Peace. Stress. Peace. Stress. Peace.

There is a way to make stress (or peace) out of any situation.

I sit outside on the lawn swing; surrounded by beauty – the dew-jeweled grass, a white-gold sunrise, my book open beside me, a cup of tea, all my iTools – laptop, phone.

And here is this stress. When I inquire within, what do I find: this stress is asking, “What if I don’t make the best use of this beauty, this freedom, this time? What if I (dramatic gasp) WASTE it?”

Laughing at myself. Stress dissolving.

Lately, I am seeing that I can also make peace out of any situation. I find myself becoming entangled in another family drama; a story of everyone else’s needs but my own; and suddenly, I feel peace. What is this peace? The awareness of the present moment. The awareness of the sovereign nature of each person in the situation.

I peel away each layer of illusion:

  • the illusion that I am responsible for anyone’s experience but my own
  • the illusion that this drama (this story we are telling) is taking away my freedom
  • the illusion that this situation is separating me from the sacred world

As I peel, I find only peace – and the sacred world.

I watch myself hurrying along, rushing myself (or my husband or friend) through a conversation and suddenly, I ask: where are you running to? What is the urgency? Again, I peel:

  • the illusion that the next moment is more important than this one
  • the illusion that if I linger, if I rest in the fullness of THIS moment, the next moment will be less
  • the illusion that I am running late, that I am far behind, that I will never catch up

I peel and I peel and I find only peace, and this moment.

There is a way to make peace or stress out of any situation. This is what I know this morning, on the lawn swing, in the sun.

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Andrea Maurer

Boy did I need to hear this right now! Isn’t it so amazing the choices we have in this life? And isn’t it even more amazing that owning those choices leads to peace, whereas insisting that we don’t have any choices leads to stress? Thank you, as always, for sharing. XO



All things in Divine Order, needed to read this. Thank you, Amy ♥


Melanie Maddison

Breathing into the moments – So wonderful to make a choice to stop the rush , where does this rush come from!

Always enjoy your wisdom Amy.

Your view outback is so – yummy , seems the best word right now!



Lisa King

Yes. This has been a big one for me recently:

• the illusion that this situation is separating me from the sacred world

and how the moment blooms when I stop pulling away and instead lean into the sacred right here.

A lesson I am taught over and over.

Thank you.



What hits home for me: “the illusion that the next moment is more important than this one.”

I notice how I live in this illusion most of the time. What if I were to give it up and just love the present moment? My cells are tingling just thinking about it.



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