LAB 2016: Wheel of Radiance

IMG_3022For anyone who is thinking about LAB get your imaginary stethoscope and listen to your heart beat. It will expand even more, open even wider. Xo
~ Barbara Newman, Advertising Executive, Founder of Cowgirls Are Forever

I invite you to join me for LAB YEAR 2016, a year-long journey to the center of your own heart, beginning in March.

From March, 2016 – February, 2017

You’ll workshop your sacred soul-led story,
through imagery and fairy tale, dreamwork and supported self-inquiry, you’ll explore the mystery of who you are and why you’re here.

You’ll work in a circle of sacred, soulful fellowship
with an international group, each member led to this circle at this time by her or his own inner stirrings.

You’ll flow with the seasons
around the natural cycle of expansion and contraction, ebb and flow. Spiral open and then, spiral inward to rest and restore.

blank-astrology-chart copyAnd you’ll work with a sacred symbol
As a journey inward,
and a guide back out again.

As a clock, managing and organizing your daily round. as a wheel of  awakening awareness, illuminating the phases of your whole life.

As a labyrinth, a path of silent awareness, which you walk, listening, integrating its wisdom into your life at home and work.
As these sacred symbols – circle, mandala, labyrinth – guide you, your experience will ground you. You’ll open to the world – within and without – and let it hold you and let it help you.

“Soul Caller work moves well beyond Angels and meditation, creating a safe place to meander through your own heart and arrive, at last, at the fresh water pool that is your own special knowing.

From the first tentative toe dip in the Soul Caller Training to the deep dives that follow in this journey around the year, the various explorations of my own ancient connection to all things came just as I was ready to receive them, just as my heart finally relaxed into itself once, then again and again.

With this has come a quiet wonder at the smallest of miracles – snowflakes, rain puddles, sleeping smiles, songs on the radio and the smell of a fresh brew.

 ~ Linda Stephens, Heart-Centered Marketing Consultant, Illinois

The 7-circuit labyrinth at Wisdom House was dedicated in 1997.

As if the world were a seashell, held to your ear, you’ll spiral ’round the year, listening for the rhythms of an inner sea, the echoing call of your own heart.

LAB Year includes 12 months of:

  • Heart-full, Safe Community, in our 24/7 private, secret Facebook Group
  • Two live integration calls per month: Thursdays at 6:00 pm in our virtual classroom, where we gather for guided meditation, shared stories and open phones. (These calls are always recorded.)
  • Two one-on-one-sessions with Amy (one at the beginning of the program and another when you choose.)
  • Meditations, Videos, Guest Teachers, Optional Art-making . . . 
  • PLUS an in-person retreat, with Amy. (See below)


FullSizeRenderYou’ll work intuitively. You’ll work symbolically.

You’ll work with sacred symbols, making and using forms: collage, mandala, altar, labyrinth.

You’ll work with sacred stories – especially your own.
– the one that you seem to be living and the one that’s calling your name, and calling your heart.

You’ll work with your body, feeling into the ‘home frequency’ that stabilizes and grounds you and building (and revealing) the inner ‘pose’ of certainty which already knows who and what you are.


A virtual space, a living laboratory
Though LAB is conducted in virtual space, it’s a real-life, living laboratory, a boundaried circle for experimentation, soul work and soul play – we must always remember to let our souls play!


An in-person weekend retreat with Amy and your LAB circle-mates
Your monthly payment also includes an (optional) weekend gathering and workshop. (The workshop is free. You’ll pay for lodging and food.)
LAB 2015 Retreat Group Photo

Last year, our LAB circle snuggled into a cozy converted barn in Massachusetts in the middle of a snowstorm!  Our 2017 circle may meet there again – it’s a beautiful place – though perhaps, earlier/later to avoid the snow.) Or we may choose to gather with other Soul Callers for Soul Caller Camp at the end of the summer. We’ll decide that together.

That’s the thing about circles – about THIS circle: we hold it together, sharing the holding, the spaciousness – and sharing the story.


LAB begins in March, and runs through February.

Why? To articulate the natural, seasonal cycles of human being by following them. We begin during a time of awakening. We end, after a rest, at the edge of another beginning.

And because I’ve learned, after doing LAB for three years, that our LAB work calls to be continued across the threshold of the new year. Some of our most important and lasting work is done in the hibernation of deep winter.

We meet in our virtual classroom every two weeks,
and if you can’t make the live call, listen in by recording.

Enrollment is open now
To sign up, use one of the payment links below. If you have any questions at all, I’d be delighted to answer them at

Payment Options

Monthly:  $115 (12 payments)

Bi-monthly: $60 (24 payments)

Weekly: $28 (52 payments)

Note: payments begin when you sign up

Early Bird Bonus: Sign up before February 4th and attend the Soul Call Card Reader Certification workshop for free!



I hope that you’ll join me this LAB YEAR.

It’s going to be lovely.

And if you have any questions at all, please don’t be shy about asking. I’m eager to hear from you – any time, about anything at all.

~ Amy



Some FAQs about LAB YEAR

Must I attend the Soul Caller Training before enrolling in LAB?
No. You are welcome to join us, though I encourage you to consider the Soul Caller Training, which will deepen your LAB experience. (Note: It’s okay to take the Soul Caller Training AND LAB at the same time – and LAB members may sit in on the Soul Caller Training for $300, which is half the usual fee.)

How about homework? How much time might I expect to devote to my LAB work?
The ‘assignments’ in LAB are invitations to engage more fully with your own life. It’s up to you to decide how deeply you want to dive into the writing prompts, the guided meditations, the #featherwalks.

During the program, I may recommend a book or ask you to read a blog post. I may post a bit of reading on the FB wall. Group members each have a document where we share our observations and others read along, offering support, comments, insights.

As in any learning experience, you will work at your own pace, guided by the wheel of your own unfolding.

Is there an extra charge for the January In-Person Retreat?
The workshop, offered by Amy, is free but there is a fee for lodging and food, arranged by the host of the retreat. Last year’s accommodations ran about $100 per night per person and included three bountiful meals, wine with dinner and unlimited coffee/tea service throughout the day.

*Why do you start in March instead of January?
With the rush of the holidays and most programs ending and new ones beginning at the December-January line,  LAB is a refuge – and designed to hold you through the holiday season and across the threshold to a new year.

Can I leave the program in the middle? 
Yes. For any reason, at any time. You are free. Still, I hope you won’t go. LAB is meant to support you through challenging times. We hold one another and together, we learn how to handle the limits life throws in our path. People tell me it’s one of the things about LAB they cherish most.

Can I get a refund?
Yes. During the first month. After that, if you withdraw from LAB you won’t be refunded for the time you’ve been in the group – but no further payments will be taken.

Will LAB change my life?
Yes. Of course. Everything does. And always will.