The Soul Caller Training

The April Soul Caller Training is PAY WHAT YOU CAN!

You feel unsettled, as if something is whispering, “Grow!” But, toward what? You feel stuck, uncomfortable where you are – in your job, your marriage, your own skin.

You feel a little bit left out, removed from the congregations and communities that used to feel like “home.”

And yet, you don’t quite know what you really want. Who am I, really? Where is my true home? Who are my people?

These stirrings used to lead people into monasteries, ashrams, pilgrimages – but I’m guessing you don’t have time for that right now. Still, when the soul starts calling you need a sanctuary – a spiritual community where you can explore and grow behind safe walls.

You are a Soul Caller – and this is the Soul Caller Training. Six weeks to awaken to and experience your calling

“The Soul Caller Training has blown wide open my desire and my commitment to live my life fully leaning into love. My self-perception is changing; my relationships are changing; my sense of personal power is shifting; my self-acceptance and, yes, love is increasing; my willingness to be vulnerable is increasing; my acknowledgement of my angels and my guidance and my God-spark within is creating transformative power. And, at the very same time I am fully aware that I am an open, blank slate waiting and listening and loving my life more than every before. Ahh, what a difference SC training has brought to my being. Gratitude beyond words, Amy.”

- Jan Grant

Since the day you were born – and even before that, as you’ve reached toward the things that inspire and delight you, you’ve been ‘calling.’ At the same time, something has been calling to you. It calls from within – with a steady stream of intuitive nudges, gut feelings and an inborn sense of ‘I want more.’ Sometimes, it calls from outside – through coincidental meetings, events that seem almost magical. This steady stream of synchronicity, signs and intuition has guided you all of your life.

This is an invitation to experience this calling consciously – to surf the enchantment with your eyes open, a witness to your own unfolding, a receiver of miracles, a Soul Caller, in direct conversation with the soulfulness that has been calling to you all of your life.

”Every Tuesday I would sit down with you and feel like I was home…exactly where I was meant to be. Every class, you would intuitively offer exactly what I needed to hear at that time. You offer such profound wisdom and an unfettered understanding of Life and what this journey is all about. I feel deeply blessed to have been a part of your Soul Caller program. I am so grateful to be able to continue to be part of this soul circle that you created.  Thank you for supporting me in opening to Life; to allowing myself to be moved by Life and to embrace all of it, with compassion, curiosity & wonder.

 – Jeannine LeBouthillier

How do you know if you’re an Awakening Soul Caller?

You may feel

  • fragmented - pulled in a dozen directions; confused by conflicting priorities
  • Isolated – even inside of your own family and workplace – feeling different
  • weird – different, out of place – as if you’ve been different all of your life.
  • ungrounded – vague unsatisfied, unfinished, incomplete
  • As if you are being called – urgently, constantly (and sometimes, annoyingly) toward something more… even (often) when you don’t know what that something could be


You may feel super-sensitive. Soul Callers often feel things, see and KNOW things that other people simply don’t. Things which you are certain are accurate.


Growing up, Soul Callers were often labeled ‘so emotional!’ and felt as if the expression of their feelings, creativity and ideas made other people uncomfortable.

Hungry for more

You are drawn to classes like this one – you never stop learning. you don’t feel comfortable in traditional roles, traditional worship

“This is a community where unconditional love is given and returned in every moment. If you’ve been wondering what it would be like to live in a world of unconditional love, open this door. 

 – Deb Chamberlain

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205711_4764925434651_174712078_nAh, cosmic voyager, if you only knew. You are a beloved child of the universe with a meaningful and important purpose. That purpose? To learn, to love, to live – as fully and deeply as you possibly can. A purpose that will inevitably lead you toward service – the kind of service that will change your life, and change the world.

You see, deep inside of your heart, there is a chip of divine light: a seed of potential and purpose that is designed to help you do just that. All of your life, it’s been pulsing – steadily, constantly, calling to the universe: I know who I am.

You also have a practical purpose, a natural inclination toward certain kinds of work, toward particular environments and lifestyle. You have a natural affinity for certain people. This is resonance.

This resonance is the most intoxicating elixir there is – it makes you feel aligned, awake, alive. When it’s not there, you notice: you feel out of sorts, not yourself. You miss it – you miss you. You cannot help but shift, cannot help but move back toward alignment – it’s too uncomfortable not to.

It’s the most natural process in the universe – and every single person on the planet is encoded with the psycho-spiritual DNA to recognize and follow resonance, and yet…most people don’t know how to use it. Most people don’t even know it’s there!

This workshop is designed to awaken that resonance, that inner spark and to train you to use the gifts that you’ve always had:

  • Your natural intuition
  • Your lifelong connection to the divine
  • Your inborn ‘soul seed’ – that knows exactly who you are and why you are here

This class has been a life changing experience for me. Over the past couple of years I’ve been growing and learning a lot, but have still been kind of dancing around putting the “new” me into play. I’ve been receiving guidance, but doubting it and myself. Your Soul Caller training has helped all of the pieces to fall into place for me. It’s given me confidence in my own inner wisdom, which I’ve heard for some time now, but have not had the courage to believe until now.”

- Becky Derr

Ready to Sign up? Here are the enrollment details.

Is this group for you?

Only you can answer that. But here are a few ways to decide:

  1. Ask yourself: Do I feel drawn to participate, to learn more about the program? If you do, that lit up feeling, that ‘awakened interest’ is a form of guidance. In the program, we’ll be talking about the different ways people receive information from the angels.
  2. Do you feel like signing up but can’t make the commitment? Don’t worry, this is actually a step on the path of unfolding. Here’s an exercise that might help. Sensing guidance through your body.
  3. Do you have questions that are keeping you from signing up? Get the information you need to make a clear choice. Send me an email. Got a question for me?

Would you like to read the course outline?

Ready to Sign up? Here are the enrollment details.