The Soul Caller Training

Soul-Caller-badgeWe are waking up inside of a dream.

A dream which has convinced us, far too long, that WE are not real. As if the things that really mattered to us – friendship, kindness, creativity – were worthless, even foolish.

As if the things we longed to do, to be, to have – soulful relationships, bright creative work, healthy and meaningful lives – were illusions.

And yet, those are the things that make life worth living. And the unsustainable dream – that’s the illusion.

And every now and then, we see it – the bright magic hidden between the particles of the world. The strange synchronicity which places us in just the right place at the right time, the small miracle that sparks up to support our secret wish, our heartfelt prayer.

And then… just as suddenly, it’s gone and the curtain falls, leaving the unsustainable dream cloaking and choking all the light from the world.

This is the dance of awakening. A glimmer, a spark, a light at the edge of the room. A whisper, an invitation to cross out of the familiar – just a little. And whoosh, the magic returns.

And the more often it happens, the more we touch into the tender hidden place within, the more acutely we ache to return there … forever.

And all of this, the struggle and the light, the ache and the joy – and that sense that you are experiencing something that no one else can see – that’s evidence: You are a Soul Caller, and you are awakening to who and what you really are: a bright light of creativity, curiosity and heart, who’s come to the planet with a gift of love to share. 

Your awakening has probably been going on for a while now
because spiritual lightning strikes are rare
and most Soul Callers awaken slowly, steadily.

You wake up in the middle of the classroom, the boardroom, the bedroom.
You see something… new, something… true. And as each layer of illusion has fallen away, you want to talk about it, share it – it’s your gift to say what you see!

And yet you’ve struggled – to be listened to, witnessed, understood

  • when you tried to explain
  • or to change things
  • or to tell a difficult truth

You may be struggling now – at the office, at the dinner table, at church.

Struggling to find intimate relationships, to build a meaningful career that uses what you have to give even when, mystifyingly,you can’t figure out what your gift is.

Not exactly.

So right here I will tell you a secret from The Soul Caller Training, one of the truths you’re waking up to:

  • You are here to save the world… and so is everyone else
  • And, weirdly,paradoxically, the world doesn’t need to be saved.

This is one of those spiritual riddles
which used to lead people into monasteries,
and mystery schools
and gurus on mountaintops
– but I’m guessing you don’t have time for that now.

Still, when the soul starts calling
you need new skills and tools
– both esoteric and practical
– which aren’t offered in regular school.

You need:

  • A safe space where you can freely, safely ask: Who am I, really? What am I here to do, to experience, to BE?
  • A soul community – people who just… get it, who get you.
  • And you need training – the kind you won’t get in college or in the workplace. The kind of training that will prepare you for a journey of evolution (and even, revolution) of the soul.

SCT Widget JPGI invite you to experience The Soul Caller Training: 6 weeks to experience calling in a whole new way.

“I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for you today. I’m reflecting over my journey the past 12 months, and you are such a pivotal important pillar in my story, such a beautiful agent of change. Without meeting you and and doing Soul Caller course and work, I would not be where I am right now. So thank you for being who you are, and for following the call which allowed me to find you.”  ~ Anthea Flowers, Australia 

The Soul Caller Training is delivered online, combining several modes of learning.

Heart-Opening, Soul-Stirring Exercises
To do on your own time – in your own way. You can return and repeat them as often as you like, even after the program is over. They are yours to download and listen to forever.

3 Live Calls
Guided Meditation, Lecture and open phone lines discussion.

Videos, Audios and Interviews
Videos, Audios and Interviews that invite you to journey within and to deepen your connection to yourself, to the work, to the world of love

You’ll also have a 75-minute One-on-One call with me
A chance to talk with me privately, expansively about your story, your dreams. A chance for me to know you – and the unique challenges and questions you carry.

“The Soul Caller Training has blown wide open my desire and my commitment to live my life fully leaning into love. My self-perception is changing; my relationships are changing; my sense of personal power is shifting; my self-acceptance and, yes, love is increasing; my willingness to be vulnerable is increasing; my acknowledgement of my angels and my guidance and my God-spark within is creating transformative power. And, at the very same time I am fully aware that I am an open, blank slate waiting and listening and loving my life more than every before. Ahh, what a difference SC training has brought to my being. Gratitude beyond words, Amy.” – Jan Grant, Indiana

The next Soul Caller Training is gathering now
– and
I hope that you’ll join us because I know… 

… This work will help you to shift your life.
It will help you to emerge as  the open-minded, open-hearted human being you are, a bright soul who’s grounded to heaven and earth and firmly planted in purpose.

