Turn sideways into the light

I’ve been listening to the illuminating audio series, What To Remember When Waking  from Irish poet, David Whyte. In it, Whyte recounts the legend of the Tuatha De Danann, a mythical race from Ireland’s past, “tall, magical people devoted to beauty and artistry.”

When another, more brutal people, the Milesians invaded Ireland the Tuatha de Danann fought them off twice, but faced with a third battle against overwhelming odds, the Tuatha De Danann did the most remarkable thing. Out they came in full and beautiful dress, battle flags waving and swords flashing. Sassembled at the base of the hill; and, as the invaders surged toward them, the Tuatha De Danann turned sideways into the light – and disappeared.

waldorf-card-walking-toward-houseThey turned sideways into the light

According to legend, the Tuatha De Danann were Celtic Gods, with extraordinary strength and supernatural powers including the ability to “tap and manipulate mystical energies for feats of magic, mostly for altering their appearance, communicating over long distances, teleporting through dimension barriers and casting spells.”

After their shimmering disappearance, they descended into the earth to form an invisible world of their own in the hills and mounds, ruling the underground kingdoms as Fairies.

Oddly, coincidentally, while listening to David Whyte’s tape series, I was also reading Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Priestess of Avalon.

Like the Tuatha De Danann, the priestesses and druids of Avalon – the mythical island at the center of King Arthur’s world – walked among men for centuries. Their healing arts and deep wisdom were so respected that they were often called to offer counsel at the courts of kings. Like the Tuatha de Danann, the priestesses of Avalon knew the ‘sideways’ world. Enshrouded in confounding and magical mists, the island of Avalon shimmered into and out of focus and could only be reached if you knew the way.

This ‘way’ is open to us 

What is this ‘way’? The surrender from defensive, dualistic thinking to open-heartedness. The understanding that we are not the victim of a world of woe but the co-creator of all that we behold – an integral part of the blended wholeness.

This awareness may come instantly or slowly. When it comes, a new pathway shimmers in to view – opening onto a realm of timelessness that was always there. A ‘sideways’ dimension of light and mystery  running parallel to the path that we are already on. This is the parallel world, one step to the side of this one, a world that has always been there, patiently calling you home.

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