A deeper wisdom is guiding my way

13100925_10207672371260907_6367197571841215310_n-1A deeper wisdom is guiding my way

And a listening is rising within me, to receive it.

And both of these things, the wisdom and the listening, are one and the same.

And I am holding this strange universe

– full of galaxies and tricksters –

inside of me

where it swirls and foams, forming and un-forming,

all that is and is not yet,

all that was and will be –

I hold it for as long as I can each day,

Until I panic and have to set it down.

And make a cup of tea

a cup of tea which also holds this strange universe,

in clouds of cream and a touch of local honey,

I hold it in my hands,

as I sit,

staring out

at the landscape that spreads itself before me.

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