A workshop, a love story

The workshop began before I even purchased my ticket – the moment I felt the wake up call – You need to get to this one.My family doesn’t use credit cards. I took out a loan to get there.

After the show, and it was a show, a blowout – delivered from a stage – with music and dancing and even, singing – this is what I knew:

  • You are already there.
  • Your work matters.

Getting myself there was the workshop. All the rest was delicious icing, a reminder that …

  • Each of us has our own special genius.
  • Each of us longs to be heard and acknowledged.
  • Each of us, seeing that longing in another, wants to listen.

But I knew that before.

The real power of this workshop was the reminder (and the permision) to

  • Dance on the stage in a bright green miniskirt.
  • Sing ‘Ahhhhh’ the sacred sound of the name of the Divine that lives in you.
  • Open, unfold in the presence of strangers who have, through the mysterious magic of resonance, become a community.

Dance. Sing. Open.

  • That was my takeaway.
  • That was the secret.

But the real secret was being in the presence of two women – each so beautiful and brilliant in her own way – standing fully at the center of the true self.

That’s where the power and the juice was.

In the presence in which they stood; in the power of that example and what it unleashed it inside of me.

Once that was out there, the Grace began.

I fell in love with a beautiful woman: me.

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