Tell me your story.

Bring me your questions, your confusion, your concerns. I will tell you what I see.  

As a claircognizant empath, I see and sense into the world symbolically. I read and sense the flow of energy. I see where things are moving and where things may be trapped in ‘stories’ (thought patterns) which do not serve you.

Every story has a trajectory. I’ll tell you where the story you’re living seems to be leading – and if that’s not where you want to go, we’ll find a better story to shift into, one that may make it easier, less stressful for you. 

Before we begin though, I want you to know: that better story is already inside of you. You have everything you need to make the changes you’re reaching for.

I won’t try to fix you – because you are not broken).

What I will do is help you:

To see yourself as I see you:
– shining with purpose, engaged and aware

”Because of Amy Oscar, I get more out of everything else I do in life.  Her guidance and wisdom allow me to break through my own stories, see them in a new way, and heal old wounds that have been holding me back forever. 
~ Tanya Malott

To reconnect with lost pieces of yourself
- your creativity, playfulness, the joy you used to feel.

It’s like I walked out of the fog bank.  I have a direction, a meaningful focus for my attention. My mission/calling is becoming clearer. My heart is filled with joy, possibility and relief (at finding the connections).”
~ Maureen Davin, Volunteer Trail Guide and Naturalist, Tennessee

To offer a deeply illuminating, new way of looking at – and changing – your life.

“Thanks for yesterday’s session. You gave me the single most healing insight I have ever been given. It helped me to understand why I had to do what I did. Thank you.”
~ Randy Nelson, Attorney, Texas

To invite you to open your heart – to yourself.

“Just had amazingly transformational session with Amy Oscar Reconnected me w/ my creative power & much more.  Thank you Amy!”
Anthony Lawlor, Author (A Home for the Soul), Visionary Architect, California

I will sit with – and honor -your real experience:
your regret, your sadness, your self-doubt, your frustration.

As these feelings surface and dissolve, surface and dissolve,
you’ll begin to feel lighter – and more free.

This is part of the healing process
– as energies which have been trapped in the body and mind let go – and are swept away.

A Soul Caller Session is a healing conversation.

In our brief time together, you will feel many things.
What you won’t feel is judged, hurried along or left hanging.

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Fees and Services

Your first Soul Caller Session
1.5-2.0 hours

Follow-up Sessions


Weekly Sessions (by month)
$600 per month,
payable by session, if you like ($150 per session)

Mentorship for Coaches, healers and circle leaders (by month)
– To support you as you support your tribe
$1,000 per month (payable by session, if you like ($250 per session)
 – One session per week
– Unlimited email support

Schedule any of these services,
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The fine print:

I believe that your body, mind and spirit have remarkable resiliency and the built-in ability to self-heal. However,  while  my work may help you activate the self-healing process, nothing that I say in a session or in writing should take the place of medical advice. If you work with me, you agree to take full responsibility for your own healing – as well as for any and all transformation which occurs. :)