Q & A: Guidance, Energy and The Flow

Questions people ask me about Guidance, Energy, The Flow, Soul Prayer and our Call and Response Universe

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Where does guidance come from? 

The source of all guidance – including the guidance you receive as physical symptoms – is the same:  your connection to The Flow. The Flow is the stream of braided light, love and life energy out of which all physical and non-physical things are made.

As you deepen your connection with this flow through your willingness to engage; through meditation, sacred practice or spiritual inquiry, you will come to a place where you see, sense and know exactly where guidance comes from.

How do I know if what I am feeling is really guidance? Maybe it’s my imagination.

Guidance is always supportive of life, joy and peace. That’s the only ‘rule’ that I have about parsing out the ‘reality’ of guidance. If you receive ANY messages which tell you to harm yourself, another person, animal or physical property – that’s NOT guidance.

Guidance is always loving, supportive and life-affirming. It comes in many forms: dreams, inner hunches, strong mental images. you may receive guidance through physical symptoms or through sense impressions in your body. You may hear a meaningful song on the radio, find a penny (or other coin) from heaven. You may find feathers, playing cards, heart-shaped stones – almost any object which sparks your interest and catches your attention can be a sign.

Then, as it turns out, your imagination is your best tool for engaging guidance:  What does this dream or song or inner feeling mean to you? By engaging with the sign or symbol that’s caught your attention, you add meaning – and when you use that meaning to help you, it’s good guidance.

You talk about reading energy. What exactly does that mean? What do you see when you read someone?

I see and sense the flow of energy through story and pattern; and through the body. I receive impressions, as imagery and sense impressions in my body. When a client talks to me, I get pictures in my mind’s eye. I am able to scan the field of the psyche, the non-physical part of your psycho-spiritual organism which you experience as ‘mind’ and the field of the heart, which you experience as emotion.

I perceive blocked energy, suppressed experience, scars. Sometimes, I also perceive imbalances in the physical body. Through conversation and asking questions, I receive information and a picture builds in a ‘room of awareness’ in my mind’s eye. I follow illuminated clues, noticing everything a client says or does – gestures, habits of speech, including, also, coincidental events that occur in the session. Everything has meaning

Do you interpret dreams?

Yes! I love talking about dreams. I also interpret events that happen in waking life using dream imagery. Bring me your dreams!

When did you become a believer in angels?

I’m not so much a believer as a witness. After ten years as the editor of Doreen Virtue’s “My Guardian Angel” column in Woman’s World magazine, I’ve seen enough evidence – tens of thousands of personal accounts from real people all over the world – to convince me that angels are real.

I wrote a book about that heart-opening experience. It was at that time when I began to see patterns of light, which is how the angels appear to me: as patterns of pure, high-frequency light, with the sole purpose of supporting and uplifting us to peace and love. Virtually all traditions refer to angels as ‘shining ones’ who serve as messengers between human beings and The Flow.

My friend (loved one) doesn’t believe in angels but I know that if s/he did her life would improve. How can I convince her angels are real? 

When we discover the blessings and the joy of connecting with the divine – through angels 0r direct connection to the Flow of Source energy – we want to tell everyone.  And by all means, share your stories and your joy. But don’t be surprised if you encounter some resistance. You can’t convince anyone of anything they’re not ready to see or to know – and frankly, it’s not your job to convince her.

Each of us has our own path, our own relationship with The Flow. If you want to inspire your friend, live your life the best way you know how. Your example is the best teacher. If your friend or loved one is open to exploring a relationship with the angels – or with another emanation of divine love, she will naturally be drawn to ask questions. Follow your path and trust that others will find their own way to the teachers and guidance they need.

Can I send healing to someone else?

Yes. Your prayers can add support to the healing process of another person – or, if it’s their time to die, your prayers will help ease their transition. Simply ask or pray: Please send your healing light to <name the person> for the highest good for all involved. Then, let go of the outcome, knowing that each of us is always in the Flow of love and that all things unfold in divine order.

What message do the angels have for me?
Please ask my angels to help me.
Can you send healing to someone for me?

Each question on this list arises out of the misunderstanding that we need a more powerful, more connected intermediary to approach the divine. To each of these questions, the answer is the same: You do not need me or any other “expert” to negotiate your connection. Come boldly to the throne of Grace. Ask your question and open your inner and outer senses, your inner listening, for a response. This initiates your own direct relationship with the divine.

