want you to know that
even as the foundations of the world are quaking, Love is here.
I don’t say this because you are so fragile
or to soothe you into complacency.

I say it because this THIS
the whole earth-quaking, foundation-rattling shift
– is calling you into your life.

And I think you know that.
For even though you may be feeling outraged
about the state of our world,
I’m guessing you’re also feeling energized.

Love is rising in you.

illumination-logoFierce love, protective love. Outraged love.
A love demanding: We can do better. We can be better.

This is not to say that who you are – who WE are – is not enough.
Not to say that all of our hard work has been a waste of time.

In fact, all of the work you’ve done:
those long walks, those journaling sessions,
those moments of reflection and confusion
when you wondered: What should I do?
All of that brought you here.
Ready to meet this.

You really are ready, you know.
And now you have a choice to make:
How will you meet this?

With fear or curiosity?
As a crisis or an invitation?

ONECircle is an invitation
to explore this choice in safe and sacred space.
to explore your own willingness
to feel, to love, to live
the fullness of your footprint on this planet.

is a weekly gathering where you can,
stretch the boundaries with guided meditation,
feel for openings with intensive journaling
journey with sacred allies
and begin to map out the contours
of the actual life you’re living.

is a field of respectful and sacred holding,
a container to support the real work
we are here to do: the embodiment of love.

So you can have
the extravagant, outrageous and revolutionary experience
of occupying your own life.

Where your
creative, spontaneous, experimental, and wild self
can speak up and speak out.

Where you can practice what that feels like to be free
so you can carry that energy out
into the conference rooms and performance spaces of your world.

THANK YOU FROM DEEP IN MY HEART for your work, for working with me, for the gift you bring to the beautiful circles of people that gather around you!! Thank you for your generosity too!!

~ Edith Lettner, Austria

We start with vision  –
cuz you can only make the changes you can imagine, visualize and see.
And we test-drive it.

We find the center-
your center.
The place of certainty, wisdom and ease.
The place of you being you,
without having to think about it.

Genuine ease,
which makes it easier to create a life that works,
no matter what’s going on around you.

You’ll discover that your natural state is not frenzy, fragmentation, or overwhelm.
It’s contentment peppered with bursts of bright joy.

And when you get used to that.
you’ll start to bring it with you
wherever you are.

And instead of looking everywhere
outside yourself for inspiration, creativity and love,
You will radiate light.
You will generate color and texture and life force.
You will fill the space of your own life with love.

As you do, you’ll BECOME the space for love.
This will touch everyone around you.

The truth is, my revolutionary friend,
one person making contact with her own radiance
will change everything.

“This month’s writing call was amazing for me. It blew the boundaries of my mind right open… I am transforming my relationship to love – my perceptions of how love works, of the dynamic itself. I am trusting I can do this and see also that this is because I AM TRUSTING at a level I have not before.  Powerful stuff. Thank you for witnessing.

~ Linda Stephens, Chicago

Our live calls take place:
Thursdays at 4:00 p.m./ET

All calls include guided meditation and discussion. Some include:

Writing Together

– where I’ll lead you through two or three ten-minute blocks, guided by prompts and questions. After we write, I’ll invite you to share – but you don’t have to. You may find, as I do, that some work seems to want to be shared and some work wants to rest in silence.

Journeying with Guides
Gentle, easy to follow guided dream journeys to the realms of spirit guides, angels, goddesses and nature spirits. We’ll also explore the rooms of your “House of Self’ and create a new relationship with your challenges and problems.

Throughout the month,
we’ll work with symbols from your life and dreams, images from magazines and online sources. Perhaps you’ll try collage, watercolor or colored pencil. You may explore a dream you’ve had in your journal – or sketchbook to help you visualize and capture your own deep soul imagery.

The Invitation to Engagement is always open. 
Some months, you may just feel like walking and talking with nature. Other months may call you to create a story world and climb inside.

I’ll support your process, wherever it leads.

ONECircle enrollment is always open.
Join at any time.
Leave at any time.
ONECircle is affordable
and payment is flexible.
$48 a month
or $12 a week
ONECircle members get 50% off
on my one-one-one Illumination Sessions.

It’s my deepest wish that you receive the support, encouragement and guidance that you need to emerge into the fullness of your own embodiment – and I invite you to ask any questions at all.  I am here to support the easeful, joyful emergence of you! Shoot me an email at amy@amyoscar.com.

“Gotta say… I feel like I went to a spa today, Amy. Oh Amy, may God bless you. Thank you. Thank you all.”

~ Ivy Landesman-Slevin

“Feeling oh so very grateful for this circle today. Thank you for being a part of my life – for supporting my work with your presence, and by bringing your own beautiful light to the circle. So grateful you are here. 
~ Me (Amy Oscar) Just because… 

Questions you May Have 

When is the best time to join? 

When you feel drawn to join the circle. The program is flexible, designed to accommodate your arrival at any time. It’s a circle, with no beginning and no end.

I’m just discovering Amy’s work. Can I join ONECircle without taking one of her other classes?

Yes! In fact, ONECircle is a really good place to start.

I live on the opposite side of the world – I’m asleep when you’re awake. Can I still participate?

Yes! And you’ll discover there are friends in ONECircle from all over the world. Almost every time zone is represented. As the circle grows, you’ll find more and more people from your side of the globe.

In ONECircle – our virtual conversation has a timeless quality. You can leave a story or question in the discussion forum and go to sleep. When you wake up, your other-side-of-the-world friends in the CIRCLE will have seen it.

I’m not sure. Can I join and see if I like it and leave if I don’t?

Yup. Join at any time by using the links on this page. Leave at any time by sending me an email at amy@amyoscar.com and I will remove you from the group and cancel your monthly auto-payments.

Can I leave and come back?

Yes! To rejoin the circle, just sign up again. I’m delighted to welcome you back!

I’d love to join ONECircle but I can’t afford the fee. Is there a scholarship program?

There is no scholarship – but I offer a reduced fee option. If you can’t afford the $48 monthly fee, I ask that you pay a minimum weekly amount of $5. That’s $20 a month. To enroll at a reduced fee, please use the CONTACT button at the upper right corner of this page.