“Soul Caller is one of the most brilliant, life changing courses I’ve taken on my lifelong learning path.”

Kim DuCharme, Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada
The Soul Caller Training is like magic. It has lifted the “veil”. Truly. I see things so differently now, it’s even hard to believe. The more I come to know, the more shocking how very simple it is…..yet not….Like magic.”

Sridevi Padmanabhan, Bangalore, India
“It (The Soul Caller Training) has been working so wonderfully, Amy. Everyday the universe speaks to me through feathers and butterflies. Even when I am walking through some of the most dusty and traffic-packed streets of Bangalore where there is not even the semblance of greenery, out of nowhere a butterfly will fly right up to my face flutter around in front of it and sometimes even fly with me as I walk a short distance. It’s so so moving. I softly say ‘Hi’ to them now.”

Carol Powell Cox, Maryland
“Soul Caller is one of the most brilliant, life changing courses I’ve taken on my lifelong learning path. I just finished listening to the last class.  Gorgeous and resonant. My experience in the class was one of complete amazement and wonder.  I couldn’t get enough. It came at the right time, now I know I called it.  The breakthroughs and ahas are too many to list.  What worked for me was the lecture format, and the exercises.  Thank you so much.  I am so glad you, and this, came into my life. Thanks so much for your work, Amy Oscar.”

Denise Starr Buchanan,
I cannot adequately express with words my gratitude to Amy for this course. It has been and continues to be such a beautiful gift. I am awakened, as from a long slumber, not knowing where I am or where I am going, but being secure in these questions. I now know I am not alone, for we are all souls progressing on our individual and collective calls toward our destiny.”

Julie Favreau Schwartz. New York.
I am less angry. I’m more willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t assume the waitress is being a jerk on purpose. I’m constantly looking through things, instead of just at things. I often find myself standing somewhere outside of the situation observing myself in it, sidestepping the drama and asking “What’s the lesson here?” I think a lot about the concept of Namaste. About the notion that the divine is there to be honored in the first place. That we are all part of the same divine. That before you can honor the divine you have to seek the divine, call the divine, acknowledge that the divine is there – in the lowliest evil scumbag as well as the saint. Allowing for this possibility makes it easier for me to be patient, kind, accepting, less judgmental of others, and maybe the teeniest bit more patient, kind, accepting and less judgmental of myself. I think about that little chip of moonlight. I find it easier to ride through the storm. I believe with absolute certainty that everyone has a gift, and will keep trying on new lives/bodies/circumstances until they figure out how to give it.

Sarah Rose, Australia
I think you are the most authentically loving and caring person I have come across as far as online teachers and writers go. You have given me so much and restored my faith in the kindness of humanity during a time where I felt lost and was without financial resources, I needed to be a part of soul caller training so much, yet I could not have done it without your generosity of spirit and willingness to offer scholarships. You made me feel important and valued and for that to happen when we’ve never met and I live on the other side of the world, well that was an angelic thing to do. Words can’t express how your generous gestures and ongoing support worked magic for me. I am now in a lovely new home in the country, happily employed to work a 7 day fortnight (previously I could only manage 4 day f/n), finances are on the improve, I’m happier, more positive and enjoying a new found relaxed approach, feeling very much at home here. Alot has changed since you first offered me a scholarship and I know being a part of the soul caller training played a very significant part in me listening to my inner voice, maintaining a positive outlook and being able to move into a challenging new job as a social worker.

Thank you thank you Amy, as I write this there is so much love and gratitude in my heart, I hope you can feel it, too.

Nicole Boyce, USA  I am so amazed at how this course has impacted my heart, my being. Deep bow of gratitude. Thank YOU!

Heather White, Vancouver.
First of all let me begin by saying – I totally LOVE you. It was obvious beyond belief how you released yourself to all who chose to embark on the soul caller journey with you. I assume (I choose that word) that there were times where you didn’t know exactly why you were being so pushed to tell a certain story, or lecture on a particular thread, but I THANK YOU for your willingness to go down the path. I could feel the energy lift amongst myself and those of us in the November class as we embarked further into our inner world and felt the depth and the love that resides right inside our own hearts.  Fundamentally we were continually introduced, through you, to the truth that we are all ok, we are all loved, we all matter, we all have a purpose and we are all miracles – your work is incredibly beautiful.

