You and the light belong to each other.

Sometimes I falter. Sometimes I feel afraid that I have lost my thread to light, to myself, to this beautiful work. I feel myself falling.

This scares me – but it doesn’t last.

From the fallen place where I land, always on soft and sacred ground, I notice that I’m already reaching – already calling to the light – and to the world of love – which I somehow know is there.

I know this with such certainty, such clarity. That the light is there – that it will respond.

How do I know this? The reaching which is as natural, as reflexive as breathing tells me.

I exhale and inevitably, reliably, the inhale comes. I empty myself and, just like that, I fill.

I fall and inevitably, reliably, I begin to reach.

This is the way of the world – the call and response, the ebb and flow – inside of which we live.

I promise you, my love, your heart knows how good you are.

I promise you, no matter how sad or empty or abandoned or scared you may feel, at the center of those feelings, your heart is reaching for light. No matter how disconnected or confused you may feel about your purpose, your heart is ON IT.

You can see this too. Notice your heart reaching. Notice it scanning the horizon for light.

Notice what that means: that your heart knows where light is.

That your heart knows that you and the light belong to each other.

Today, I am saying this prayer (for me, for you, for this beautiful work). I am calling upon the devas of the Soul Caller Training – the ‘shining ones’ who hold the pattern for this beautiful work with me and in me. You can call upon the devas of your own work at any time. You can ask them anything at all. The following is a prayer that I am saying right now. You can borrow it. You can make up your own. There is no right or wrong way to address the angelic realm.

Please help me connect to the beauty of this work and to radiate this light, through my heart, into the world.

Brighten this beam so that those who are called to this work will see it, will discover it now. Help me to hold this pattern and to STAY – to stay inside of my own core, knowing and radiating what is good and real in myself and in this work. Detach me from all thoughts of how I look and shadow powers that the mind whispers I can ‘get’ from being this ‘special teacher’.

Help me to shine my gifts where they are needed. Help me to serve. I love you. I see you. Thank you.

This prayer invites me into radiance – it invites the people who are ready and right for this work to circle closer.

And if you have read this far, you are probably one of those people.
To learn more about the Soul Caller Training, click here. 🙂

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  • Judy

    Amy, this is exactly what I needed to read today. I lost my husband on April 11, and find myself just standing, trying to figure out what to do next. I can’t help but feel that the loss of a loved one is some of the deepest spiritual work I will ever do.

    Much love,

    • Amy

      Judy, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m trying to figure out what to say – how to respond to such a thing as this. And then, I return to your own words and I see it. Yes, this kind of loss – of love itself, of this person who was here and now gone, is some of the deepest spiritual work there is. I extend my hand to you, my long-distance friend and send you my love.

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