Soul Caller Sessions

To help you understand why you’re here and what to do.

Bring me your list of job titles, your resume, your patchwork puzzle of all the things you have done and all the things you long to become.

Bring me your “who am I and what is this life for?”

I will tell you what I see.

As a claircognizant empath, I see and sense into the world symbolically. I read and sense the flow of energy. 

As a trained and certified Spiritual Consultant with 25+ years of experience helping people breakout of limited patterns, I see where things are moving and where things may be trapped in ‘stories’ (thought patterns) which do not serve you.

I’ll tell you where the story you’re living seems to be leading –
and if that’s not where you want to go,
we’ll find a better pattern – a better story – to shift into,
one that may make it easier, less stressful for you. 

I’ll tell you now – this ‘better’ story is already inside of you.
You have everything you need to make the changes you’re reaching for. My work is to help you see, sense and know who you really are – and how to make the connection with the gifts you carried with you into this beautiful world.

I will sit with – and honor -your real experience:
your regret, your sadness, your self-doubt, your frustration.
And I will help you to let that go

As these feelings surface and dissolve, surface and dissolve,
you’ll begin to feel lighter – and more free.

This is part of the healing process
– as energies which have been trapped in the body and mind let go – and are swept away.

I won’t try to fix you.
 - because you are not broken.

I will do my best to help you
- to see yourself as I see you:
shining with purpose, engaged and aware

”Because of Amy Oscar, I get more out of everything else I do in life.  Her guidance and wisdom allow me to break through my own stories, see them in a new way, and heal old wounds that have been holding me back forever. 
~ Tanya Malott,
photographer, New York

I will support you as you
- reconnect with lost pieces of yourself
– your creativity, playfulness, the joy you used to feel.

It’s like I walked out of the fog bank.  I have a direction, a meaningful focus for my attention. My mission/calling is becoming clearer. My heart is filled with joy, possibility and relief (at finding the connections).”
~ Maureen Davin,
Volunteer Trail Guide and Naturalist, Tennessee

I will offer you
a new way of looking at your life.

“Thanks for yesterday’s session. You gave me the single most healing insight I have ever been given. It helped me to understand why I had to do what I did. Thank you.”
~ Randy Nelson,
Attorney, Texas

I will invite you
to open your heart – to yourself.

“Just had amazingly transformational session with Amy Oscar Reconnected me w/ my creative power & much more.  Thank you Amy!”
Anthony Lawlor,
Author: A Home for the Soul: A Guide for Dwelling with Spirit and Imagination,
Visionary Architect, California

Fees and Services

All of my sessions work like this:

Your first session is longer and costs a little more:
1.5-2.0 hours

All sessions after that
1 – 1..5 hours


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Once you’ve chosen an appointment, you’ll receive an email with clear directions about payment and how to prepare for your session.

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A final note:
This is not a passive energy healing modality. It’s a conversation – you and me, talking together. You telling your story and sharing your concern. Me listening and pointing you back toward the center of alignment. (Your angels – and mine – supporting the process and amplifying the Flow.)