When my editor asked me to manage a column about real life angel experience, I laughed. “Really?” Though I’d always had a relationship with a presence, a supportive universe that witnessed my prayers, playful fairies who helped me find my lost keys, I hadn’t thought much about angels…

I had no idea, as I opened the first letter and began to read, that these stories would deliver—drop by precious drop—an infusion of Grace straight to my heart. No idea that this assignment was a response to my most fervent prayer, Please fill my life. Give me something meaningful to do. And please, oh, please make it about more than just me.

That’s the thing about miracles. They rarely come as we expect them to. There’s no flutter of wings, no dramatic flash of lightning. Most miracles come gently, subtly, in a slow-moving wave of Grace only discernible when it’s over.

This book will change your life. Sea of Miracles will have you thinking differently, praying differently and looking at EVERYTHING differently… from your dreams, to the people you encounter, to “random” objects you come across… even to the birds, bees and other animals that cross your path!

~ Andrea Mee Maurer, Indiana. Writer, Real Estate Broker.

This is the story of how, while working my day job – as the editor of Doreen Virtue’s ‘My Guardian Angel’ column in Woman’s World magazine – I was transformed from an uncertain (sometimes skeptical) seeker to a witness to the miraculous. It’s also a transmission of light. For when you read this book, you’ll receive the same invitation the angels offered me: to know that the angels are real, that they are all around you, everywhere, every minute of every day—and all you have to do to bring them into your life is open the door.

Sea of Miracles is available by instant email delivery (PDF file) or through the mail (paperback – postage included). I’d be happy to sign your copy.


“This is a book that inspires, reminds, gently nudges, hugs, loves and uplifts. It is for all of us looking to be better, to love more, to fear less. Amy Oscar speaks the language we all aspire to speak — and she does it in a way that you will think “Wow, she is talking directly to me!

~ Alison Nazarian, Author & Memoirist: Aftermath: A Granddaughter’s Story of Legacy, Healing and Hope. Founder Allison Media Group

“Raised as a fundamentalist Christian kid (really, really hardcore!), I was taught to believe in angels. After I left that belief system and journeyed through many aspects of eastern religions and new age philosophy, I found myself deeply skeptical of the claims many make of their abilities to communicate with heavenly beings. However, I couldn’t deny my own mystical experiences. As I read this book, I was moved to tears more than once as it confirmed over and over what I have experienced. I recommend this to anyone who would love to know for themselves that this is a “call and response Universe”…for anyone who longs to feel unmistakable guidance in life…for everyone who is weary of the dogma and just wants direct experience of their own connection to the Divine.”

~ Jacob A. Nordby, Author, Blessed Are the Weird: A Manifesto for Creatives and Founder, UnBootCamp.

“Amy Oscar’s beautiful book completely opened my eyes to the divinity all around me. Being a Buddhist, I am not usually one for talking much of angels, miracles, or God. Even so, Amy’s stories, hauntingly beautiful writing, and passion for her subject drew me in word by word. As I read, I suddenly became aware of how my own life has served to turn down the volume on my intuition… how  my stress levels have drowned out guidance from the universe. How strong my own powers of empathy, dream clarity, and intuitive healing are. Amy’s book pulled me out of a place of discomfort with the divine and into a place of prayer, gratitude, and belief in angels among us.”

~ Foxy Pickett, Founder of Wild Playground and Empathology