When you’d like a spiritual perspective

  • When you’re ready to release a situation that is SO over.
  • When you’re ready to MOVE a situation that feels stuck.
  • When you want to understand why you’re here and what to do.
  • When you’ve assembled a patchwork puzzle of job experience but can’t quite find the thread that ties it all together.
  • When you’re MORE THAN READY to start singing your personal joy song.

Come into the light. 

Bring me your questions, your heartbreak, your story.

I will tell you what I see.

“You have this amazingly, wonderful ability to tune-in and speak to people in their own language. We accomplished in two hours what I had worked on for over a year in treatment. Thank you from the sweetest spot in my heart. After speaking with you, I’ve been on a huge upswing. I’ve been doing the work and it’s paying off. You gave me the clarity and gentle guidance I needed. I am not alone. I am not off. I see my gifts for what they truly are and will no longer deny or disempower them; I will love and nurture them and ask for help if and when I need. I feel empowered to go ahead with my life now. I believe I know how now. 
~ Nina Bell, Fashion Designer and Mom

As a claircognizant empath, I’m good at seeing and sensing the patterns in the things people say and the stories we tell. 

“I am feeling so shifted after our call — really settled and peaceful about what we talked about – a question which really doesn’t feel like a question anymore. It was giving me so much fear, and hearing from you that I don’t have to carry that was just so transformative. I really can’t thank you enough for the call and your warm insight and connection.”
Anna Guest-Jelley, Writer, Educator & Lifelong Champion for Women’s Empowerment & Body Acceptance – and Founder of Curvy Yoga

I’m also good at revealing the bigger, deeper patterns – the cycles and spiritual currents of your life. 

“Amy Oscar listens , pulls cards, and helps you see meaning, pattern, and direction. You emerge with clarity. It’s a deeply illuminating experience.”
Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Coach, Speaker and Guide

Sometimes I use a card deck to help guide a session. Yet, people say that my sessions are not readings  – and they’re not coaching sessions.

They’re conversations during which you and I unpack the patterns in the way that you think about things and patterns in the way that you respond and react to other people.

My sessions are guided by intuition and informed by my lifelong study of human development and the patterns of consciousness.

I wasn’t sure what to expect during my Soul Caller Session with Amy. Being a bit of a skeptic in the first place, I was really hoping that it wasn’t some thinly-veiled “sooth-sayer” reading where she felt around for clues to answering my question. It was nothing of the sort. Amy’s approach was completely open, gentle, and frank – a refreshing look into a new direction I’m contemplating in my business. Our discussion didn’t begin until AFTER the reading – which was spot-on, by the way. Amy is also a wise counselor. Her intuitive guidance was helpful, but her frank, and open demeanor went beyond “what the cards say” and gave me specific insights from her own life experience. Wise counsel is hard to come by these days, and Amy has it in spades.”
Lisa Robbin Young, Noble Empire Builder (and one heckuva singer), Michigan

My Services

Your First Session
1.5 – 2 hours

Single Session
1 – 1.5 hours

Though most people need only one session to shift from confusion and overwhelm to clarity, if you’d like to work with me over time – as you move through a situation or life transition – I offer a discounted package of 6 sessions.

Package of Six Sessions
$900/to be used within one year
(a $400 savings)

 To schedule an appointment or ask me a question, Amy@AmyOscar.com

Thank you; thank you.I received a healing from you that is at once astral, palpable and cannot be unlearned. The deep and clear well of truth, prowess and aplomb you govern is a treasure. Thank you for dipping into it for me. I am deeply turned–in toward my own truth.”

Dyana Valentine, WHY Finder and Creator of Super Conditions for Greatness, Oracle and Muse, California

“I was staggered — eyes-wide, mouth-agape, knock-kneed — at Amy Oscar’s extraordinarily swift, sensible, and spirit-lifting insights during our Soul Caller session. Her rich grasp of symbology, her nurturing voice, and her ability to pull deeply personal questions into a wider celestial plan left me softly sobbing into the phone line. I sketched out the cards that Amy pulled for me, and that drawing has permanent residence in my day planner. It was a moment in time that can really only be labeled three things: precious, moving + sacred.”
Alexandra Franzen, writer, teacher, creative minx & (soon-to-be) published author on a quest to inspire ecstaticself-expression — in life, love & business 


To schedule an appointment or ask me a question, Amy@AmyOscar.com