Awakening inside of a dream

We are waking up inside of a dream. We’ve been living in a way that is unsustainable, a ‘way’ that has made us feel as if WE are not real. As if the things that really mattered to us were foolish and the things we used to cover up our true nature – the masks and plastic and posturing – were the things that made us special.

Living this way has made us anxious and hungry and exhausted. Afraid to connect to our true nature for each time we did, we felt the acute pain of how very separate we’d become. 

Because we are afraid, we don’t try – but if we would, we’d discover that there is a very real world right here -as if a parallel path is running along beside the path that we’re on. A world of feeling and responsiveness. A world of sustenance and generosity, so immediate that often, when we make contact, it seems like magic.

it’s not magic. It’s what’s supposed to happen. The world is designed to sustain us – to feed our hunger and quench our thirst. The world is designed so generously that when we need to breathe, there is air – waiting to fill our lungs.

When we talk about awakening, we are referring to this – the moment when we realize that the masks and plastic and posturing are no longer needed. The moment when we open our eyes and see the real world and our own place, as natural beings, within it.

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