I also know that’s a bold claim.
I don’t make it lightly. I know what it takes to be an Awakened Soul Caller. I also know what happens when this material crosses into your life…

  • photo: Tanya Malott

    photo: Tanya Malott

    You will receive signs. Your angels – and the responsive, supportive Call and Response world in which we live – are teaching this class right along with me.
    So please let me know when you find your feather!

  • You will develop new skills
    including the ability to see into the mystery and symbolic messages the world is always sending to you.
  • You will work in community
    with people like you (a little bit different, creative, explorers, seekers) People willing and eager (and able) to welcome you. Graduates say that their Soul Caller family is the most resonant community they’ve ever experienced.
  • You’ll develop your own grounded Sacred Practice
    to keep you rooted in reality, while drawing the Divine into every corner of your life.
  • You’ll witness others shifting – and that will inspire you.
    In this way, we learn from each other, making it possible – and much easier – for all to shift. In fact, The Soul Caller Training is designed with this in mind – with you in mind.That’s why, after the program, the community and the learning continue.

           Soul Callers make lasting connections!

You’ll stay in the circle (if you want to) through Sanctuary for Soul Callers – a Facebook Group where graduates and newcomers mingle to share their breakthroughs and their hearts.

In our class and extended circle, you’ll make the kinds of connections that last. Soul Callers meet up offline, start projects together and forge very real friendships that continue to support them years after the program ends.

Amy Oscar 1


The fee for all of this is $500,
and includes:

  • Five Modules of Reading, Exercises and Recorded Lecture
  • Meditations and Sacred Practices 
  • Three live calls
  • Our Soul Caller Community
  • PLUS, you’ll have a 75-minute One-on-One Illuminated Conversation with me.

Choose your Payment Option

Pay in full now: $500

Pay in two monthly installments of $250 each

Questions you may have:

When does the program begin?

July 2016
The materials start dropping on Friday, July 8th.
Our first live call is Thursday, July 14.

What happens when I enroll?

You’ll receive an email, welcoming you to the program – and a personal note from me inviting you to the Facebook Group page.You’ll also receive, in a separate email, a Welcome Kit, which includes a copy of The Handbook of Sacred Practice and a complimentary e-copy of my book, Sea of Miracles. So you can get right to work.

How is the program delivered?

Every Friday, you’ll receive the week’s Learning Module, including written text, recorded lectures and invitations to engage you in the material, to get you outside exploring, to invite you into your own awakening – and your own connection to guidance.

All Week. You’ll check in with our Facebook Discussion Group where you and your class mates can bring your questions, share your stories and support one another through the program. I’ll be there, too, answering those questions, guiding the process – engaging you in the material all along the way.

Every two weeks.  You’ll gather round the Virtual Campfire for a Live Integration Call, which includes: guided meditation, lecture and discussion.  You’ll be invited to share your experience – but you never have to. And while I hope you’ll attend all of the calls, if you have to miss one, you can catch up by recording. 

What will I learn about? 

  • Your unique way of receiving guidance.
  • The patterns in your life story that influence your choices and destiny

What’s the takeaway? What will I get? 

  • Deepening. of your inborn ability to receive and interpret guidance – and a uniquely personal way of connecting to Source/Divine Consciousness
  • Awareness. of the limiting beliefs and habits that seem to block you – and a gradual and steady peeling away of the veils of illusion that keep you small and stuck
  • Courage. And self-centering tools to meet and navigate (and even, embrace) the challenges you will inevitably face and the willingness to integrate the abandoned and rejected parts of yourself
  • Renewal. A sense of joy – even bliss in simply being alive.

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Is this group for me?
Only you can answer that. But here are a few ways to decide:

  • Ask yourself: Do I feel drawn to participate, to learn more about the program? If you do, that lit up feeling, that ‘awakened interest’ is a form of guidance. In the program, we’ll be talking about the different ways people receive intuition impressions and information.
  • Do you feel like signing up but can’t make the commitment? Don’t worry, this is actually a step on the path of unfolding. It’s an ‘edge’ – a place in your psycho-energetic makeup that’s inviting you to feel, see or do something new. Here’s an exercise that might help. Sensing guidance through your body.

Do you have more questions?
Get the information you need to make a clear choice.
Check the FAQs  or send me your question by email.

Portrait of Amy Oscar, writer.


I hope you’ll join me for the Soul Caller Training.  It changed my life – and I know it will change yours.

Many blessings,
~ Amy

Note to Program Graduates:
You are warmly invited to repeat the program at no extra charge. 
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