Everything is listening

We live in a sea of consciousness where impressions stream constantly toward us. 

Though we rarely stop to consider it, we are all being guided – all day long – receiving and interpreting an endless flow of sense impression and translating it into light, sound, touch, emotion, temperature, and thoughts.

We are literally swimming in a vast, supportive universe – a sea of unfolding, a flow of forming and un-forming.

And all the while, the universe is also listening to us. It’s designed to listen – just as we are; to listen interpret and respond. It’s a call and response universe – and you  (and I) arrive knowing how to work it, how to feel into it and call out to it.

We call with our senses, with our questions and our curiosity. What’s this? We wonder – what is it for? What can I make with it, do with it? What does it ask of me? A universe of impressions, flowing and listening, calling and responding, all the time, everything,including you.

This week, listen to the world. Open a set of ‘new eyes’ and look around. What is here? What is it for? How can you include it to make your life more beautiful, more creative, more fun, more connected to the wholeness?

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  • Florence Jarvis

    Thanking you for a beautiful and inspiring post…..

    • Amy

      And I thank you for stopping by to read it – 🙂

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