I loved that I could do it from my bedroom. I loved that I could circle back and listen again anytime I wanted. I loved that it was an individual experience amongst a collective. I loved it all. I love your commitment to the work – as someone who also works to stay committed to channeling the divine, I know that it can be challenging to ALWAYS listen, and follow their way. It was so beautiful to be connected to you as you did this sacred work. I cannot thank you enough.

Jeannine LeBouthillier. “There are some things in life that elude words and the experience I had with you, in the Soul Caller class, is one of those things. Every Tuesday I would sit down with you and feel like I was home…exactly where I was meant to be. Every class, you would intuitively offer exactly what I needed to hear at that time. You offer such profound wisdom and an unfettered understanding of Life and what this journey is all about. I feel deeply blessed to have been a part of your Soul Caller program. I am so grateful to be able to continue to be part of this soul circle that you created and I look forward to your Live program next summer. Thank you Amy for supporting me in opening to Life; to allowing myself to be moved by Life and to embrace all of it, with compassion, curiosity & wonder.

Sofia Livingstone, Italy.
What you offer is beautiful in every sense of the word, you have so much love and support you are offering, you wrap up all the lost souls and give them/us wings. It reminded me of when I was a child – going to talk with the fairies at the bottom of my neighbour’s garden… That life shut down very early on…..You brought the magic back, gave me the permission to re-engage openly with that side of me which is strong.  In the Soul Caller Training, we share about the reality but we don’t disown the magic and psychic sides. 
Hearing your voice on the calls was somehow like sitting with ‘loving mother’ drinking Horlicks and feeling totally safe and ‘held’  – I loved being able to do it literally in bed with my partner (as it was so late where we live) with a community all around.  Very special……I loved all the talks, they resonated so deeply. What was amazing was the 110% way you show up ALWAYS regardless of 2 or 10 people on the call, very impressive level of commitment and heart. Your feedback on our small course was wonderful and to write to me at 3am was incredible, in such depth and with such heart.  I felt so honoured and am still taking it in. I’m amazed you continue to keep connection on the main forum with no return for yourself, it’s a very special situation that you have created.   Mainly I feel blessed to be part of this new family of affiliation and very grateful for what feels like an oasis that I can and am drinking from.  Magic.”

Sherry Giang. Pacific U.S.
“Thank you for bringing the Angels back home to us. Thank you for the Light that you shine, and for the Illumination that you helped us find and see in ourselves. We are so very lucky and honored to have shared this journey together with you and with each other. To each and everyone of my fellow Soul Callers. Thank you. I love what another Soul Caller said (at the end of our last class),”Take your Wings with you”. I echo that, and say a prayer of love and deep gratitude for each of you…somewhere in the wide Universe, we are always holding hands, hearts joined around Love’s Fire. A circle of shining souls lighted with love. Namaste.”

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Amanda Berry, Australia
So I guess you could say SC has given me a new vocabulary for considering the notion of the divine, and it’s one that allows for limitless possibilities and variation to all be right, instead of insisting that all but one are wrong.

Deb Chamberlain, New Jersey
“This is a community where unconditional love is given and returned in every moment. If you’ve been wondering what it would be like to live in a world of unconditional love, open this door. 

Ellen Collins, USA.
I’ve always been skeptical about “groups” and have worked mostly alone and I have been in places of untruths, mistrust, and places where you never felt comfortable being the real you without judgements…. and then, there it was… the Honesty and Love… The Soul Caller Training is a safe, comforting place to share with others and be held by them in a true place of Love as they touched my heart and in turn received my Love in. How amazing and truly, AUTHENTIC… FINALLY. I’m not alone anymore, the angels answered my call and I was guided to THE right place. That is something I never thought would happen. With deep gratitude and Love…Thank you for giving me a HOME.”

