Inspiration Friday: May 10, 2013

Here are some of the things that fascinated and enchanted me this week:

This absolutely beautiful video: Some Strange Things Are Happening to Astronauts Returning to Earth

Julie Daley‘s first TED Talk – The Journey: Out of the shadows and into the light

I love this post from Mastin Kipp at The Daily Love: You TEACH people how to treat you!

This looks so lovely – a beautiful gathering of souls at Julie Daley’s week-long Empowerment Camp

The announcement / call for submissions from Danielle LaPorte for her new Danielle Magazine. Everything she does is meticulously curated, beautifully designed and just plain classy. This is gonna be good!

I signed up for this, from Satya Colombo – It’s amazing: The Fire of Love Experience

Hit the Road from This American Life. This is brilliant. A 23-year-old walks all the way across the U.S., asking people what advice they would give to their 23-year-old selves.

Just for fun: If you have ever seen The Matrix, please watch this. It is hilarious! The Matrix Retold by Mom

And from me:

The NEW Soul Caller Training – same program, two new ways to take it – and it begins in June!

My first LIVE event: The Soul Caller Retreat – in October 2013.

Three things I learned on meditation retreat.

My book, Sea of Miracles.

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