Reclaim the world for love

Love is here. This is it. If you can’t see the love – if another tragedy spun from the news cycle splats into your living room and you can’t see the love in it – bring love TO it.

Turn your heart toward the tragedy, the heartbreak, the story – and feel. Acknowledge the truth that is here: your compassion, your outrage, your powerlessness.

Then, fiercely, fully, reclaim the world for love – in your own way. There is no right way to do this. If you feel called to action, take your action. If you feel called to prayer, pray.

Follow the thread of love back to the center of your own heart. That is where love is. Hold onto that thread and let it anchor you to love as it leads you back into the world, as an emissary of love.

You are an emissary of love.
You are an emissary of love.
You are an emissary of love.

And so is everybody else.

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  • madalasa mobili

    beautiful. xoxom

  • barbara

    imagine if everyone in the world was a Soul Caller… an emissary of love.
    even writing that sentence filled me with such a deep peace and purpose.
    Thank you, Amy

  • Angela

    The question I always ask, just as you taught me Amy, “How will I meet this?”
    And the answer “with LOVE”
    Thank you ❤️

    • Amy

      Because you ARE love – in all that you do, you are that.

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