Elsie Chang, Virginia
“Amy, tears of gratitude and resonance are streaming down my face as I listen to you on this call tonight. You, so fiercely forging your life the way you choose, reclaiming your sacred story, following the wisdom of your soul… these spoken searing words borne from the depth of your heart and wounds…  you, dancing and filled with grace in the conscious, awakened fiery breath between the edge and the abyss… you, as Love wholly embodied, illuminating and luminous… you are Love made visible as the One Heart… you are a prayer arriving.”

Barbara McMahon, Long Island, New York
“I had a dream I was in a lavish, magnificent mansion, with beautiful people milling around as if at a party or a Ball. Then Amy was there, in a long richly colorful kind of dress…I sensed she was the hostess. I went up to her and said: “You changed my life.” my voice cracked. And she turned to me and said with great kindness: “I know.” This dream was one of those full ‘technicolor’ dreams…when I had it in the middle of the night, I thought ‘I should write that down’ but then I didn’t because I knew it was too vivid to forget. On some level, I feel the exchange was real…our etheric bodies…and of course all the Soul Caller family, and the angels,were/are the ‘beautiful people’.”

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Anthea Flowers, Australia
“Blessed to have been a part of such a safe, sacred space & supportive group.”

Kathy Nicola, Illinois
Thank you for offering this experience, this knowledge, this space. Thank you for making it possible to connect with like minds and hearts with whom I never otherwise would have crossed paths. Thank you for making this accessible. Thank you for calling me back home to a part of myself that I had set aside because I did not understand it, could not make sense of it, too often felt embarrassed by it in the presence of others. I look forward to the day–a day that is much nearer now–when I am sending this part of me out into the world without mask or costume or camouflage.”

Karrilynn Keith, Georgia
 “You are my inspiration and a new lightening rod in my life. So many times I have ventured into training programs that teach you to serve and help others. But the teaching is about serving, not refueling or feeding my soul. This is the first time I feel I have the chance to receive. I look forward to what lies in store.”

Lori Friedman, Pennsylvania
“YOU AMY were the most important part of the soul caller experience.  I just want you to know, that you made anything and everything okay, without judgement, displaying love and support!  in other words, you “talk the walk”.  I was sooo overwhelmed in my life (still am) but you made it so what ever i was able to do works!” 

Victoria McRoy Bennett, Louisiana and St. Louis
“I had the most loving experience as a result in participating in the June SoulCaller 2013 class. I am still working my way through the wealth of information given during the class, the recorded mp3”s from each class, that are now downloaded are revisited- and I am still learning as I hear new information- the graduated ongoing support system that is in place is a wonderful asset -operating my life from” How would love handle this?” is one of the many gifts I take away from this class- and to call this a class-no it’s way bigger than that– In deep gratitude.”

Carole Murko, Massachusetts
“This program showed up exactly when I needed it. I could not have faced this week’s challenge with the courage and grace that I did and it helped me see so deep that I broke an old pattern. I am eternally grateful and love you!”

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Becky Deerr, Indiana
“This class has been a life changing experience for me. Over the past couple of years I’ve been growing and learning a lot, but have still been kind of dancing around putting the “new” me into play. I’ve been receiving guidance, but doubting it and myself. Your Soul Caller training has helped all of the pieces to fall into place for me. It’s given me confidence in my own inner wisdom, which I’ve heard for some time now, but have not had the courage to believe until now. …I now firmly believe that I am not alone, I am loved beyond anything I could ever imagine, I have a deep inner wisdom and authentic power that comes straight from God, and I am here for a reason… to use my God-given gifts to help others learn those truths for themselves. I see the world as you do, reaching for the light, and I want to be part of that movement. I’ve been doing Reiki for a couple of years for my own personal growth. I’ve been very unsure of whether or not it was something I could help others with. Your teaching and our call helped me to stop doubting myself. I surrendered to it and to God and to whatever it is I am here to do. I loved everything about the class. I loved having the recordings to listen to if I couldn’t call in. I loved knowing that I was still part of the circle even if I was listening to the recording. I love the Facebook page and the sisterhood that has developed there. I can’t come up with anything that I didn’t love. You are such a beautiful, loving and fun soul… I loved how open and honest you have been, both in the class and on our one-on-one call. On our call you weren’t afraid to be bold and open and to challenge me. I absolutely love that about you!”

