Books You Might Love

Turned Upside Down: A Workbook on Earth Changes and Personal Transformation, Marco Pognacik
Hard to explain this one: a weird and wonderful exploration of energy fields, the human body and the living earth from a professional geomancer.

The Source Field, David Wilcock
Time surfing, UFOs, DNA capturing light. My husband and I are reading this together. We keep coming back to it.

The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot the classic text that many of today’s scientist-mystics reference as their go-to manual.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche
Edited by Andrew Harvey, this is a magnificent, sweeping exploration of Tibetan Buddhism and its teachings on the cycles of life, death and in between. I’ve been carrying it around for several months now, reading little bits at a time, savoring. A treasure chest you can open to any page and find a relevant message there.

The Unfolding Self, Ralph Metzner
A beautifully written exploration of the archetypes of transformative experience from one of the pioneers of consciousness studies.

Radical Amazement, Judy Cannato
Contemplative lessons from black holes, supernovas and other wonders of the universe. I love this book. That is all.

God: A Story of Revelation, Deepak Chopra
Well-written fictionalizations of the lives of several saints and mystics – some will be familiar, others you may not have heard of before.

These books come with a little story
Yard Sale. An old Hollywood couple retired to New York. The contents of their lovely home. Very glam. Piles of glitter and baubles. Hats, furs, jewels. Vases, candlesticks and piles of chunky crystals. Intrigued, I followed a trail and found heaps of old books. I walked away the real treasure: a pile of spiritual classics, a gold evening purse and a gently battered pink velvet chair that’s vibrating with memory.

I read a lot of cookbooks.
Like in bed,
for fun.
I can’t explain it.
These are some favorites.

Jerusalem, Yottam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi.
I spend almost every morning at an Israeli cafe, sipping strong black tea from a glass and writing. They’ve introduced me to Shakshooka and Sabich and a spice called zahtar. This cookbook is packed with photos of the old city.

The Smitten Kitchen: Recipes and Wisdom from an Obsessive Home Cook, Deb Perelman
I’ve had this book since late spring and I use it almost every day. My facorites: I’ve made the Kale Wild Rice Gratin countless times and the chunky granola is in my oven right now.

Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making you a Better Cook, Jamie Oliver.
Love him. Love his recipes. Excellent spice combinations which I’d never in a million years have come up with.

And if you’d like to read MY book, Sea of Miracles, you can get it here.

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