Soul Caller Sessions

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are healing conversations,  which move stuck energy, shift dysfunctional patterns and spark real and lasting change.

Why is this needed?

Life is fast – and sometimes hard. We are sensitive, creative souls, and easily distracted.

When challenged by the circumstances life throws in our way, we may believe that we’ve lost our thread to love, to happiness, to the joyful life we see advertised on TV – the life that we imagine ‘everyone else’ is living.

Yet the thread is always there – and so is the light.

It calls from within and all around you. When you realize this, you instantly reconnect and the process of renewal begins. Once connected, you can face your challenges with courage and clarity. Life feels less fraught, easier and much less overwhelming.

“I am feeling so shifted after our call — really settled and peaceful. The question we talked about was giving me so much fear, and hearing from you that I don’t have to carry that was just so transformative. I really can’t thank you enough for the call and your warm insight and connection.”
~ Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder of Curvy Yoga

How we lose our way

When we’re stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted – we feel vulnerable and alone. We begin to tell ourselves stories – ‘I’m not good enough to connect with the light,’ or ‘I’m not the kind of person who can ever be happy.’

‘Why, look at my childhood – look at my family! No one like me has ever made it out. ‘I guess I’m just meant to be unhappy.

These stories are lies – 

– and deep down, you know it. That’s why you keep reaching, keep searching for the truth. You simply do not believe life was meant to be so hard.

I assure you it wasn’t. It isn’t.

Life is designed to support you – and you are designed to be happy. 

All you need is a reminder – after that, you will naturally, automatically begin to remember who you are.

“Thank you for a beautiful Soul Caller Session! We accomplished in two hours what I had worked on for over a year in treatment… After speaking with you, I’ve been on a huge upswing… You gave me the clarity and gentle guidance I needed to see my gifts for what they truly are and I will no longer deny or disempower them. I feel empowered to go ahead with my life and now, I believe I know how.
~ Nina Bell, Fashion Designer and Mom

Gradually, as you learn to reconnect to the light, you’ll be able to hold onto it – no matter what happens.

“Amy Oscar listens , pulls cards, and helps you see meaning, pattern, and direction. You emerge with clarity. It’s a deeply illuminating experience.”
Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Coach, Speaker

Soul Caller Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype connection.

We’ll talk quietly together. You’ll bring your questions and concerns and I’ll listen for patterns. I’ll ask you questions, and guided by intuition, we’ll find the opening for clarity.

You’ll emerge from your Soul Caller Session feeling grounded, hopeful and ready to engage with life in a new way.

“Thank you; thank you. I received a healing from you that is at once astral, palpable and cannot be unlearned. The deep and clear well of truth, prowess and aplomb you govern is a treasure. Thank you for dipping into it for me. I am deeply turned–in toward my own truth.”
Dyana Valentine, Oracle and Muse, California

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Your first Soul Caller Session lasts a little longer. This gives us the chance to get to know one another.

After that, all sessions are 60-90 minutes. (We end when it feels natural to end.)


Your first Soul Caller Session
90-120 minutes

Your next Soul Caller Session
(if we’ve worked together before)
60-90 minutes

Scheduling an Appointment
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I warmly welcome your inquiry- and I look forward to getting to know you.

~ Amy