Andrea Maurer, Indiana
“The experience was pure magic. EVERYTHING has started to click for me. I feel as if I’m at a whole new level spiritually. I understand that my connection to the Divine is simply a matter of opening my eyes, ears and mind to it. It flows like water and all I have to do is step into the stream.  I also understand that what I want (on a deep, soulful level) is THE most important thing for me to know in my life. It’s tantamount to love, energetic love, and it’s calling to me, every moment of every day, beckoning me to own it, ask for it and have faith that it’s coming. It has to. It’s the way that things work in the universe. I now understand how important resonance is. When something resonates with you it means something. It means it was meant to be. It’s spiritual. It wakes up a part of you that says, “YES! This is who I am!” … I know that my Life’s Gesture is to help people see that they are, in the words of Thomas Merton, “walking around shining like the sun”. This is huge. I don’t know the totality of the implications of that yet but I am looking for the opportunities that present themselves. You’re brilliant and authentic and you were born to teach! You told me that you felt as if you’d been given a partial instruction manual and told, “Don’t worry, you’ll have everything you need. Just get them to the other side as quickly as you can.” I completely feel as if I’m on the other side. You let this class flow and form as we went along. That’s hard to do. It’s also imperative, I think. Every group will be different and if you want to keep getting people to the other side, I believe you’ll have to go into it each time with only a “partial instruction manual”.”

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Tracey Selingo, Pennsylvania
“Amy’s work creates pinholes of illumination on your life’s call. It’s deeply profound and personal, yet lovingly grounded and comforting. The Soul Caller experience leads you through the maze of your soul to help align your truth with your life. By the time you finish this *course* there’s a wash of peace and fulfillment, filled with enough love and light to last you a lifetime.”

Melanie Maddison, London, United Kingdom
It is thanks to you and the Soul Caller work that I started unearthing my true self and authentic being. The clues had all been there in my journey towards SC with previous life coaches, naturopath/holistic therapists and healers, but this was the catalyst to lift the lid on the false self and make the unconscious conscious.”

Ivy Landsman-Slevin, Long Beach, New York
Amy, I am so happy. And I just hope you really know in your being what a force of nature you are. You are the light that has sparked a flame of love, community, hope, joy, strength, and creative energy that can ignite PEACE. I know what you are and what you have the power to create, Amy, and I will gladly and humbly touch move and inspire myself and others to live from light and love. Thank you for coming to this planet in the form of a sweet, down to earth, lovely woman. We are so much better for having you with us. xoxoxoxo Oh, if I’m being too obtuse….you are THE ANGEL of LOVE.”

Vanessa Anstee, London, United Kingdom
Amy’s Soul Caller training was like lemonade for the soul.  I had no idea what to expect and if I’m honest was really nervous that it would be too “woo” for me.  Boy was I wrong.  It felt like going home and being given the space to unfold what’s important to me at this stage in my life.  Amy is an incredible person.  In the individual session, she uses her deep intuition and insight to guide you in a way that helps you discover your own resonance and soul calling.  She effortlessly moves you through blockages and patterns and inspires you to embrace your wholeness.  In the group training she creates a beautiful space in which she drops golden nuggets of wisdom.  I recommend working with Amy to anyone that’s feeling a sense of deeper calling and that just knows in their heart that this is the next step.  You won’t be disappointed.”

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Joy Holland, California
“So often in marketing we hear the words “life-changing”; we become almost immune to the invitation to experience transformation. Taking a deep, full cleansing breath may be “life-changing” when we allow it to be. Soul caller training (and soul caller circle) is akin to a deep, full cleansing breath that enlivened my spirit, enriched my practices and nourished my soul–it truly changed my life.

“I was already on this path of presence with love and gratitude, living infinite possibility.  However, I didn’t know people who celebrated external signs of affirmation (such as the unexpected pleasure of a bird feather, perfectly placed at my feet, or the joy of seeing a hawk soar overhead and researching its meaning) and I certainly didn’t know people who spoke transparently of miracles and love and opening to connect through vulnerability.  Until I was gifted with Soul Caller training.”

