Catching myself thinking a thought which was not mine

I was standing at the sink when I caught myself thinking a thought which was not ‘my’ thought. I am pretty sure it was my mother’s thought: an ancient complaint, which she would mutter out loud – unaware that it was being transmitted to her daughters who were sitting at the little white table table in…

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Take your next step from love, toward love

A couple of days ago, I decided. “I’m not going to Pacifica. It’s too much. I’m not ready to commit to that kind of money before I’m certain I can earn it without my day job. And with all that I need to do to really relaunch my online business, I’m not sure I can…

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When you are ready to take a step, mind your feet!

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What happened after the argument about how to organize the house

This morning, a spider scuttled under my keyboard as I wrote the words: I won’t live that way any more …wait, no… I can’t. My heart won’t allow it. Not any more. (The spider was the color of bleached straw, the same color as the butcher block table where I sat working so, I almost didn’t see…

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Softening around the big scary ‘because’ in your heart – the one that keeps you defended and scared and mucks up your relationships with unnecessary drama

I am sitting in a cafe where, at the next table, a young woman (all of 16?) is berating her boyfriend, also so young, about texting another ‘girl.’ He is trying, so hard, to reassure her that the other girl is just a friend and, frankly, I believe him. And I think she does, too.…

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Reach for who you are

So, here’s the report – so far – on the grad school question.  Yes, it’s a question. I was pretty clear about it but then, I wasn’t. I really don’t mind saying this publicly. I don’t feel like a flake and I’m not worried that you’ll think I can’t make up my mind. I’m having…

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“Wow. I am really doing this.”

I’ve been making a decision for a few weeks years now. It’s a big one – should I take that Masters/PhD program in Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies in California? It’s the kind of choice that I feel privileged to even be making – to have the time and the money, to have completed the prerequisites.…

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The Way is a Y-shaped stick – a divining rod pointing toward the future, which you hold in your hands

Awakening is the invitation to pour forth your radiance, to emerge and expand from the center of the heart the way that sunlight pours forth from the sun. Generously. Abundantly. Continuously. As you awaken, you become aware of this invitation – which is always here, everywhere: like a Y-shaped stick lying on the ground. This ‘Y-shaped stick…

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How to dream yourself from ‘here’ to ‘there’

1) Find the dream that feels most true and alive for you. 2) Turn your heart toward it. Turn your inner gaze toward it. Turn your life toward it. At first, this will be easy. It will feel like falling in love – because you ARE falling in love – with the dream. Feel that…

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Break up with the idea that you are not free

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Today, while driving, I set myself free. It just happened. A thought drifted by: This morning, I set myself free… This thought sat in the middle of my mind space, looking at me as I regarded it. My first response was to scribble it into my notebook – this is what I do with clever thoughts.…

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