LAB Year for Soul Callers

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LAB 2015!
We begin February 12th at 6:00 p.m

I have been searching for the truth for many years… I found it through Amy. Her keen intuition, depth of knowledge and strong yet gentle way is a gift to the world. LAB was a powerful, heart opening journey.”

~ Barbara Newman, advertising executive, filmmaker, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

This is an invitation
to do your spiritual work
in soulful, sacred community over time.

An invitation to practice
surfing the shifting currents of everyday life
with flexibility and ease
and to bring your observations and experiences
into the circle.

An invitation to transform overwhelm
into a free-flowing fountain of useful energy

to learn to live in creative relationship
with the people and situations which arise in your daily life

to  join a sacred, safe pilgrimage
to the center of your own heart
supported by a circle of soul companions
some of whom may become your friends for life.
(How do I know this? It happens every time.)

As life speeds up and sensitivity increases,
you learn to meet what comes toward you
from a clear inner core of radiant purpose,

This takes practice
and patience
and support.

“Soul Caller work moves well beyond Angels and meditation, creating a safe place to meander through your own heart and arrive, at last, at the fresh water pool that is your own special knowing.

From the first tentative toe dip in the Soul Caller Training to the deep dives that follow in LAB, the various explorations of my own ancient connection to all things came just as I was ready to receive them, just as my heart finally relaxed into itself once, then again and again. With this has come a quiet wonder at the smallest of miracles – snowflakes, rain puddles, sleeping smiles, songs on the radio and the smell of a fresh brew.

Soul Caller has given me a path to spaciousness and self acceptance, a place to go when I thought I’d reached some dead end, a quenching balm for this parched seeker.” 

With a heart full of love, I encourage your continued allowing, your continued journey into yourself and out again, into the world.

 ~ Linda Stephens, Marketing Consultant, Illinois

What we do in LAB:

Every two weeks, we gather for about an hour and a half. We begin with a meditation – and then I give a talk about the themes that are emerging in the group discussion (on our Facebook page) and in my own life. I always tie these themes to the Soul Caller work – leading the group (and myself) through each process with one intention: deepening.

the deepening of your connection to yourself
your ability to see, sense and know guidance;
your ability to recover from upset and overwhelm
your ability to calibrate and manage your own energy

The deepening of your connection to others
a group of soul friends who are traveling the same sacred path with you
Here’s an example, from one LAB member to another:
“You can handle this… and when you do… you won’t feel uncomfortable. You will have conquered it!!! Standing with you.”

the deepening of courage (you’ll need it to cross those edges)
and clarity, which you’ll need to follow guidance.

LAB is a circle of love.
A place to grow and deepen your understanding;

SCT badge w bokeh to ground your spirituality into your daily life;
to strengthen (and practice) your intuition
as you develop the courage (and the container)
to radiate your light!

LAB is designed to
support you and gently guide you
as you ground
the principles of the Soul Caller Training
into your daily life.

Last week’s call was so rich with invitations to look at ourselves,  and see how we stay separate from our deeper truth and wisdom through ‘perfectionism’. 

I shall be re-listening at least once to get the full benefit. There is no pressure to do homework, just a personal commitment to some kind of daily practice and some journaling.

I am finding the Facebook page a safe and intimate place to share stuff and get support for my own process, as well as learning from and giving support to other’s.

I am signing up for the next LAB session with gratitude for the focus and steerage I am gaining for my personal unfolding. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you. Namaste.

~ Paul Swatridge, Retreat Center co-founder, Italy

When you join the circle:

You’ll be invited to our private, secret Facebook group

You’ll receive an outline of the whole journey.


You’ll share a one-hour, one-on-one phone call with me.
This will help me get to know you as we work together; and it will give you the chance to share reflections and questions with me.


FREE admission to any LAB INTENSIVE
(a new series, offering a short deep dive into several Soul Caller concepts)

LAB is creative, contemplative, playful and open-hearted.
It’s built on a three-fold foundation of:

  1. Deepening
    the Spiritual Shift that you made in the Soul Caller Training – and Anchoring it into your daily life;
  2. Engaging and Attuning
    to the Spiritual forces that support you – and to your own intuitive gifts
  3. Strengthening
    your ability to hold and maintain your energetic boundaries – so that you can hold the space for love, and flow your own Soul Call into the world.

“Such a powerful change of perspective!”

- Melanie Maddison, Artist, London, U.K, after a meditation

You’ll deepen and develop – and practice and test your intuition

You’ll work with symbols, dreams and, you’ll write your own fairy tale. 
Something like this, perhaps:

You’ll practice doing readings for your LAB mates
And your LAB mates will do readings for you!

You’ll connect with your unique life gesture
… as your confidence, clarity and intuition guide you, more and more, at work and family gatherings, in personal relationships and even, financial choices.

LAB is a one year program:
February 2015 – January 2016

LAB meets live twice a month for meditation and conversation
Every other Thursday
at 6 p.m. ET
(with a midsummer break for
the month of July) 

LAB meets 24/7 for discussion and support
as the work of the program penetrates and changes your daily life


LAB YEAR is designed to continue and support the shift.