Jan Grant
“The Soul Caller Training has blown wide open my desire and my commitment to live my life fully leaning into love. My self-perception is changing; my relationships are changing; my sense of personal power is shifting; my self-acceptance and, yes, love is increasing; my willingness to be vulnerable is increasing; my acknowledgement of my angels and my guidance and my God-spark within is creating transformative power. And, at the very same time I am fully aware that I am an open, blank slate waiting and listening and loving my life more than every before. Ahh, what a difference SC training has brought to my being. Gratitude beyond words, Amy.”

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Barbara Newman, Massachusetts
“There is a very soft quality about the way you teach which I really appreciated. You ask the hard questions, but in a way that is non-judgmental and totally accepting of where each of us are. So often, I have found that teachers of spiritual work have ego attachment. I did not feel that way about you at all. I loved that you shared so many of your own personal “stories”. So refreshing.  It showed the group that you are human and  have struggled and transformed some really big stuff- meeting the edge time and time again. (witnessing my edges was a big part of the experience for me.)

I loved that you interwove metaphors so seamlessly– and brought in the teaching of others and gave credit to those teachers–Byron Katie, Course of Miracles, the angels/guides, the divine. It opened our eyes (at least mine) to your path of evolution which can help me with my own. I loved getting the homework and the texts. I have printed them out, three hole punched, and now have it all in a note book. It is wonderful to be able to read it again and go back to it when I get off track.

Yaz Pleitgen, Hong Kong
“Thank you for the conversation we had, for the soul-spanking questions you asked, and for clearing the foggy lens through which I viewed my “stories”. Thank you for also highlighting the themes of my ancestral baggage and helping me see them in a different light. And of course, thank you for teaching me to act from love—it’s an ongoing practice but it does feel more natural every day…. Aside from the clarity, one unexpected outcome from the Soul Caller training was that I am creating and writing with a lot more ease. ”

Tanya Malott, New York
“Because of Amy Oscar, I get more out of everything else I do in life.  Her guidance and wisdom allow me to break through my own stories, see them in a new way, and heal old wounds that have been holding me back forever. I take lots of courses, lots of workshops, and I love learning and growing both intellectually and spiritually, but there is something about Amy that makes her course, and her guidance the necessary foundation for all others. Her insight is beyond insightful.  Her ability to shift your thinking is so simple and so powerful. You don’t just say “a-ha” once with her. You say it over and over and over. The people she attracts to her circles are beautiful souls, and I love being a part of her circles.”

Chel Micheline, USA
I “graduated” Amy Oscar’s “Soul Caller Training” last night. It was an intense, exhausting (but in a great way), amazing five-week experience and I can’t wait for the next series of classes. I went into it mourning the fact that I thought I’d missed my calling and now I know that I’m exactly where I need to be. It’s like life has opened in a whole new way. (plus, my classmates are amazing). ♥

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Jane Cronin, United Kingdom
…the difference to my life has been incredible: literally like flicking the switch between living in constant scarcity and living in abundance. I had the feeling throughout the course of constantly having little mirrors held up, reflecting possibilities I hadn’t yet considered or encountered.”

Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, Washington State
I wasn’t even sure what I would be learning when I signed up! But Amy, you cracked open a door to something inside of me that I’m not peering through.. opening a wee bit more, and more… Thank you SO much for following your calling and inviting all of us to do the same.

Karen Jaye, USA
I graduated from the January Soul Caller Class and much has happened and shifted for me since class ended. Not a big surprise, right…for those of us who know how potent Amy’s teaching can be. After an intense and heart-cracking summer, I am now feeling the pull to step out to my own edge and look around. Get over the discomfort of being *seen*, online especially and offering tarot card readings through my own site.

