Inspiration Friday: February 1, 2013

Another beautiful week. Here are a few of the things that made me smile:

This TEDx San Diego talk: Andrew Slack on Orphans vs. Empires. Keep an eye on this young wizard.

This radio show: Soul Connexions Radio from intuitive life strategist Robert Ohotto.

This poem: The smudge on your canvas – by Samantha Reynolds.

This writing: You’re Ready – from Andrea Maurer

This beautiful project: “Man Prayer” – words by Eve Ensler, film by Tony Stroebel. Thank you Rhiannon Llewellyn for sharing this.

This quote: from Neale Donald Walsch – “There are choirs singing in your head. If you listen, you will hear the music. It is the song of angels. Pay no attention to the sounds of the world. They are just noises, and even when added up all together they have no value, make no sense. Strain to hear the song of the angels. Listen to the melody within your soul.”

This from Chris Guillebeau: “Systems are broken because they exist to sustain themselves, and the people who run the system rely on the system to stay the same. Why should they change it up? It works well for them. Thus we ask: When will the system change? The answer isn’t that complicated, and it’s not about marching on Washington or fighting the man.” Read more: Changing the System.

This trip: What an astonishing opportunity to travel and learn with one of the world’s most inspiring leader/teachers! The School of Sacred Worship, with Andrew Harvey.

This student film: This is going to be a beautiful and worthy student film. (The crew stayed at my house all last week so I have inside info.) If you’d like to throw a few dollars into the hat, here’s the info: Heaven – A Short Film.

This book: Grow Your Handmade Business: How to Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business, by Kari Chapin. (I bought the Kindle version and it was on sale for just $2.24!) Thank you, Tara Gentile, for letting me know about this.

This band: I just really love this band. Perfect for the mood I’m in. Fun.: Carry On

This sign:

Save the earth - we have chocolate!

Save the earth – we have chocolate!

And these, from me:

Your beautiful heart.

Rules For A Good Life poster. (PDF)

This blog post: Five truths about calling.

This trending topic: For the fourth week in a row, #SoulCall (and #SpiritChat) are trending topics. Thank you.

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