Inspiration Friday: March 1

A selection of the things I’ve loved this week: 

This lovely reflection from Satya Colombo, describing what I refer to as the Golden Egg.

This presentation on the current Mercury Retrograde cycle from master teacher Robert Ohotto.

This fresh take on Mercury Retrograde from Gala Darling.

This crazy (good!) manifesto from Tanya Malott.

These wise words from Lena West: Walk QUICKLY away from clients who are not ideal. It releases them to do what they need to do in the world and gives new clients the room to work with you.

This article about The Gay Dad Project, a project my friend Erin Best Margolin has been working on. Very proud of her.

A new video update on ‘Time Story’ A Short Film (featuring the director, my beautiful daughter!)

And from me:
The new Soul Caller Training starts next week on March 6th – I hope you’ll join the circle. I will let my graduates tell you about it.

Shift toward love.

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