Your sensitive nature

knows the way…

Your nature IS the way…

You may have been taught – or told – that you are too sensitive, too nice, too much or too little – but you’re not. You’re revolutionary

even though you’ve probably been taught to muffle or numb your emotions.

even though you’ve certainly been taught that your senses deceive you,
That what you perceive beyond the visible, physical things of this world is not real.

even though you’ve certainly been told to be quiet,
be a good girl,
and stop asking so many questions.

Deeply willing
to work for what matters
as long as it matters to you. 

You are finding your way – your unique way
– to the life that you want and need.
A life that can (and will)
open your mind,
fill your heart and
saturate your beautiful body with joy.

There’s one more thing that I want you to know: You are guided
You have always been guided
by a bright truth that knows:
what is real and what you are:
a gift, protected and supported
and gifted
with a natural sensitivity that feels and senses and knows the way
… it knows your way.

You are standing in the soul-filled space between stories – ready (and invited) to cross into your own way of radiance. I can help with that.

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Author of Sea of Miracles, Amy Oscar is a highly sensitive intuitive healer and spiritual guide who has devoted the past 20 years to helping thousands of people come home to the gifts of self-love and their own true nature. Like a spiritual systems analyst, Amy is able to read the energetic architecture of the heart to detect (and help us break through) the psycho-spiritual patterns which bind us. She sees us as multi-dimensional beings on soul-led paths, and she offers tools and training – and the mirror of illuminated conversation – to help us live heart-centered lives in a time of turbulence.

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Your sensitivity is a gift. In fact, it’s guidance – and you can experience it as such.

 “You are my inspiration and a new lightening rod in my life. So many times I have ventured into training programs that teach you to serve and help others. But the teaching is about serving, not refueling or feeding my soul. This is the first time I feel I have the chance to receive. I look forward to what lies in store.”
~Karrilynn Keith, Georgia