Nina Bell, USA
I just heard Caroline Myss say that, “A mystic’s life also includes a spiritual director, a qualified mentor who can guide you along your spiritual path”. You, Amy, are that person in my life at this time. I just want to say Thank You for crossing all the edges you have crossed to help clear a path for those of us that are trying to find our way and for providing this space for all of us to practice and try on our……nakedness (is the honest word that comes to mind). Much Love, One Love xoxoxo

Heather Shafer
The Soul Caller training is a gift not only to yourself but to the world as it opens you in ways you can’t always verbalize but that will bubble to the surface as you soak in her insights and tools. Amy’s gifts shine through each call, word and interaction. I have learned some things about myself that will serve me and those around me greatly and I have the tools and insights because of Amy to be able to share them in a different more soulful, truthful way. A beautiful experience.

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Anonymous, Australia
First, I so enjoyed being within a community of like-minded women drawn together by resonance with you and by the way you offer your gifts Amy, and they are many. What happened for me as the course progressed, was acknowledging my own natural rhythms more deeply and settling into knowing it’s OK to obey and to live by them – confirmation that what calls to be created through us happens when we choose and are ready to bring it into form; there’s no external time-keeping force looming over us. We’re fruit that ripen in our own time, producing seeds that ripen in their turn, when conditions for growth are present. At times in the past, I’ve had a pressing sense of urgency about getting things done – now I’ve released that and feel it in my bones. I was particularly moved by your imagery of building a bridge to what we want brick by brick. Very powerful.

Soul Caller class is like a finishing school for what’s most profound in us. It polishes and shines those parts. And yet, paradoxically, one of the key messages you deliver Amy is, as always, that it’s never finished, and that the key to our unfolding destiny is always held within us. The beauty of the continuing Soul Caller group is that should we lose sight of that, we have a place to go to remind us that there ARE no definitive answers – the answers change as we change. What’s also important is being in a community that shares fearlessly a potent call to the truth of any current reality.”

Jo Miller, Canada. “I thank you for the awakening you guided us to recognize  –  It has helped me to open  WIDE, to accept, to allow  and I am in love with my future self – the power of the campfires – the magic of the knowing and the illumination of our gifts ~ ~  Nothing will ever take that from us. And the personal call – an incredible space of over 1 1/2 hours – HUGE.  one on one with Amy.  stunning authenticity/ healing/ insight/and always compassion  xo

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The Soul Caller training exceeded any expectations… I still refer to my journals, my writings, my Soul Caller journal every day.  Always a new lesson and so sweet. always a new direction.  I hope you realize how much you give  —  the fact that you were given a vision and followed through has transpired into a magical gift.  And this will continue.

I thank you for the awakening you guided us to recognize  –  It has helped me to open  WIDE, to accept, to allow  and I am in love with my future self – the power of the campfires – the magic of the knowing and the illumination of our gifts ~ ~  Nothing will ever take that from us.

Deb McCarthy: I have studied about and lived my life in my mind, heart and soul. My mind never stops!  My heart, I know, is big and generous, but closes down to greater or lesser degrees according to the circumstances and people who tread there. But my soul – that is the place – the deep level of ME – that struggles to express itself.  My mind has provided a multitude of reasons for this, and my heart “speaks” volumes with its degree of openness.  My soul knows it wants and needs freedom and expression.  It is a never ending pursuit.  This class – your class, Amy – honestly – brought me to that edge a little more.  I was in the right place at the right time for your timely invitation! Thank you – deeply, profusely and sincerely!!

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As for a breakthrough – whew!  A dam broke!  A river (make that a “sea”!) of tears like I have never released poured out from a very closed off place.  Your words and teachings, and the Soul Callers’ input, enabled this.  And it was good.  Very good.

It all worked. Your knowledge, your wisdom, your voice, your intelligence, your honesty, your ability to teach astound me!  You have found your true calling, it seems to me.  AND, you are using it!  It is fabulous.  It is Divine!

Jen Trulson:The Soul Caller Training created a connection to the Divine and my angels again. Something that was strong but it’s stronger and my awareness wider – taking it all in, slowing down to see the messages. I loved the one-on-one in addition to the power packed 2 hour calls! Plus receiving the text. Really jam packed yet felt comfort and guided slowly the whole way. I loved our weekly walks to the fire. Experiencing and trusting what we experienced then being able to share was powerful. You created a very safe environment for that. I feel like we got everything we needed before and after calls. Never felt like I was left wondering. Great communication.”