Welcome Soul Caller!


Spiritual work is not about fixing you – it’s about awakening to the possibility that there was nothing wrong with you in the first place.

You are just where you are meant to be – a whole, complete and deeply beloved human being on a path of unfolding.

I know it may not feel that way. I know that when things get challenging – when love isn’t working and your body hurts and your job is a grind – it can be hard to believe you are anywhere near your path.

Yet, here you are, on the path – and reaching for a truth that you sense but may not be able to name. A truth about you and about the world that would change everything.

There is a part of you that knows this truth – a quiet and steady light of awareness that never goes out and never gives up on you. 

This light knows how good you are – and how creative and loving and kind. This light knows how deeply you feel the sadness and suffering you see in the world - and how you want (and sometimes ache) to help.

I can help you reconnect to that light and work with it to create the change that you want to bring to the world – and  to yourself. And then,  I can help you to stay connected for the rest of your life. 

With an open heart, I offer these pathways of awakening:

free  The Four Soul Questions Everyone Should Be Asking Now
- A free worksheet

free  Soul Call
~ A free, open Twitter Chat. Sundays at 10 am/ET (search: #SoulCall and join in!)

free Miracle Stories
~ from readers all over the world

Sea of Miracles: An Invitation from the Angels
 ~ A book about my journey, and yours

Soul Caller Sessions
 ~ A conversation. A reading. An hour and a half of my time, devoted to you

The Soul Caller Training
 ~ A five-week program in Sacred Community that’s (really) changing lives

Other places to find me:
Guest posts, interviews and videos

More about me:
~ My story of unfolding