What story is this? (A Twitter chat)

This is a transcript of my Twitter feed:  @AmyOscar
I’m posting it here at the request of several clients/students who are not on Twitter but who would like to follow along.
It includes:
  • my part of our Sunday #SoulCall conversation
    (to read other people’s tweets, log onto Twitter and search for #SoulCall, our hashtag – and by all means, join the conversation! )
  • tweets to my Twitter friends
  • links to things that interest/obsess me (and just may interest/obsess you)
  • links to my Instagram feed (photos)
  • links to the feed from my Facebook page, where I post (pretty much) daily

To read it in order, begin at the end (the bottom of this post) and read your way to the top. 


I’ve been quietly working on my 2015 promise to myself to become the woman today who will become,… instagram.com/p/yFgNpXCWM1/

Envy is a distraction. You don’t have that kind of time. #SoulCall

You are distracting yourself with things that are not real. focus on what really matters to you. #SoulCall

RT @AjmaniK: It has taken me a while ~ but, w every passing moment, I get closer ~ to celebrating my story 🙂 #SoulCall #spiritchat <Me too

@shyj @AjmaniK At those times, being aware of the lack of stillness can bring you, paradoxically, to stillness. #soulCall

Thank you, angel. #soulcall <Can you see me over here holding up a mirror?

RT @AjmaniK: Be still. Listen for the #story that is being attempted to be told through your Life… #SoulCall <Dare to be real.

TKWY: I used to tell the story that I was controlled by others but now I see that I controlled, even that story. #SoulCall

RT @alexisdaria: @AmyOscar This can also release the bound energy back to us #SoulCall < yes it can. And then we can decide how to feel

Ha! Classic RT @AjmaniK: @EmeliaSam LOL! Do I need to tell YOU where stories get character? It’s when your fingers are freezing 🙂 #SoulCall

Stories are packets of bound energy. When we rise above a story, we can see the packet, and experience the spaciousness around it. #SoulCall

For takeaway, consider trying this: I used to tell the story that…. but now I see that my preferred story is… #SoulCAll

yes. RT @alexisdaria:…when our attention is caught & we create the story around it, the emotion/feeling/etc is caught too #SoulCall

@suzannegypsy Yes. Must get beneath the story. That’s where the energy and emotion are ‘bound’. A new story can liberate both. #SouLCall

What story is this? Pure spaciousness or a world of limits and rules? #SoulCall

So, bringing @LaurenYvonneTX and @joychristin together, I find an invitation to create/live out of a new story: pure spaciousness. #SoulCall

@creativelycrazy Greetings! #SoulCall

Great Q: RT @alexisdaria: No space, no time, no options – yes, these stories can cause panic. Do they also “stick” the emotion? #SoulCall

So, is story is a kind of diagram for the flow of emotional energy and action/reaction? (I’m not certain. feeling with you) #SoulCall

Which is why, @joychristin feels more spacious inside a story of living from sensation, vs a story of living from rules/dogma. #SoulCall

@EmeliaSam … and story. 🙂 #SoulCall

The story ‘holds onto’ the emotion that supports it. When we identify with a story, our reactions are guided by its rules #SoulCall

Does this make any sense at all? Am I being clear? #SoulCall

@EmeliaSam hmmm. yes, and so holding ourselves in a less rule-bound story would give us more wiggle room for how to react/feel. #SoulCAll

yes. RT @alexisdaria:Ah I see. Why is my attention on this thing and not all the others? We can use button-pushing here, too. #SoulCall

… and by ‘story’ I mean, interpreting what is here – this feeling, this sensation – and adding meaning. #SoulCall

And I wonder whether ‘story’ is also a kind of cushioning between sensation and reaction. #SoulCall

yes! This brings thought into physical space. @alexisdaria: So that things don’t “push your buttons” (when there’s no space) #soulcall

@alexisdaria I mean that we are bombarded by sensation all day long. Why THIS thread? Why does awareness follow this/not that? #SoulCAll

@joychristin And, I think, this affords you a kind of cushioning – between sensation and reaction, doesn’t it? #SoulCAll

RT @alexisdaria: Like I can feel the sensation of nerves, then get annoyed or angry with myself for it, exacerbating the anxiety. #SoulCall

I wonder, too, if this is actually a conversation about the threshold of consciousness itself… #SoulCall

I wonder whether it is the moment of recognition that ‘something’ is here: a feeling/sensation/emotion that thought begins? #SoulCall

Look at that beautiful sentence: Emotions arise and ‘I see how I feel’ about them. What is here to notice? @soulcall

Rephrasing: Which arises first: sensation or emotion or thought? #SoulCall

So, which arises first: sensation or thought? #SoulCall

And I hear that certain words – like always/never – may trigger feelings… #SoulCall

@alexisdaria Yes, so, in other words: here is this situation, what you make of it is your choice. yes? #SoulCall

So, I hear that you naturally feel, and then, interpret ‘pure sensation’ into ’story’ (meaning)? yes? #SoulCall

@Kimberrie What sort of clarity? #SoulCall

@BillNigh 🙂 I see. And that shying away is a response to the idea that these these pronouncements limit freedom, yes? #SoulCall

Another way to ask Q2: How do you ‘manage’ your reactions/responses to stressful situations? What tools do you work with? #SouLCall

So, Q2: Are we ‘deciding’ how we feel or doing something else? How do you work your feeling response to life? #SoulCall

So, Q1: Where is light? #SoulCall (and tell me if you need more structure on this Q)

For me, the only way to experience a light-filled world would be to see the light that is here? No? #SoulCall

So, this morning’s discussion topic stems from this Q which I keep circling back to: who decides how I feel? #SoulCall

Good morning, welcome to #SoulCall

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