She is rising and I am with Her


Image shared with permission of the artist. Contact Amanda Clark at her Etsy shop here. 

I’m with Her – and by this I don’t mean #ImWithHer. I mean HER – the sacred feminine force, the wellspring of wisdom and humanity that nourishes and feeds us all. I’ve always been with her – and she has always been with me. And with you.

I’m with Her – and She is rising – and we are all feeling Her – through the soles of our own feet, through the ache in our own hearts.

I’m with Her – the silenced voice re-learning speech, the overlooked wisdom, unclaimed and more often, condemned, the little girl, learning to dance joy.

I’m with Her – the BODY of every woman (and man) that’s been commodified, groped, raped and touched without invitation or permission, relearning its own preciousness.

I’m with Her – the BODY of every black man that’s been stolen from this earth by violence, re-claiming its own right to breathe.

I’m with Her – the BODY of this planet, plundered, razed of its beauty and abundance, plowed under by those same groping hands of privilege and power.

I’m with HER – the native peoples, fighting to defend their own land from the pipeline.

I’m with HER – the shamans of the mountains of Peru, emerging to speak for HER – our Mother Earth, Panchamama.

I’m with HER – as she rises in you – whether you are woman or man, as you awaken to your own interconnectivity, generativity – your own bright nature.

All of this rising IS Her. Feel her stirring in you.


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