Soul Caller LAB YEAR

Enrolling Now for LAB 2015!

We begin on
Wednesday, January 14th
and meet every two weeks
for one year.
(with a midsummer break in July) 

This is an invitation to do your spiritual work in soulful, sacred community over time.

An invitation to practice
surfing the shifting currents
of everyday life with flexibility and ease
and to bring your observations and experiences
into the circle.

An invitation to work together
transforming overwhelm into
a free-flowing fountain of useful energy

 – and learning to live in creative relationship
with other people, with your work, with your body and yourself.

This is an invitation to  join a sacred, safe pilgrimage
to the center of your own heart
supported by a circle of soul companions
some of whom may become your friends for life.
(How do I know this? It happens every time.)

As life speeds up and sensitivity increases,
you learn to meet what comes toward you
from a clear inner core of radiant purpose,

This takes practice
and patience
and support.

The Soul Caller LAB YEAR offers that support.
we continue where the Soul Caller Training leaves off.

“The Soul Caller Training doesn’t “go away” after the course “ends.” It stays with you and so does Amy…in an intimate and safe place where our souls continue to call, respond and un-peel the layers that eventually set us free.
I have been searching for the truth for many years… I found it through Amy. Her keen intuition, depth of knowledge and strong yet gentle way is a gift to the world. LAB was a powerful, heart opening journey.”
~ Barbara Newman, advertising executive, filmmaker
Great Barrington, Massachusetts

LAB is a circle of love.
A place to grow and deepen your understanding;
to ground your spirituality into your daily life;
to strengthen (and practice) your intuition
as you develop the courage (and the container)
to radiate your light!

LAB is designed to
support you and gently guide you
as you ground
the principles of the Soul Caller Training
into your daily life.

Last week’s call was so rich with invitations to look at ourselves,  and see how we stay separate from our deeper truth and wisdom through ‘perfectionism’. 
I shall be re-listening at least once to get the full benefit. There is no pressure to do homework, just a personal commitment to some kind of daily practice and some journaling.
I am finding the Facebook page a safe and intimate place to share stuff and get support for my own process, as well as learning from and giving support to other’s.
I am signing up for the next LAB session with gratitude for the focus and steerage I am gaining for my personal unfolding. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you. Namaste.
~ Paul Swatridge, United Kingdom and Italy

When you join the circle:

  • You’ll be invited to our private, secret Facebook group where you’ll meet your journey mates
  • Before class begins, you’ll receive an outline of the whole journey.


You’ll share TWO one-hour, one-on-one phone calls with me.

  • One call at the beginning of the program; the other can be used at any time during the program year.
  • This will help me get to know you – and give you the chance to share reflections and questions with me.

Once we get started, you’ll learn through:

  • Bi-weekly exercises  – delivered via email and in our FB group
  • Open group discussion in our Facebook group
  • Two live, open mic calls per month (recorded on MP3)

The Work of LAB is creative, contemplative, playful – open-ended. It’s built on a three-fold foundation of:

  1. Deepening the Spiritual Shift that you made in the Soul Caller Training – and Anchoring it into your daily life;
  2. Engaging and Attuning to the Spiritual forces that support you – and to your own intuitive gifts
  3. Strengthening your ability to hold and maintain your energetic boundaries – so that you can hold the space for love, and flow your own Soul Call into the world.

You’ll deepen and develop – and practice and test your intuition 

You’ll work with symbols, dreams and, you’ll write your own fairy tale.
Something like this, perhaps:

You’ll do archetypal readings for others in your LAB circle. Yes, you!  And your LAB mates will do readings for you!

You’ll deepen your understanding of- and your connection to – your unique life gesture

With ever deepened confidence and clarity

your intuition will guide you at work and family gatherings,

in personal relationships and even, financial choices.

The Soul Caller Training has awakened you
to your sacred nature and to the divine flow
of which you are a part.

Once you’ve awakened,

you cannot go back to sleep.

Through our LAB YEAR, you’ll continue to Re-member yourself

as a sacred being,
already – eternally – connected
to the Divine – and to yourself.

You’ll develop the courage

and the container your need to
radiate your beautiful light!

All of my work is devoted to that light –
to your light

and to your unfolding
from the center of your heart.


The Program includes:
24/7 Facebook Community
Live calls every other Wednesday at 6:00 pm/ET
(recorded on MP3 files in case you can’t be there live)
Enrollment is easy – and flexible.

1) Choose how you want to pay

  • Annually: One time payment of $1,080 ($90/month)
  • Quarterly:  4 installments of $333 each ($111/month)
  • Monthly: 12 installments of $125/month
  • Weekly: 52 payments ($35/week)

Make your payment here:

One time payment: $1,080 ($90/month)

4 payments of $333 ($111/month)

12 payments ($125/month)

52 payments ($35/each)


*AMY OSCAR Purple-Red topI can’t wait to meet you – and to deliver a  ‘graduate’ program that truly serves and supports you.  I offer you my open heart, my full support and my willingness to meet you where you are.

~ Amy