Soul Caller LAB

“The Soul Caller Training doesn’t “go away” after the course “ends.” It stays with you and so does Amy…in an intimate and safe place where our souls continue to call, respond and un-peel the layers that eventually set us free. I have been searching for the truth for many years… I found it through Amy. Her keen intuition, depth of knowledge and strong yet gentle way is a gift to the world. LAB was a powerful, heart opening journey.
~ Barbara Newman, advertising executive, filmmaker
Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Four blocks. Three months each.
Intensive deep dive into my work and your own story.

LAB is an on-going, post graduate program to help you to anchor, deepen and radiate the principles of the Soul Caller Training into your daily life.

Return to our virtual campfire in safe and sacred fellowship

Share your stories and challenges, discoveries and questions
Deepen your connection to the work – and to one another

LAB is a four part program.
Take one part
Take two or three
Take them all.
It’s up to you.

Each LAB runs for three months and includes:

“LAB, for me, is a wonderful opportunity to expand and deepen Amy’s work and learn to open at my own pace to her gentle loving ways and to my own connection with source. Last week’s call was so rich with invitations to look at ourselves and see how we stay separate from our deeper truth and wisdom through ‘perfectionism’. I shall be re-listening at least once to get the full benefit. There is no pressure to do homework, just a personal commitment to some kind of daily practice and some journaling. I am finding the Facebook page a safe and intimate place to share stuff and get support for my own process, as well as learning from and giving support to other’s. I am signing up for the next LAB session with gratitude for the focus and steerage I am gaining for my personal unfolding. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you. Namaste. ~ Paul Swatridge, Italy

The Work

Anchoring Discernment, Attunement, Re-membering

Anchoring the work
In the Soul Caller Training, I asked you to consider: What world do I want to live in? LAB supports you in holding your shift into a sacred world; and anchoring the Soul Caller principles into your life.

Inner Clarity
Life speeds up, sensitivity increases. You may feel alternating currents of overwhelm and elation. Learning to meet what comes toward you from a clear inner core of radiant purpose, you develop new habits of relating to the world. Now, you surf the shifting currents of everyday life with flexibility and ease. Instead of overwhelm, you live in creative relationship to your your work, your friends and family, and to your body and health.

Re-membering and Making Choices
Shifting creates powerful waves in the psyche and energetic body, awakening the gatekeepers that have held us back – the patterns of habit and resistance that have kept us stuck in the past. So we’ll be talking about resistance and practice shifting – energetically and practically – into awakened conscious choice. 

Discernment: Seeing with ‘new eyes’
Once you have awakened to the Divine World in which you live, you cannot go back to sleep. Several of you have asked for support with reading energy and discerning the meaning in the guidance that you’re receiving.

Testing and trusting guidance
How do I move from receiving feathers and signs into a deeper relationship with the Divine. Some people just naturally flow into this. Others need practice – reminders over time – to feel for guidance, to remember that guidance is there, ready and willing to support us. Once guidance begins to flow, we learn to interpret and integrate it into a useful and workable context. In other words, how does this help me? What does it mean?

Alignment and the Sacred Self
 The Soul Caller Training is based on the imagery I continue to receive, the energetic blueprint of a new human being: living fully, living un-divided, open to what comes and guided by the call of radiance at the center of the self.  (I am not the only person receiving such imagery and I’ll invite you to share what you see and experience and, if you’re aware of other teachers, to bring their images to the group as well.)

The Abandoned Self
I will share with you the new teachings that flowed to me while working with the first five Soul Caller classes – teachings around the Abandonment of the Self. We will work with this new imagery, creating a space for the orphaned Sacred Self to dwell, securing that space and aligning it to your real life.

The holographic nature of our universe and  the incredible power this gives to each individual.

Personal Avatars and the ‘I Am Here Now’
We’ll work more deeply with the ideal self-image you created and worked with in Week Five of the Soul Caller Training. We’ll tie that into your life gesture.

Imagination, Visioning and Building ‘Containers’
I’d like to explore the technology of visioning more deeply. We’ll compare it to the equally powerful shadow technology of projection.

Devotion and the Surrender to Service

Letting yourself change
The biggest challenge to my own unfolding has been a deep resistance to joy. When I first discovered this, I was stunned. Here I was, standing in the center of my life with a rich, deep clarity about the message – this work – that I wanted to deliver. How could I have come all this way and still be resisting the very thing that I asked for?

As it would turn out, I was afraid of my own power. I was afraid to let myself change. I want to share what I learned – from hard-won personal experience, about resistance, joy and change. I’ll also tell you more about the story of devotion that made me change gears in the middle of a huge and powerful shift in my own life, to focus on what really mattered to me.

Working with Calls
One of the most confusing and confounding things that happens when you begin to hear a call is when, out of the blue, you hear another one … and another. How do I know which call is real, is right, is true?

We return to discernment, amplifying the discussion to cover the call and response nature of our universe; and learning to discern the deeper, wider call that is there, beneath all of the others. Learning to listen for, welcome and nourish your emerging calls; and to respond to them with greater ease – and less edges.

Focusing your attention and imagination with laser-sharp INTENTION, a ‘spiritual technology’ to power up every new project, new job, new relationship you have.

Choosing the World
The world in which you live (including the wider collective) is a function of the choices you make. You can switch worlds – and when you do, the world changes.

All of this work, all of this discussion and practice and teaching is focused toward one objective: helping you radiate your unique and important gift into the world.

All of LAB is designed to deepen and anchor the work into your life.
These are the themes we’ll be working with throughout the year.

The program is experimental and a little bit wild – I have a very clear outline of the structure of LAB but I am also working (quite deliberately) to meet you where you are and to bring into the circle the guidance that streams to me in real time. For some students, this feels bumpy and challenging. For others, it’s just right. Only you will know if this kind of laboratory is right for you.

Still, though LAB may feel unstructured, it’s built on a solid and sound foundation.


LAB meets every other week.
Wednesdays at 6:00 pm/ET
All live meetings are recorded so you can’t miss a call.

Enrollment is easy – and flexible.

You can sign up for one LAB at a time
You can sign up for the year – four LABS (and save $99)

You can make one payment
You can pay monthly or even, weekly

It’s always up to you.


Join LAB for the year
All four seasons of LAB (save $99)

One Payment – 

Ten Payments – full year
$900 ($90 each month)

Join LAB for One Season

One season of LAB
One payment

One season of LAB
Three payments
$333 ($111 each month)


It is my intention to deliver a ‘graduate’ program that truly serves and supports you. I offer you my open heart, my full support and my willingness to meet you where you are – to help you anchor the Soul Caller Training into your life.

I hope that you’ll join me as this incredible journey continues. Whether or not you do, it has been my honor to serve as your guide, to share your stories and to witness the beauty and miracle of you.

~ Amy