They’re here! The Soul Call Cards

0059_Amy-Oscar_Retreat_ProphetsI invite you into conversation with a new way of receiving guidance:

The Soul Call Cards

– a small, powerful deck which draws guidance like a magic magnet.

Ask them anything.

The deliberately limited format – one carefully curated word, no image- allows for infinite possibility.  The cards may constellate a story, a poem, an adventure. They will certainly constellate a direct, honest present-moment snapshot of the energy in the room around you.

Then, watch and listen as the words build powerful patterns of meaning. 

“Those cards, Amy. they are profound.. powerful… amazing..  
I do a reading every morning, before my morning pages…and they don’t need illustrations or photos… that’s what i love about them.. the words can take you into your own self… they are much better without so much better.”

“I LOVE the size of these cards and how they feel in my hands? My favourite deck of all time…. amazing!”

“I absolutely LOVE these cards. I LOVE the words. I love the fact that we look for our own meaning and don’t just read someone else’s interpretation… “

soul call cards keyboardThe Soul Call Cards are $50 – which includes:

  • Your own deck of Soul Call Cards
  • Guidebook
  • FREE Discussion and Practice Circle – a lively, spirited (and secret) Facebook group where you can pick up more tips about doing readings for yourself and others.
  • You may even opt to become a Certified Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader and offer readings to your family and friends.

How do the cards work?
As an extension of the already-constellating activity of the psyche. In other words, the Soul Call Cards can help you see and understand the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing by drawing them outside, into the light.

soul call cardsDraw three cards at random… 

“When I drew three cards … the meaning was so plain and clear I was dumbfounded. No need to ponder, interpret, move things around, or second guess any of it. The same thing happened to me again today. Pulled three cards, and then a fourth one decided to come along for the ride. A blisteringly clear message. Holey moley, Amy, what is this thing you have unearthed?

Draw one card a day…

“I put them in a fish bowl (because I was having a hard time with not being able to shuffle them) and now, anytime I have a question, I just reach in and grab a few cards. They are spooky accurate and so easy to discern. I LOVE them! “

Lay out a 9-card Constellation Reading (explained in the Instruction Manual). 

“Did my first 9 card reading with the question: In which direction does my professional path go?” OMG, this is not a reading, this is a whole workshop. Just awe. “

0023_Amy-Oscar_Retreat_ProphetsInvent your own card-reading patterns…

The cards will speak to you – inviting you into relationship, where you’ll develop your own intuitive way of working with them. 

“Amy I did two readings yesterday and I CAN NOT even tell you how amazing that experience was.  Those cards are magic . Duh… What else would I expect ? 

Your purchase includes:

  • Deck of 108 Soul Call Cards
  • Guidebook
  • Free 24/7 Facebook Discussion and Practice Circle (Priceless!)

$50 (plus s/h)
Cick here to order

If you’d like to become Certified as an 
Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader and offer readings to friends, family members – and, perhaps, your own clients – click here.

I’d love to include you in our next class! 

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