That time that comes just before spring: selecting seeds, reading under blankets, perfect tea, and the power of dreaming

Feet on the ground

Here, in this time before spring, I am practicing grounding, feeling the earth beneath my feet.

This year, as my work has taken off, so has the pace of my life. Frantic, frazzled and fragmented is not the way I want to go through my life; my soul – and this body that houses it – requires some love. Diving into Hiro Boga’s How to Rule your World from the Inside Out, I am finding just what I need to soothe and nourish my overworked soul: spaciousness, rest, new insights (many) and a deep (and much needed) grounding.

Hiro, a teacher’s teacher, with a gentle voice that flows like water reminds me, daily – as I listen to the week’s recording – to connect to the center of the earth with a strong grounding cord of pure gold, or sometimes, solid oak; or even, delightfully, bubbles!

It’s helping. It’s working. Yesterday, at the food co-op, I found a display of heirloom seeds – fat and lumpy tomatoes; scarlet runner beans, bright orange cosmos – and I felt myself unfurl a little bit. Spring isn’t that far away.

By the cash register, I found this gem of a thing: Stella Natura, the biodynamic planting calendar 2012 – which I am reading with pure delight. It has star charts!! And instructions for planting by moonlight!! What fun – and what a beautiful reminder that I am a celestial being landed on a planet for a time – and that, while we are spinning in a universe, drizzled with stars – part of my work here is to wiggle my toes in the soil.

So, I bought myself a gift:

– Dr. Haushka Lavender and Sandalwood Lotion which was on sale, because it smells so incredibly good and because touching and healing my own body is just as important as the work that I do to help and heal others.

and I tracked down the house blend black TEA at Legal Seafood – and ordered a pound. It smells like smoke and truffles and tea and earth and tastes like… ah, well, it’s perfect when swirled in a porcelain cup with a soupcon of sweet.

At 4:00 pm, alone in the kitchen. I sip it while listening to Radio Lab. Start with this one: Stoasticity

This week, I loved so many things

When I reached out to Danielle Laporte, she reached back – opening her generous heart to mention me! It’s not to late to be…  you and why I changed my site name

Julien Smith, co-author with Chris Brogan of Trust Agents, a New York Times best-seller on Social Capital and the New Tribe. Here, Smith explains that every blogger, every podcaster and Facebook updater is actually a new ‘channel’  – a content provider, just like ABC, NBC, or CNN. Each of us has an audience and can become a vision leader, if, of course, we’ve got a vision.

Lori Portka, holding the space for love: What to do when you get pulled over for speeding (who was just sending me an email while I was commenting on her post…  – which reminded me how divine connections are made in this world of love.

A poem a day from Totally copying her. (Found this mentioned in Danielle’s post – more divine connection!)

Satya Colombo’s Epic Adventure (by the way, he’s hiring…)

Pinterest (OMG! They invented this thing just for ME!!!) and these shoes, from Eileen Fisher, which I pinned to my first board, which I called: Fetish

Watching Dear Sugar come out from behind the curtain. She’s Cheryl Strayed, the author of Torch, which I am devouring. There, I lifted this quote, “it is weak and silly to say that you cannot bear what it is your fate to be required to bear.” Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

This week I am working on:

Enrollment for the next Soul Caller Training: filling fast, please let me know if you want to join us so I can save you a seat.

The Soul Caller Materials – A six-workbook program with video/audio to be released this fall as an ecourse. Woo hoo!

The Wise Ones Series… coming in the Spring. Fall.

and also…

… my list of 10 things you don’t know about me. Because it seems like a fun thing to do.

… my list of Wise Souls; Beauties and Loves to share with you. Because I want you to know about their beautiful work.

and also…

… grounding.

Big love


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Cherry Woodburn

Lovely my friend. Glad you are taking care of yourself and treating yourself because it is so important to do. Much love & hugs, Cherry


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