Awaken to your sacred nature and to the divine flow
of which you are a part.

Once you’ve awakened,
you cannot go back to sleep.

Through our LAB YEAR, you’ll continue to Re-member yourself

as a sacred being,
already – eternally – connected
to the Divine – and to yourself.

You’ll develop the courage

and the container your need to
radiate your beautiful light!

All of my work is devoted to that light –
to your light

and to your unfolding
from the center of your heart.


The Soul Caller LAB YEAR includes:
– 24/7 Facebook Community
– Two live calls a month (every other Thursday at 6:00 pm/ET)
– A one-on-one Soul Caller Session with me
– A free pass to any LAB INTENSIVE

There are four payment options.
Click the link to sign up.

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One payment
One payment of $1,250

Quarterly payments
Four payments
You’ll be automatically charged $333, every three months.

Monthly payments
12 payments
You’ll be automatically charged $115 a month

Weekly payments
52 payments
You’ll be automatically charged $30 a week


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I can’t wait to welcome you into my inner circle  – and to bring you an advanced program that truly serves and supports you.

I offer you my open heart, my full support and my willingness to meet you where you are. 

~ Amy



Q and A

This morning, I received an email asking: How is LAB different from the Soul Caller Training. I am sharing my reply here because I think others may be wondering the same thing.

First, a little history…

I started LAB two years ago at the request of my students, who were asking for a more intensive deep dive into the work of the Soul Caller Training.

They wanted to know more about the life gesture, more about the soul seed – and to work on feeling more comfortable in the world, and more joyfully alive in their bodies and relationships.

As we dove in, I quickly overwhelmed the group (and myself) with too much information coming too fast. We got a lot done but the ‘one year” cycle ended in the summer.

In LABs second year, I turned the focus less on ‘teaching every thing I know all at once’ to what was emerging organically from the group.

The group shared what they were experiencing – and what they needed as we worked with the natural rhythms of the seasons.

Slowing things down, allowed time for deep work to integrate. We tried things out at home and at work, and we brought our experiences to the group for discussion.

That worked really well – and I sense that the 2014 group had a transformational experience. They can tell you about that – most of them are returning for another round of LAB this year.

So the main differences between LAB and the Soul Caller Training are:
– There is NO written material in LAB. Though there is plenty of reading – as we are doing much sharing and learning right on the Facebook group page.
– There is more time in LAB to integrate the work. We take longer with each exercise. There are fewer of them – but they go deeper.
– In the Soul Caller Training, you worked with a partner, and discovered your own intuitive gifts. In LAB, you’ll partner up again and do readings for one another, using the card deck of your choice, over the phone or via Skype.
– The structure of the Soul Caller Training arrived with the hologram of the program – as one download, organized by the angels and my ‘dream teacher’. The structure of LAB arises out of the work that we’re doing together – and out of the natural cycle of the seasons.

I guess the simplest thing I can say about LAB vs. the SCT is this:
LAB is a deepening, over time, of the same principles – offered by a teacher (me) who is still actively receiving the material. In LAB, I share stories from my current life – and you share stories from yours.

Breakthroughs you can expect:
– feeling more comfortable in relationships
– understanding your own patterns
– a good sense of your life gesture and what to do with it
– strategies to meet anxiety and emotional overwhelm
– increased intuition and symbolic sight
– a sense of your own particular spiritual giftedness

In past LABs, some in the circle have chosen to work with sacred journaling – drawing and painting into their notebooks the imagery which we discuss and which they discover through their own explorations. Others work with writing, singing, movement. It’s up to you. What’s your ‘way’ to integrate the material?

All of us wrote (and continue to edit) new stories for ourselves – be they fairy tales, adventure stories, plays. These stories serve as bridges to new openings in real life. Stories we use to step from one iteration of our own life gesture to the next. Stories which, as we turn to look back on them, tell us a great deal about why we’re here.

In LAB 2015, we’ll add a little more form. I’m feeling more confident about the Soul Call wheel – an archetypal symbol which is also a map of the human psyche; one which has been used by virtually every culture on the planet, including the ancients – so I will be using it as the foundational ‘wheel’ of LAB.

The specific structure of LAB:
We meet twice a month in a virtual classroom
There is meditation, a 1/2 hour lecture, and discussion. Most LAB calls run a little over an hour.

Everyone is invited to come on the line and bring anything they are working with to the center of the group.
We can workshop a problem, share insights and ask questions.

When there are exercises, books to read (optional) or websites to visit, all of this is posted in the Facebook group.

Much happens in the circle: learning, exploration, shared support. We get to know one another. Most of all, we come to love and appreciate one another in a deep way – a true way.

As I open LAB year, 2015, I invite you to join the circle. If you feel drawn to the circle but feel challenged in any way, I invite you to reach out to me so we can discuss it. That ‘feeling drawn’ is guidance and I encourage you to follow it where it leads – even if it doesn’t lead you to join us, there is something there worth following.