Dream: New shoes

in pursuit of magic my feetIn other news… I had this dream for you – and for me.

I dream that I am putting on new shoes – the shoes of an abandoned queen. As the shoes connect with my feet, a woman named Tara Gentile says: “There are many ways to be a princess. You are much closer than you think.”

As I wake up the angels whisper: “You make the goddess real by performing action on the guidance she sends.” In other words, we make the goddess real by making OURSELVES real – and we do that by stepping into our Queen Shoes.

(We all know that Tara Gentile is a real person – but I think the dream is using her wonderful name to convey a few symbolic messages: 1) the presence of the goddess, Tara, a female Bodhisattva, she is the “mother of liberation” – And oh, my friends, something has liberated me. Something deep and dark and rich.

2) the name Tara also brings to mind, ‘terra firma’ – solid ground beneath those new shoes. The solid ground of my own sharp (and often wild) instincts.

3) And ‘Gentile’? Well, it means, literally, outside of the clan. The word, which is usually used to describe non-Jews, has a different meaning here. In this dream, I believe it is pointing to the sacred feminine – exiled from the earth by our fear of her power.

In my dreams, there have been a lot of new shoes. To me, this symbolizes the reclaiming of power – a kind of ‘rooting’ to mirror the “crowning” I’m experiencing as I inhabit the Crone or Wisdom Phase of my life.

Yet this dream wasn’t just for me. It was a telegram from Her – the queen archetype, inviting all of us to un-abandon our powerful, regal and sovereign selves.

We must put on our Queen Shoes now – and walk in them, knowing we are standing on sacred ground, the soil of the Great Mother Goddess herself.

She is calling us into our shoes.

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