Dream: Chased by the rude boy through snow, frozen inside of a statue, melting

I’m working on a book project which weaves together the many different forms of guidance I receive: dreams, waking imagery, words, which drift toward me as I wake from sleep.

This morning, I came across a dream from early 2014, which feels almost prescient in light of what’s going on in the world right now. So I thought I’d share it with you and open a conversation about how the psyche reads the currents of the world – long before we notice what’s going on.


I am at a party where people are making a huge fuss over a 13-year-old boy. 

“He’s remarkable!” they murmur, raising their glasses to toast him. Everyone is trying to get closer to him, just to get a glimpse. Yet, even from here, I can see he’s nothing special. He’s just a boy!

Still, I don’t say anything,

I go into the kitchen where I find a platter of chocolate. I take a piece and as I place it on my tongue, the boy comes running into the kitchen. “You tasted my chocolate!” he shouts. (By tasting his chocolate, I seem to be able to see truth about him.)

Outraged, he starts chasing me.

I run outside into a deep winter landscape. The boy is powerful and has dispatched his ‘men’ to track me down.

I hide between snowdrifts and ice floes, outwitting the men who pursue me on foot and on snowmobiles. I am hiding behind an ice mountain when, suddenly, the snow gives way beneath me and I fall, sinking into a crevasse.

I drop into a warm rushing river., floating downstream. I see people, happily picnicking on both sides of the river.

“Hello!” I call, but they can’t see or hear me. Oh no! I realize that I’ve turned into a statue – a political candidate dressed in a navy blue suit with blonde bobbed hair and a frozen smile.

I can’t move. I can only hold this torch over my head. The weight of my own body causes me to sink.

I descend. The water closes over my head. I die.

I reawaken. I’m swimming through a bright tunnel in a new body, dressed in a white sleeveless gown. As I pass through the tunnel, a gentle wave lifts me onto the shore.

I am on my hands and knees, coughing up coins of every world currency. A businessman, holding a set of scales, stands impassively watching.

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