Bless this storm

Right now, as the wind rattles the windows and the east coast braces for the full fury of Hurricane Sandy, I join millions of people around the world in calling on the angels for protection and peace.

News reports are showing coastal communities already underwater, hundreds of thousands evacuated from  low lying areas – NYC is virtually closed down. I offer thanks that my children and husband are here with me; we are safely hunkered down together, 30 miles north of the city.

I offer prayers for those less fortunate and I ask the angels to wrap them in protection and lead them to shelter.

The convergence of three powerful storm systems, Hurricane Sandy will disrupt many lives and cause much damage.

How can we bless such a fury?

How can we not?

Blessing this storm, as we bless all things that we would prefer to keep separate from ourselves, means including it in what is here. It means meeting it as it comes…

Because here it comes  – we cannot stop this storm nor can we stop the countless other natural and manmade events that will bring us to our knees in sorrow, in terror, in heartbreak.

We cannot stop suffering. What we can do is to meet the storms of our lives  with the fullness of who we are. We can meet them with wisdom and heart and courage. We can learn from this storm – about life and about ourselves.  We can watch ourselves meet it.

So, how do you meet a storm?

Do you catastrophize – gluing yourself to news reports, watching for frightening images? Or do you look out the window and see what is actually here – in your own backyard?

Right now, at 6:33 pm, Monday evening, at the top of the hill where I live, there is hight wind and rain – all of the black walnuts have been shaken from the tree in the front yard, a few small branches are strewn around the lawn. And a shutter which my husband just installed last week is slapping wildly against the wall.

This is what’s here.

The storm is not personal but we can learn from it, personally, by observing ourselves.

We can learn so that when we are hit with a storm that IS personal: a cancer diagnosis, foreclosure or job loss, we are stronger. We can learn, by weathering one storm, about another.

Because, of course, bad things happen to everyone.

So, how? How will you meet your storm – your hurricane?

Will you make it into a drama? Or will you bless it, including it as a part of life? Will you meet it openly, as you are: a human being who feels vulnerable and small in the face of so much power? Or will you pretend to be okay, never asking for help or support, even when you desperately need it?

Will you make of this storm a blessing?

This evening, I call upon the Angels to watch over everyone – those in the path of the storm and those watching via TV and the Internet. I call on the angels to bless us all – to bless, also, the earth and the waters; the animals, plants and trees.

I ask that the angels bless this storm and whatever it has to bring to us and to keep us, all of us, safe within your loving embrace.  So be it and so it is.


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So wise. Do we meet the chaos with calm, or more chaos? We were blessed up North with little damage–just a few lost trees which were like old friends:( I wonder, in truth, how I would have embraced the storm if my children were lost, my home flooded, my business devastated. What I do embrace though is, once again, how people come together to help, care for, and be the humanity that is their birthright. This is the beauty. This is the grace.

I met three strangers in the last three days. All men named Paul. What do you make of that? Seems like a sign. Xo



Seems like a sign to me, too. :)


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