Introduction: Wake up!

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” I found this Chinese Proverb in the first chapter – entitled “Introduction: Wake up” – of Sera Beak‘s The Red Book, which I am reading again, in a completely new way post-apocalypse… I mean, post-election.

I am drawn with greater clarity and urgency to discussions of the dark goddess – and of death. Drawn to know how women’s voices have been silenced, our bodies restrained, girdled, beaten, raped and killed – all to silence those voices.

This voice. 

I am digging down to the roots of myself… no, I am being dug down, drawn down, into roots and beyond, into the soil, into the loam, into the layers where microbial organisms shuttle from tree to tree, carrying messages, carrying nourishment, carrying life – as they, tiny as they are, hold the entire forest, and therefore, the world together.

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