Can one wear out one’s welcome with Archangel Michael? Does he tire of the incessant appeals/requests for help?

No. We cannot wear out our welcome with any of the angels; they’re timeless and without judgment. The angels can be with all of us simultaneously. There’s no limit to the number or the nature of allowable requests. As the angels showed me: We love you no matter what – we will never abandon you. Ask for the comfort, reassurance and support that you need. 

Remember: Angels aren’t people. They have no agenda for us. They never test us. We don’t have to earn their friendship. We have it – unconditionally. Allow yourself to approach them, imperfect as you are. Allow yourself to open to the feeling and experience of someone being there for you no matter what. That’s what the word unconditional means, without conditions.

Allow yourself to let Michael serve and love you – any time, in any way at all.

Where are the angels, now?

Right here, all around us. You have the opportunity to work with the angels anywhere, anytime by responding to whatever comes into your life from the space of love. If your heart opens to someone in need, it’s an invitation to help. How will you meet this invitation, this calling? Will you keep driving by? Or will you answer?

What constitutes a miracle?

I like Picasso’s take on this: “Everything is a miracle; it’s a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.” Essentially, a miracle is the suspension of the laws of time and space that creates an effect of healing, divine intervention or grace on our behalf. Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

“You write about angels!? Wow!  So, what are angels, anyway?” (asked by an old friend at a high school reunion

Here’s my “cocktail party” explanation: Angels are messengers – a bridge – that allow us to communicate with God. Angels arise in response to our questions and prayers. They arrive (often out of the blue) lend a hand in some way or another and then, back out of the situation, often disappearing without a trace. In other words, they blend back into the oneness.

Can you name the nine (or 12) orders of angels?

Um… no. Dividing the Divine into hierarchies doesn’t make any sense to me.

What are archangels?

Archangels are archetypal energies, a more articulated form of angelic energy. Our relationships with the archangels arises out of our collective longing. The angels of beauty, authority, wisdom and others represent universal qualities and principles of order and form found in all that is. To simplify this, when we pray to Archangel Michael, we are asking that his qualities of strength, protection and courage, stream into our own life. When we pray to Archangel Gabriel for eloquence, ease of expression, and a sense of our true mission and purpose, we are calling on those qualities in our own life.

I don’t pretend to know exactly how this works, but I sense the presence of these forms and how they came to be. They are one of many ordering principles, woven into the interactive energetic matrix, the structure of the human psyche and the psyche of the collective.

Seriously? You really believe this? (asked by a colleague at work)

Yes. I have no doubt that there is a responsive, loving presence guiding and helping humanity. I know how to contact it, and I know the feeling experience when it responds. I am only beginning to see the forms. I know they are not human; that formed in their natural state, angels look like streams of columns of light. That is how they look/feel to me.

Can you explain the difference between Law of Attraction and angels?

Law of Attraction is a governing, ordering principle of creation. The angels are living and responsive beings. The Law of Attraction dictates how things work; the angels do the work. One is a principle of how it is; the other simply is.


Can you explain the difference between the terms: The Universe, The Divine, The Flow, and All That Is?

There is no difference. To me, each of these is another name for the same thing: The responsive loving universe created by God.

About God, prayer and angels:

Sometimes, I suggest that you pray to God  – other times, I suggest you call directly on the angels. Still, I am very clear that the angels are God’s messengers – and that all Grace comes from God. I credit God for every miracle I experience or witness, including the sunlight, the water, the food that I eat and the air that I breathe. I understand, and clearly teach, that the angels are a bridge to God – a bridge to meet that which is too vast for us to meet in its fullness.

However, I do not differentiate between God and the angels in my prayers – I just pray. I know that some scriptures have clear guidelines about how to pray and to whom we are supposed to pray. I encourage you to find your own path to God; to pray in the way that’s most comfortable for you. It is your comfort and openness to God’s response that is most important. So, if following a set of rules brings you to that comfortable openness, by all means follow them.

My studies have shown me that there are many ways to talk to God – so many systems of prayer, meditation and practice. So here’s where I stand: All roads to God are blessed by God; how could they not be, when each brings us closer to God? I do not believe that God minds if I approach the angels with a prayer or a question. God hears it anyway.


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